1. $DANG Dang market cap 1.1B no debt 200m cash $Vips mkt cap 12B. Dang with 1M + MORE customers than vips. Dang has got a LOT of upside.

  2. @Zina91: Many stocks holding up well heading into next week $AAPL $FB $LNKD $CRM $TSLA $YY $VIPS $BITA It s all illusion my friend

  3. @ChartLooker $VIPS makes more $$$$


  5. Many stocks holding up well heading into next week $AAPL $FB $LNKD $CRM $TSLA $YY $VIPS $BITA

  6. Comparing to U.S stocks $ JD $JMEI $VIPs (way cheap) $YY (way way way cheap) $WBAI $WUBA $QIHU cheap too.

  7. Nabi, yes. I have been investing/trading Chinese stocks and stocks for years. Know Chinese stocks very well $VIPS.

  8. Doing well on this big down day with $vips $bidu $dang $yy $qihu $gtat $bita. Not so good $TNA $DIA and $qqq

  9. $JMEI did you add $VIPS at $30 $35 or $BIDU before 10:1 splits? Née security to support all $QIHU.

  10. $YY thanks to great analysts like Justin Giles to explain the real values of $YY $QIHU $VIPs $dang

  11. $AKRX and $VIPS continue their rip on a very red day...

  12. $VIPS 60 min chart http://y.ahoo.it/RfL4Bftb

  13. $VIPS is a high flyer that can come down just as fast as $AMZN.

  14. $VIPS A solid longterm owner of $VIPS who loves to have fun!! Ok here is my reply to you..$300 is coming!

  15. $VIPS. Premarket $216.5 , got an upgrade $249. $4 above Justin s . He is the best at SA to me. PeteMak, you are interesting. I think you are

  16. @mikelo22 My $VIPS I have been told is a Chinese Fraud and Pump and Dump also for over 175 Points now. $DANG trades at less than 1x Sales

  17. $VIPS crash is coming

  18. @havefaith I assume it has more potential than $VIPS And $BIDU, which are traded above $200, after one year....

  19. unwound S weekly Calls in $VIPS & sold the L stock piece (hedge). Options Net now: -$1.07 & stock gains: $10.65 (L Aug 200/220 CS as a core)

  20. Is $BABA bigger than $VIPS ?

  21. Pre-Market Analysis $VIPS 60-15-4min: All 3 trends are in a potential Uptrend www.fingraphs.com http://y.ahoo.it/JA6aRHnD

  22. $VIPS it will dive like amazon soon

  23. $FB money should be moving from bad ER stocks $AMZN $V $P to great ER growth stocks $FB $BIDU $VIPS

  24. $VIPS $BIDU should partner with $VIPS to compete with $BABA. Expand leadership role in ECommerce .

  25. $BIDU best investment/profits is to pick best of the best FA and Ledearship, 2 key requirements. $BIDU $FB $GOOGL $TSLA $VIPS