1. $VELT Bad day today .. Is that any bad news??

  2. $VELT Premarket trades . . . berry berry interesting

  3. $VELT Check out this video on YouTube: http://y.ahoo.it/u3LxoPP2

  4. $VELT Just bought 10k shares. It cant go much lower from here and it cost me like $300 so why not.. Maybe in a year it will be a $1

  5. $VELT Website has been updated.

  6. $VELT Each day in the dark is one day closer to the light. We will soon see what is around us.

  7. $VELT Bollingers tighter than a Bull s Bee-hind. MACD is rising. Looking for a move upward

  8. $VELT $VELT @WilliamG What are your thoughts on this VELT stock?

  9. @WilliamG Wow. Hope this works for $VELT

  10. @WilliamG buddy. Any update on ur end how s going with $VELT

  11. $VELT next stock to go to pennies = $UTIW BK imminent read 8K from Wed.

  12. $VELT Is this group stil works?

  13. $VELT Weird that Credit Suisse sold all of Velti s debt to GSO, then picked up 1.2 million shares. Or is it? They know what Velt has left

  14. $VELT This stock is a joke

  15. @WilliamG Are you still with $VELT ?

  16. @dannymcdonald $CBIS $PHOT $TRTC $VELT

  17. @Market_Made don t forget it s Greek. Says a lot. Remember $VELT?

  18. $VELT, 13G filed by Columbia Wanger Asset Management LLC http://y.ahoo.it/o1gTeBIU

  19. Velti plc just filed a General Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership http://y.ahoo.it/ZJiXIeA1 $VELT

  20. $VELT .03 now lol hope no body is holding

  21. @WilliamG Did u see AF $VELT ? Any good news ?

  22. $VELT GSO assumed 57 mil in debt, provided 25 mil in financing for US, UK and India bus it bought. Didnt buy platform or Int bus. May soon?

  23. @WilliamG Hey are u still in $VELT??

  24. @Doctor_S Are u holding $VELT?

  25. $FUEL crazy volatility + thin stock. Reminds me of $VELT. Same sector too.