1. $SPY Best 3 since 9/12: ETF: $GDX +9%, $TAN +8.7%, $USD +8.5% Also like $UYM +6% and $DIG +4.3%

  2. $SPY Therefore, Short U.S. Stocks and Buy $GDX and $UYM

  3. $SPY Hot Sectors: $SLX +4%, $UYM +3.4%, $TAN +3%, $EEM +2.4%, $KOL +2%, $DIG +2%, $GDX +1.7%. Commod s, Em Mkt, Energy and Gold ignite.

  4. @Flurple Stopped out of $SOXS, I now officially hate semi s. $GDX defies the skeptics. That and $UYM about the only thing I have now.

  5. $SPY Currently: Long $GDX, $TWM, $BIS, $UCO, $DIG, $UYM. Gold, Sh Russell, Sh Biotech, Oil, Energy, Materials.

  6. $SPY Best ETFs of today: $GDX +5.5% after -5% yesterday, $ITB +1.8%, $UCO +1.2%, $UYM +1%, $SOXS +.85%

  7. $SPY The Basic Matls etf $UYM is now rising with UUP. Odd. http://stocktwits.com/message/29058647

  8. $SPY Best and Worst of the Day: $GDX +4.3%, $SOXS +4%, $SCO +2.7% (fading), $UYM +1.8%, $EEV +1.83%,

  9. $SPY If Oil is bottoming, Check $UCO +4%, $DIG +3.4%, and materials $UYM +2.2%. Emerg mkts still -2% tho.

  10. $SPY Worst 4 of Day: $GDX -can u believe it -4%, $BIB -3%, $UYM -2.6%, $SCO -2.1%

  11. $SPY If 10/16 was closing low: 5 Best ETFs: $BIB +13.6%, $USD +13%, $RXL +11.3%, $QLD +11%, $UYM +10%. Biot,Chips,Drugs,Nasd and Matl s

  12. $SPY Sold $DIG, still in $TAN, $QLD, $SSO, $USD, $UYM, May sell $UWM if Russell tanks.

  13. $SPY Hope some of you bought the ETFs I mentioned yesterday. $TAN up 9%, $DIG +5.4%, $UYM +5.5% this am

  14. @Lach14: $SPY Watch $TAN, $DIG, $UYM, all oversold and bounced today, follow thru could confirm Friday. 10-4

  15. $SPY Watch $TAN, $DIG, $UYM, all oversold and bounced today, follow thru could confirm Friday.

  16. $SPY Short materials $SMN, up a stunning +23% from the 9/18 Alibaba Top. $UYM, $QQQ http://stocktwits.com/message/27844736

  17. The short materials etf SMN up 2% on day already. This chart - looks strong. $UYM http://stocktwits.com/message/27637339

  18. $SPY Basic Matl s $UYM near poss double top. Monthly chart. http://stocktwits.com/message/27570384

  19. $SPY BAsic Mat l s $UYM breaks the 200MA on daily chart. One UGLY chart http://stocktwits.com/message/27428535

  20. $SPY Worst 5 etfs today: (sell em) $BIB -3.4%, $USD -3%, $UYM -3%, $QLD -2.6% (Biotech, Semis, Matl s, and NASD very weak)

  21. Materials Sector $XLB $VAW $IYM $UYM $PSCM $IGE $FXZ $XME $FMFEX $FSDPX $RYBAX $ICBCX http://y.ahoo.it/kTAeoAIM

  22. $SPY They are selling Materials stocks big time. $UYM gapping down http://y.ahoo.it/Rjv8DfAt

  23. $AAPL vs leveraged ETFs since recent mkt bottom on 5/15. $SSO $UWM $MVV $QLD $DDM $UYG $UYM http://y.ahoo.it/l7zoVzJJ

  24. $QLD Intra-day perfromance: charging ahead among leveraged ETFs; $UWM $SSO $UYG $UYM $MVV

  25. $UYM 1-hr chart: continue to dance to its own music :-) $XLB $SPY