1. $VIPS still a major bearish trend forming which will take some days to settle

  2. $VIPS great stock trend is near turning

  3. $VIPS a little more downside left and then i will buy. look for 205 next week

  4. $VIPS We need $QIHU to announce good ER on Monday . Bigger price stocks pulled back in last 4 days like $BIDU. Also need $YY above $91

  5. $VIPS there is no need to look at an investment 10 times a day. When the growth story is in tact , just follow the story & sleep well.

  6. @cybercash28: $VIPS. So little volumes on Last 4 down days. Big money hold. Traders, weak hands retailers sold. Yes, shake the weaklings

  7. $VIPS. So little volumes on Last 4 down days. Big money hold. Traders, weak hands retailers sold.

  8. $VIPS those who sold at the last minute might wish they hadn t if this is up in premarket Monday

  9. $VIPS great entry point.

  10. $VIPS China to be one of the most valuable markets for beauty and personal care $10 Billion http://y.ahoo.it/S1GFBqUU

  11. $VIPS vol. today is less than 1/2 average. Waiting for big whales to come back in Sept.

  12. $VIPS about to go green and higher.

  13. $VIPS Read Lefeng buy story http://y.ahoo.it/Emajg6Wx

  14. $VIPS largest Chinese apparel e-retailer owns Lefeng the 2nd largest cosmetic e-retailer winning combo, shop for lipstick then buy a dress

  15. $VIPS new highs here we come

  16. $VIPS this was more like a 5 day sell off and has happened before only to bounce back and make new highs.

  17. $VIPS funds take some profit is very normal, causing one day sell-off, while now is coming back, is very normal, no heat, no kitchen.

  18. $VIPS VIPS has always bounced back from big dips like this only to make new highs.

  19. $ATHM. Beautful engulfing. Follow me and make $$$$. :) now adding $VIPS $BIDU..great growth stories & oversold. Way oversoldi

  20. $VIPS is losing momentum w indicators showing some weakness http://y.ahoo.it/FTYrt7nw

  21. $VIPS @PeterMak Why don t you take a little rest, you must be exhausted with your bearish comments. If you believe, don t work so hard!

  22. $VIPS drop will be accelerated once $200 is broken

  23. $VIPS drop and close below $210 today?

  24. $VIPS stil red due to the rocket scientists and educated analysts have not added on dip enough to push it?

  25. $VIPS grab now to enjoy falling knife pain