1. $WLT $RSH $USU the race to zero!

  2. $USU i just got back from Vegas and i am still in gambling mood! is this a good idea?

  3. @10speedbird @Sonicboom7 Thanks. I can t take risk now....had a very bad exp with $USU and lost $Ks......

  4. $USU Have we seen the bottom? If you bought at $12 you sure hope for another miracle.

  5. $USU boom

  6. $USU Come one, Come all. Turn your Dollars into Nickles :)

  7. $USU seems like some shorts only have one position in one stock and just post there all day and all night until they cover lol

  8. $USU My guess is LEU will be priced and will also get whacked...which means this will translate to maybe a few pennies for the dum dums here

  9. $USU USU shares are being cancelled dumm dumms

  10. $USU Just wanted to come and check and see how the dumm dumm longs are holding their bags ? anyone need some gloves, its gloves and a mask?

  11. $USU see you higher

  12. $USU - Double bottom. Tight stop but should bounce.

  13. $KIOR 300% gain now in a week off the 52w low, similar to $USU after filing/warning bankruptcy

  14. $USU digging deeper again for stops/buy zone

  15. $USU another nasty decline, be contrarian below 2.8

  16. $USU - http://y.ahoo.it/CmJgXQSd - is getting CRUSHED this week. Randolph, turn the machines BACK ON! - Down 3% for the day.

  17. Companies emerging from bankruptcy have historically outperformed. http://y.ahoo.it/AkZEc6zd $USU $URA #valueinvesting

  18. @ohnicematt good luck with your short position, i dont think you quite understand how the valuation will work with the new ticker $USU

  19. 9-15-14 watchlist $ANR $CNDO $GALT $GRH $IVAN $PULS $SOL $USU

  20. http://y.ahoo.it/kJYQKFqv Uranium Price Continues with Bullish Behavior $CJJ $USU $URG $UEC

  21. Can I interest you in some uranium? http://y.ahoo.it/wAFlvByp $USU $URA #valueinvesting

  22. $USU I set a buy order at 95 cents

  23. http://y.ahoo.it/MtCM7Xta #stocks large players are selling $PRAN $USU $OREX

  24. Application for qualification of trust indentures http://y.ahoo.it/erFrBNSQ $USU

  25. $USU This stock was $150 pps in 2011