1. $ICLD remember this thing trap bears and ran to $18 the last time.Look at the chart..next move coming $plug $usu $clwt $nq $spex

  2. $USU could this be why Usec is showing strength ?? Runner to teens http://y.ahoo.it/5tWh0KGt

  3. $biof $usu $edap $pxlw $mnkd $nq on watch!! #newwallstreet

  4. $USU Website states they will be pulling out of Chapter 11 in Sept. Will this rocket??

  5. $USU Did any of you guys get a copy of the bankruptcy documents? If so, please tell me in layman s terms what the heck it said!

  6. $USU 7.5 first stop

  7. $USU just F%%% squeeze em ..... all the way to 10!!

  8. $USU Going back to 5 or up to 10?

  9. $USU big vol. no big move...

  10. @Pdunuwila Always keep a core position or accumulate $USU as it can gain pretty quick intraday or over night. Keep taking profits regularly

  11. $USU 6.38

  12. $USU I m in at 6.70 gotta have more today!

  13. $usu good cheer is still here - in play

  14. WOW $USU!

  15. $USU looks good at $6.30 now

  16. @sheilaragu Great advice on $USU worked out just the way you described it. Thanks for telling me not to sell.

  17. $USU in @ 6.21, out @6.55. PPS has to break appx. 6.95 to continue up-move

  18. $USU is a push to 7 out of the question today opinions appreciated

  19. @kunal00: $USU hot again 30min chart looks great

  20. $usu hot again 30min chart looks great

  21. $USU out @6.58 +.19

  22. $usu here

  23. ALERT - RADAR $USU triggers the F1 ripppppp ! http://y.ahoo.it/oX5FYuGG #FOUS4

  24. $CLWT $GLUU $USU nice way to start the week

  25. $USU in @6.39