1. $VIPS load up now with rocket scientist and james bond for sky diving to $130

  2. $VIPS Still in a box and buyers lined up towards $190. Thats why I love renko. @VIPS1000 http://y.ahoo.it/D3Eq5HqG

  3. $VIPS to double in six months? we never know what is inside a rocket scientist s mind and by the way we don t need a rocket scientist here

  4. $VIPS BABA related selling is almost behind. Funds don t wait until last minute and settlement is T+3 usually! Time to LOAD UP tomorrow IMO

  5. Weak trading action with lots of momentum stocks $TSLA, $ICPT, $LNKD, $VIPS, $JAZZ, $WDAY, $YELP and the likes in negative on increasing vol

  6. $VIPS Chart http://y.ahoo.it/sLT5VFl9

  7. $VIPS who in the world sell VIPS for BABA is beyond me. BABA may double in 3 years, but VIPS should be a double in a 6 months IMO

  8. $VIPS what happened today?

  9. Just sold off $VIPS and $GPRO. Currently awaiting the $BABA IPO release.

  10. $VIPS growth potential versus EPS may be sourly over valued.

  11. $VIPS can still grow versus smaller players in the mkt like JD, VIPS, JMEI

  12. $VIPS interesting comment by J Dorris/J Capital Investment Analyts. BABA having already 80% of China mkt poses question as to how much it

  13. $VIPS big recoveries

  14. closed $VIPS at $193.30

  15. $VIPS Wow. back to $190, bidding small $186 - $188

  16. $VIPS Since I ve been paying ur rent for the last 2 months Peter its time u do me the favor lmfao

  17. $VIPS what she giveth she taketh. Peter Mak must be licking his lips here...

  18. $VIPS the rocket scientist is living in his own world. cybercrash and not cash

  19. $MXWL $VIPS $YY $UBNT $DATA $SPLK $TSLA fire sale LO

  20. Warning for shareholders in $JMEI $JD $ATHM $VIPS $CTRP $WUBA $WBAI $KNDI $BIDU $QIHU ahead of Alibaba s $BABA IPO http://y.ahoo.it/f6f4APfv

  21. $VIPS wheres VIPS 1000k target .?

  22. $VIPS this bottom is great opportunity to load up

  23. $VIPS Double bottom forming today?

  24. $VIPS this is the outcome when i was not around. follow the educated analysts and rockets scientists to bang the wall

  25. $VIPS $YY $CTRP $LEJU $DANG $JMEI $WUBA $BITA ----> #ReverseBaba $BABA