1. $UST $SPX Bond Stock Ratio rejected at the 65ma http://stocktwits.com/message/31608606

  2. Some fundos to go with our short squeeze call: $ZN_F shorts fleeing in droves http://countingpips.com/2015/01/speculators-decreased-10-year-treasury-note-bearish-positions-last-week/ $UST $IEF http://stocktwits.com/message/31451496

  3. Our algos say The Mother Of All Short Squeezes is about to happen on the 10Y $UST $ZN_F $IEF Buy signal still in play https://twitter.com/Intellikon/status/544328457019072512

  4. New BLOG POST SPX Monthly Thoughts on the $UST $SPX ratio and levels we are watching. http://www.theclosingprint.com/CV_Blog/spx-monthly/ Be cautious

  5. Global #Debt as a % of GDP: There will be no interest rate hike. Ever. via @EconBizFin http://www.economist.com/news/finance-and-economics/21638153-trapped-world-high-debt-low-rates-and-slow-growth-falling $UST http://stocktwits.com/message/31205105

  6. Algorithms still predict 10Y Treasury explosion (yield melt down). Target in sight: https://twitter.com/Intellikon/status/544328457019072512 $ZN_F $UST $IEF

  7. 3 Things: Volatility, The Fed and Yield Spreads http://www.elliottwaveanalytics.com/2015/01/3-things-volatility-the-fed-and-yield-spreads/ $SPY $SPX $VIX $VXX $TLT $UST $TYX

  8. $UST $SPX Bond Stock ratio. FWIW higher dollar $DX_F is good for bonds. Just ask Bill. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/bond-links-gross-says-the-good-times-are-over-2015-01-07?link=MW_Nav_TD http://stocktwits.com/message/30998235

  9. @elliottwave: 2015: Charts Stock Bulls Should Consider http://www.elliottwaveanalytics.com/2015/01/2015-charts-that-stock-bulls-should-consider/ $SPY $SPX $TLT $UST $VIX $VXX $WLSH Must read article, imo

  10. 2015: Charts That Stock Bulls Should Consider http://www.elliottwaveanalytics.com/2015/01/2015-charts-that-stock-bulls-should-consider/ $SPY $SPX $TLT $UST $VIX $VXX $WLSH

  11. $UST http://stocktwits.com/message/30861357

  12. ProShares Ultra 7-10 Year Treasury in a Wedge, will resolve very soon. $UST

  13. The 10Y continues to march toward our target from Dec 14 http://stocktwits.com/Intellikon/message/30239396 $ZN_F $UST $IEF

  14. Treasury Snapshot: Where Are Yields Headed in 2015? http://www.elliottwaveanalytics.com/2014/12/treasury-snapshot-where-are-yields-headed-in-2015-2/ $TLT $UST

  15. $UST $SPX #Bond_Stock_Ratio turning back down as one would expect. $SPY $TLT http://stocktwits.com/message/30409600

  16. 12 breakouts: $IEF, $KIRK, $LJPC, $UST. Three sub-$1. While two Treasury ETFs made the cut, there were a couple of other opportunities

  17. Interest Rates Have Nowhere To Go But Up? http://www.elliottwaveanalytics.com/2014/12/interest-rates-have-nowhere-to-go-but-up/ $TLT $UST $TYX

  18. US Treasury Bonds Are Outperforming SPX! http://www.elliottwaveanalytics.com/2014/12/us-treasury-bonds-are-outperforming-spx/ $SPX $SPY $UST $TLT

  19. $USO Russia and China are orchestrating this move to kill the $USD, once they have disposed of all the $UST s they re holding.

  20. Global Economies Will Dictate Rate Hike Timing http://www.elliottwaveanalytics.com/2014/11/global-economies-will-dictate-rate-hike-timing/ $UST $SPY

  21. $UST $SPX Bond Stock ratio http://www.theclosingprint.com/CV_Blog/observations-and-industry-strength/ note the Elder Impulse weekly is green http://stocktwits.com/message/29389416

  22. $CSIQ Bullish sentiment, might reach $28 today and $30 by end of week, Oversold and P/E<7; $SANM,$SAPE,$SLE,$TMO,$TNB,$TIBX,$UNM,$UST,$MRO

  23. $TNX $UST $TYX nothing 2C here yield curve is normal, looks supportive. But more? $SPX needs a rest http://stocktwits.com/message/29047755

  24. @alphahunt: The 10-year note is bouncing after re-testing its base breakout. Good for gold $UST $ZN_F $TLT $TNX http://stocktwits.com/message/29009340

  25. The 10-year note is bouncing after re-testing its base breakout. Good for gold $UST $ZN_F $TLT $TNX http://stocktwits.com/message/29009340