1. $VELT velt plc securities lawsuit hearing january 2015

  2. $VELT Picked up 33k. Now time to sit and be patient.

  3. $VELT Large orders starting to show up. Techs continue to rise. Run up imminent. $ISR $RNN $ARIA $PRAN $PVCT

  4. $VELT If the market took this stock from $20 to .01 the market can easily take is back to $1

  5. $VELT I put in an order for 25k @ .022 that didn t get filled today. Maybe tomorrow. Hoping this is my lotto pick for the year. Lol.

  6. $VELT 459,000 share bid on this baby. $ARIA $INO $ISR $ZGNX $GIMO $POWR $MSTX $RNN $PPHM

  7. $VELT 100,000 shares just bought at the ask.

  8. $VELT Its ok, really. I talked to myself for two months on $ISR & $PPHM boards before they went to $3. $MSTX $PRAN $ZGNX $ARIA $ACUR $POWR

  9. $ISR Look at that chart to the right. Waving in the wind. Return to 3 s imminent. $ZGNX $RNN $PRAN $MSTX $VELT $PPHM $GIMO $POWR $IDIX

  10. $VELT still rising above 0 line on MACD. DMI Better each day. Upper BB rising to give it room. $ARIA $RNN $ZGNX $MSTX $PRAN $ISR $LIQD $PPHM

  11. $VELT People positioning themselves for the run

  12. $VELT Touched the zero line on MACD with yesterday s action. OBV rising. Imminent runner. $ARIA $ISR $ZGNX $RNN $IDN $POWR $MSTX $PRAN $GIMO

  13. $VELT US units gone to GSO. Foreign Units remain and free to report earnings now. Cheap at .02. $ARIA $ISR $IDN $GIMO $POWR $RNN $ISR $MSTX

  14. $VELT http://y.ahoo.it/K2tSlgVi

  15. $VELT When we expect any news??

  16. $VELT Anyone else still holding ? Hello is anybody here ?

  17. $VELT Interesting day today....

  18. $VELT Funny video about the fall of Velti Check out this video on YouTube: http://y.ahoo.it/4f8OlOu6

  19. $VELT Can anyone comment on this? False alarm?

  20. $MM i liked MM, and never compared it to the crucks at $VELT, but i wont buy back into MM, $GOOG $FB $AAPL simply are too big and will

  21. $MM I see a $VELT in it s future

  22. $VELT claim #144 and Doc 295, it appears shares will be cancelled since the words plc were used and 64mm shares as collateral?? go to YMB

  23. $VELT Guys please share any idea if you have $velt ....

  24. $VELT Bad day today .. Is that any bad news??

  25. $VELT Premarket trades . . . berry berry interesting