1. $VALE NR7 Day, contraction leads to expansion.

  2. $VALE bottom line: this is cheap on every metric! Everyone left PBR for dead too where is it now?

  3. $VALE Broke through resistance and is holding, so am I

  4. $VALE small chunk in. Let s getR SkeetR!

  5. $VALE $EWZ ripping and VALE still struggling to make a higher high. Not buying yet. Watching. Holding $PBR

  6. Bought $VALE $5,88/share. I m still seeing global markets to thrive in long run. Buying more if iron ore suffers more.

  7. $VALE higher lows and holding support

  8. $VALE holding very well....so far this could be $8-$10 easy LT

  9. Vale SA Trades Up As Goldman Sachs Stays Positive Amidst Falling Iron Ore Prices - http://www.bidnessetc.com/40123-vale-sa-adr-vale-trades-up-as-goldman-sachs-stays-positive-amidst-falling-i/ $VALE

  10. $VALE Buy the dip

  11. Andy Djordjalian holds an allocation of 2.7% in $VALE in his South America Investment Portfolio

  12. Chris Rees holds an allocation of 9.2% in $VALE in his TenStocks Investment Portfolio

  13. Vale SA (ADR) (VALE) Trades Up As Goldman Sachs Stays Positive Amidst Falling Iron Ore Prices $VALE http://www.sweetalpha.com//vale/vale-sa-adr-vale-trades-up-as-goldman-sachs-stays-positive-amidst-falling-iron-ore-prices

  14. $VALE a few more

  15. $PBR $ARTX $VALE $AA $SD: Defense, Energy and Mining Stock Watch: Complementary ... http://stocknewshour.com/defense-energy-and-mining-stock-watch-complementary

  16. $VALE http://seekingalpha.com/article/3038406-vale-forget-the-noise-and-think-long-term

  17. $VALE Tim Seymour, experienced Hedge Fund Manager on CNBC Fast Money, said BUY $VALE & had a subdued but positive outlook on Brazil. $PBR.

  18. $VALE not really like but more their prices are very low

  19. End Of Day Scan: Elder Bar Blue $PBR $PBR/A $GDX $SIRI $VALE $NUGT $EWZ $EMC $OIH $ABX

  20. $VALE How do you guys think earnings will be?

  21. $VALE diging more deeper ???

  22. $VALE holding $6 very well

  23. $VALE Revenue vs Assets http://lite.capitalmarketlabs.com/cmld3b/index.php?shortcode=FLWS&financial_bar=Assets%20(US$%20Millions)&financial_line=Revenue%20(TTM%20US$%20Millions)&start_date=04/29/2000&end_date=04/01/2015&sk=173f1a5f26e95d075bcc904c5f0c9548

  24. $VALE Inverse Head & Shoulders. Breaking out of a 9 month Trendline now http://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=Vale&ty=c&ta=1&p=d Buy Leap Calls or actual stock. Lots of value

  25. $VALE Buy 2016 Atm or nam Leap Calls/2017 Leap Calls