1. $DWTI $USO $UWTI Here is the Lady Luck formation.

  2. Also heard some chatter the other day about it testing & holding its now upward sloping 50ma (daily): $USO

  3. Haven t checked in on oil in a while. Hearing the notorious inverted H&S pattern being thrown around (weekly): $USO

  4. $uwti $dwti $uso hanging man candle on weekly crude oil futures (chart with COT data)

  5. $USO imo after the 6/5 opec meeting we see much lower prices as they decide to keep market share .

  6. $ES_F vs $CL_F $SPY $USO

  7. $USO Need to see it break this bull flag to continue higher. Quotes because not sure if it is one. I m neutral here

  8. $USO nice volume friday. Looks like setting up for move to 24..

  9. #Oil ends the week on a positive note, can it push higher? Watch @ 8:39 mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZ0jHTmSXKs&feature=youtu.be&t=8m39s $USO $SCO $UCO $DWTI $UWTI

  10. $CL_F $USO Didn t fall far enough. Darn it all.

  11. Weekly Crude Oil, Gold, Silver and Coffee Markets Recap with Mike Seery > http://crudeoiltrader.blogspot.com/2015/05/weekly-crude-oil-gold-silver-and-coffee_30.html $USO $GLD $SLV $JO

  12. $USO $CL_F Short remains the trade for profits, fact, nice to see USO crash after hours >>> http://www.firstenercastfinancial.com/forums/showpost.php?p=131905&postcount=576

  13. $USO Does not look fine

  14. $USO $CNQ $QXP.CA $HK Peak Oil and Technology – The Never Ending Game : http://peakoil.com/alternative-energy/peak-oil-and-technology-the-never-ending-game

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  16. @2001ad $USO Ichimoku Cloud Analysis http://acdfinancial.blogspot.com/2015/05/uso-issues-bullish-signal-but-caution.html

  17. @Dhgn: $UWTI $USO sell off can last 3|6 months or a year. How long is your investment horizon? This is month 6.

  18. Video #mkt recap posted @ http://www.masterchartstrading.com/blog/-market-recap-for-the-week-ending-friday-may-29th-2015-spy-tlt-gld-gdx-uso-rsx-ewz Covered are the following securities $SPY $TLT $GLD $GDX $USO $RSX $EWZ

  19. $USO Ichimoku Cloud Analysis

  20. $UUP $GLD $USO $UWTI USD update

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  22. $UWTI $USO $DWTI by the power of Greyskull crude update moment inside a bone head GL $EXXI $MDR

  23. Barclays: Equities Set To Rebound Further After Oil Sell-Off $USO http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/commodities/barclays-equities-set-to-rebound-further-after-oil-sell-off?post=65843

  24. May 29, 2015 Relative Strength http://gtlackey.com/may-29-2015-relative-strength/ $USO $QQQ $UUP $IHF $ALNY $HUM ALTR $CRUS $PANW $BTU $AA $COH

  25. $USO $USL $OIL bounced off the .5 Fib thursday.