1. $VALE Everyone, even Jesus, had not imagined $CLF would reach $4-ish and the fear was realized. VALE will be $4 within EOY. just keep eyes.

  2. $VALE Cautious next some days.it moves around 5.75-6.05 and looks like grounding bottom out,but will start heavy big drops again after that.

  3. $VALE weak

  4. $VALE Greenday, Papi locked and loaded. El dia De Verde

  5. $VALE was least affected with just 8.5 per cent of its average asset base impaired since 2007.

  6. $VALE base impaired, and Anglo American, with 23 per cent impairment. Brazil s Vale do Rio Doce, the world s biggest iron producer,

  7. $VALE and this represents 18 per cent of their average asset base. Most affected were Rio Tinto, which has 34 per cent of its asset

  8. $VALE The bank calculates that, overall, miners have built up impaired assets worth $US85 billion ($110 billion) over the last seven years,

  9. $VALE is oversold: http://www.smh.com.au/business/mining-and-resources/mining-writedowns-all-but-wipe-out-cost-of-deals-since-2007-20150623-ghuyeo.html

  10. $VALE time this goes up

  11. $VALE All of asian steelmkrs n iron minrs r getting tanked as of now(-2~7%). VALE will also meet 5.65 on Wed.

  12. $VALE Iron Ore back under $60. Many people want to get long, but iron ore keeps pounding sand lower

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  15. $VALE on vacation in St. Lucia. Called the possible retest of $5.85, seen it before big boy.

  16. $VALE got hammered w/ just low trading volume today, which means the real SELL-OFF has not started yet. serious n hard Sell off coming soon.

  17. $VALE got hammered w/ just low trading volume today. so bad omen! You will see its price staying lower at the end of next week, not rebound.

  18. $VALE But I think VALE will bottom at $5 JMTC.

  19. $VALE @Iron_man_in_CN Good job, your puts are in the money... haha...

  20. $VALE do not be a fool and not lose ur life. most people having loved $OIBR n $CLF lost their life. Go n Long $PBR, $RIO, $BHP not VALE.

  21. $VALE was 5.50 when iron $47 but vale will be 4.25 when iron $49 at this time. Lower high/ Lower low by EOY. I ve told u since 8.50 in May.

  22. $VALE Papi added more. Wow, this is an excellent deal at this price. No worries :)

  23. $VALE Vale, we are not on speaking terms until you get your act together. Do not call me until you get your @ss above $7. Good Bye

  24. $VALE Backtesting the $6 level. After take upward momo should resume.