1. @VectorVictor okay, $VALE was $15 s Feb but I agree market is pulling back- $BHP and $EEM I agree with just think $VALE oversold here- GLTA

  2. $VALE $RIG been slowly building positions....may have more downside but longterm great plays at these prices IMHO

  3. $VALE lower ore prices now are a good thing. Weak players will be forced out and $vale with its high quality ore and low costs will dominate

  4. September 22 2014 Stocks Continuing to get Slapped into New 52-Week Lows Daily http://y.ahoo.it/MZr640kh $VALE $ANR $IAG $BTU $ACI $AUY

  5. $CLF $RIO $BHP $VALE IO @ 79.8

  6. $VALE - http://y.ahoo.it/r5MM2Ca9 - Is Getting Crushed in the Post Market - New postmarket low. Approaching today s low.

  7. Active options into close @ CBOE: $HLF $CLF $VALE $CBS $CCL $YHOO

  8. sold $VALE and $CIEN for a 11% and 8% loss respectively. bot $ARWR terrible day mucking around in the red sea.

  9. @f868 The $VALE $0.4075 Dividend is a Semi-Annual Dividend. By the way, $VALE reports earnings after the 11/30/14 market close.

  10. $VALE i am a buyer @ 9.00

  11. $VALE will lose more stockholder equity than Enron.

  12. $VALE Let s see if we get a 10% move up from $11.14 to $12.25, that should tell the story. From $12.25, better hold your hat.

  13. $VALE Crazy the Yield is 7% at these prices. In the hole on this one...but was part of long term hold. Wasn t expecting a 5 to 7% drop

  14. $VALE Good Time to Buy at the Lows!! Last Opportunity!! Generous $0.4075 Dividend; Ex-Dividend Date 10/17/14 Approaching!! Pay Date 11/7.

  15. $VALE You can be right to insolvency ; wrong to insolvency AND OVERSOLD TO ZERO.

  16. $VALE Shorts catching bulls n hated comdty w/accelerating bad news in the space while longs look for div. pop, could go to $5 ergo 1/13-7/13

  17. $VALE been loading on this- oversold

  18. $VALE - http://y.ahoo.it/7tmBSkSs - Ouch .. that is going to Leave a mark - Down 5% for the day.

  19. $VALE now trading below forward PE of 7 with good div. Analysts seem to forget that their costs are in BRL...

  20. $VALE It s on the EEM s as much as it is the miners; 18% retrace in the works. $EWZ

  21. $VALE Why Vale SA (VALE) Stock Dipped to Another One-Year Low Today http://y.ahoo.it/ZTqV6djo

  22. $VALE Are people going to use $12 as a signal to cover short positions or do we get another leg down?

  23. $VALE RSI of 22. Steep down trend line http://y.ahoo.it/h1qT1xO3

  24. $VALE - http://y.ahoo.it/idFZgR1d - Yep ... This Up Move is one you are going to like! - New High: +0.01. Next resistance 12.33 from 9/19/2014.

  25. $VALE $BHP $CLF $RIO Bears have bazookas aimed at these miners as the bottom falls out of Iron Ore Pricing