1. Daily Commodity Chart Wrap: http://energyandgold.com/2015/03/03/daily-commodity-chart-wrap-4/ $CL_F $GC_F $GLD $SPY $USO $MACRO

  2. $USO API numbers http://www.investing.com/economic-calendar/

  3. $USO bomb is about to drop - 4:30.

  4. $USO $BDO up on Netanyahu speech that threatens to nix the US/Iran nuke deal. What a joke! Obama/Kerry will ram the deal through!

  5. $USO sick of these 18s common show me 19s

  6. $USO Welcome to SPY 2015!, Are you short? Are you long? No worries! Every day we have something just for you no matter your situation!

  7. $USO Cup and handle (early development) on the daily.

  8. $USO http://finance.yahoo.com/news/oil-pro-andy-hall-next-172258726.html

  9. If you are looking for an indicator or correlation for #OIL you need to look no further than the $USD index for it s the truest measure $USO

  10. $USO short payin, had to wait 4 it

  11. Is $USO sucking you before tomorrow s inventory numbers? Not so sure this is the bottom but so far its held like a champ.

  12. $UNG sold my long oil for profits. shorting natgas now $uso Whipsaw energy day it is, such bs imho. glta. trade safe.

  13. $PBR $UCO $PVA $UWTI $uso $cpe Oil up!!

  14. $USO $CL_F I go to NJ, NY, PA at least once a month and noticed an increase gasoline prices +.30 - +.50 cents respectively since early Feb.

  15. $TSLA $USO break out mode.

  16. Oil Impact on the Top 10 http://ryanoilusa.com/2015/03/03/californication-the-last-frontier-and-other-states-oil-impact/ $OIL $USO $UCO $XOM $HK $XLE $XOP $COP $UWTI $DWTI $HAL $CVX $RDS.A $RDS.B

  17. $USO 5 waves up to 22 have started

  18. $USO Bottom is in-

  19. $USO $UWTI Bullish talk and positioning everywhere. $40/45 bottom failed, slightly higher 50 is the magic #. Tight range but looks reliable.

  20. $USO best oil trader calls for oil bottom..

  21. $USO http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=USO&p=D&b=5&g=0&id=p10529200463 50/15sma cross coming soon

  22. @The_Dude_: ***Does Indian stock market collapse rain dance*** you re all done for now. $SPY $USO $QQQ $DIA dont say I didnt warn ya.

  23. Nice bottom formed in the $USO, looks like 18.75, 19.15, 20.15 are the targets above https://beta.traderos.com/Public/67229

  24. $USO shorted 200 @ 18.45, added to short at 18.55, avg cost 18.52.

  25. $CL_F $USO stops above 64 need them taken out