1. $UWTI $DWTI if you want oil to go up thats ok and noble of you I guess.BUT when you cheer at everyfire, airstrike and t-attack go to hell.

  2. $UWTI $DWTI That was it? lOl...

  3. $UWTI with the dollar still rising, take caution with UWTI long

  4. $UWTI $DWTI Mistermoneybags will take your leave my friends! Holding UWTI. Now going to enjoy some icy beverages and celebrate Memorial Day!

  5. $UWTI booooorrrrrrrriiiiinnnng zzzzz

  6. $UWTI Oil Platform fire - bounce

  7. $UWTI Can we get a few more cents movement to kick off the weekend? C mon...

  8. $UWTI out 3.51. time for happy hour.

  9. $UWTI is about bullish here we go girls

  10. @SmarterAnalyst: Exxon Mobil Affiliate Strikes Oil Offshore Guyana http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/05/21/exxon-mobil-corporation-xom-affiliate-strikes-oil-offshore-guyana/ $XOM $UCO $USO $DWTI $UWTI $SPY $OIL $SCO $OIH

  11. @SmarterAnalyst: Four Opportunities Presented By Stabilizing Oil Prices http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/05/21/four-opportunities-presented-by-stabilizing-oil-prices/ $UCO $USO $DWTI $UWTI $SPY $OIL $SCO $OIH

  12. $UWTI Rate hike will drive up the cost of doing business across the board. I ave an inkling that supply demand ratio skewed right now. IMHO

  13. $UWTI ISIS claims bombing of Shiite mosque in Saudi Arabia, group s first claim of attack on Saudi soil. More to come

  14. @auntjimmy $UWTI In the simplest form: our economy appears strengthening, people turn to USD, crude oil is denominated in USD.. Surface

  15. $UWTI In keeping with the fun, I think this should open 20-cents higher on Tuesday :-)

  16. lol. I hope you know the short answer... @auntjimmy: $UWTI Is a rate hike good or bad for oil? Go...

  17. $UWTI Is a rate hike good or bad for oil? Go...

  18. $UWTI back in 3.48. setting higher low for the third time.

  19. $UWTI Oil sucks and I hope it stays down -Yellen Nice yellen. Hope she falls down...and stays down

  20. $UWTI We may be over 62 when it happens though.

  21. $UWTI Virtually no chance OPEC will cut production when it meets in 2 weeks. Markets know this, but there will still be a knee jerk reaction

  22. $UWTI Out @ 3.48 from 3.34. Waiting for the next dip.

  23. $UWTI would to exit today. Anyone has the price to exit today?

  24. $UWTI $DWTI Weird week, nothing left to see today. Have a good extended weekend.

  25. $UWTI I hate the crappy market volume of the summer. Sadly, it s only beginning.