1. Cancer: liking $UTX long at this level (timing=3 days, avg hist ret=0.8%, win rate=70.4%) http://www.tradinghoroscope.com/Stocktrading/cancer

  2. Notable opening imbalances: $GE -198K, $BABA -109K, $BAC +232K, $C +67K, $HON -44K, $UTX -58K, $PM -66K, $MRK +100K, $LLY +51K

  3. Cancer: strong indication to go long $UTX (timing=6 days, avg hist ret=1.2%, win rate=77.8%) http://www.tradinghoroscope.com/Stocktrading/cancer

  4. Cyber Monday for stocks $amgn $utx $nke $fdx $spy

  5. Market Commentary - $DIS $HD $UTX $XOM $IBM http://lusitanianstraders.blogspot.pt/2015/11/market-commentary-dis-hd-utx-xom-ibm.html

  6. $UTX Well, at least they have a recent uptick in global extracurricular activities to provide a boost, perhaps.

  7. Long swing trade ideas if and only if they go through yesterday s high $NBL $RATE $UTX $WSTC

  8. #Dow - Worst Performers Now: $DIS $CVX & $UTX http://www.investing.com/indices/us-30 #Stocks #StocksTrader

  9. CRISIS: THE ELEVATOR MARKET IS DOOMED | Trading Algorithms with The Fly $UTX http://ibankcoin.com/flyblog/2015/11/29/crisis-the-elevator-market-is-doomed/

  10. $UTX End of Day Scan: Stochastic Oversold

  11. $UTX OI for maturity 11/27/2015. 80.00 Highest put. 100.00 Highest call. http://maximum-pain.com/options/open-interest?s=UTX&urk=UTX https://twitter.com/Maximum_Pain_cm/status/670463857534504960/photo/1

  12. $UTX cup n handle. Bought calls. Watching $AMGN

  13. New trend detected on $UTX when price was 96,89 http://shark-finance.com?stc=UTX #TradingSystem #Randomwalk

  14. Market Commentary - $HD $NKE $UTX http://lusitanianstraders.blogspot.pt/2015/11/market-commentary-hd-nke-utx.html

  15. $UTX Max Pain is 98.50 for maturity 11/27/2015. Price = 97.27. http://maximum-pain.com/options/max-pain?s=UTX&urk=UTX

  16. Cancer: good chance $UTX will grow in the next 9 days (avg hist ret=1.8%, win rate=81.5%) http://www.tradinghoroscope.com/Stocktrading/cancer

  17. $utx out for a quick 1%

  18. $UTX


  20. An #Intrinio user s #Report on -> United Technologies Corporation has reshaped the Jet Engine -> https://www.intrinio.com/app#/report/31 $UTX

  21. Algo trading CLOSING signals: Nov/20 $AAXJ(-1.4 %) $SCS(-0.4 %) $RTN(7.6 %) $SWK(1.3 %) $GPC(1.4 %) $NKE(1.2 %) $UTX(-2.3 %) $ICE(5.8 %)

  22. $UTX - Long set-up (breakout watch). Measure move targets 118. Stop below the swing at 96-ish.

  23. trimmed $CSX $URBN and sold $NKE and $UTX

  24. Irregular Moves – $ATW $VLP $UTX http://streetwisereport.com/irregular-moves-atwood-oceanics-inc-nyseatw-valero-energy-partners-lp-nysevlp-united-technologies-corporation-nyseutx/137354/

  25. Cancer: today s pick is to long $UTX (timing=10 days, avg hist ret=2.8%, win rate=85.2%) http://www.tradinghoroscope.com/Stocktrading/cancer