1. Leading growth stocks look awful. Investors can go on vacation for awhile. http://capitalistbull.blogspot.in/p/leading-stocks-analysis.html $AAPL $MSFT $VIPS $BIDU $QQQ $SPY

  2. Well that was my first losing month in both my trading and investment accounts in a long time. $baba $dia $spy $qqq $vips $bita $lmt $aapl.

  3. $VIPS got back above $22 -we need to see it move and hold $22.48-22.50 for it to resume trend up

  4. In China, only $JD is trusted as non counterfeit goods for RETAIL. Not $BABA and not $VIPS. GLTY.

  5. $VIPS $JD Could see another 20% - 30% move before VIPS sees 15% to $25. Chart it.

  6. $VIPS From $22 - $JD has now moved faster than VIPS to $25. VIPS still 22. . . JD hitting 26 + this week.

  7. Read the latest from Kevin: Nasdaq action keeps speculators on hold via @mardermarket http://www.marketwatch.com/story/nasdaq-action-keeps-speculators-on-hold-2015-01-30 $COMPX $ANIP $VIPS

  8. $VIPS long on radar, setting up nicely

  9. $ZIOP nice, missed re-short $VIPS, $ADXS nice off the r/g fail, $SPPI payday, crystal ball s on fire today! http://www.ztradeczar.com

  10. done with $VIPS and $CMS for now

  11. $ZIOP red test, $VIPS working nicely, $SPPI still...nice

  12. $VIPS bang, love that!!! $IMGN sweet!

  13. Power Hour watchlist: $IMGN $VIPS $GURE $CPRX $NUGT so far...http://www.ztradeczar.com $SPY $YHOO $HA $HAL $BAC

  14. $CMS and $VIPS on radar

  15. $VIPS another bounce player to watch

  16. @VIPS1000 @alee1700 @lcc007 bummer is that yesterday s reaction to BABA plus oil drag broke $VIPS nice-forming trend up. 2 steps forward 1..

  17. $DANG is GROSSLY undervalued. under 700M market cap vs $VIPS 12.5B and Dang has MORE ACTIVE CUSTOMERS than they do. No way does this stand

  18. Vipshop Holdings Stock Slumps, Thanks To Alibaba Group Q3 Revenue Miss - http://www.bidnessetc.com/33663-vipshop-holdings-vips-stock-slumps-thanks-to-alibaba-group-q3-revenue-miss/?utm_content=buffer5f6ea&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer $VIPS $BABA

  19. $VIPS Alibaba wasn t performing well on ER day. Will VIPS facing the same fate?

  20. some stocks developing within Boxes at moment $AAPL $AMBA $BLUE $CALA $CLDN $CNCE $CSII $EXAS $GWPH $PLNR $RGLS $SIGM $SIMO $TNK $VIPS

  21. market wrap Coiling Tighter http://joehentges.net/coiling-tighter/ ‎$NYA $BABA $VIPS $YHOO $UAL

  22. Swing Buy Picks: $AEP, $BTO.CA, $ELX, $FCE.A, $FE, $HUM, $INFY, $MAC, $MRVL, $NNN, $NXPI, $OGC.CA, $RLGY, $VIPS http://stockmarketsvane.com/?page_id=389#MOREPICKS

  23. Scan results - 50 DMA Support today: $HSY $HSNI $CAVM $ISIL $PAYC $PRE $VIPS $ALGN $CRI $CCL ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/18/equities?selected_date=2015-01-29

  24. $VIPS second highest volume since split, over 14M today.

  25. @LinYingjun: $AMZN earning report after the bells, ±20$ E commercial peers, $BABA $VIPS $JCP