1. @Mike786 $VIPS has a lower target. Sorry I can t post here buy and sell, especially short term trade. Thing changes fast.

  2. $VIPS has a lower target. Some of us have shorted it. Sorry, I caon

  3. $VIPS and $BABA divergence interesting to note, money flowing from one to the other. $JMEI first bid in weeks.

  4. http://seekingalpha.com/article/2760285-takeover-target-why-vipshop-should-really-think-about-buying-renren Takeover Target: Why these two companies should think about hooking up. $VIPS $RENN

  5. $VIPS Is there news driving this down ?

  6. $VIPS gettin some vol comin in - 30 min to go. http://stocktwits.com/message/30374602

  7. $VIPS Once again, buy to enjoy falling knife

  8. $VIPS added some more VIPS to my swing play.

  9. $VIPS Look tasty.. Maybe at 18

  10. $VIPS Party time

  11. $VIPS still under the ichi cloud on the 5 min. No confirmation off areversall yet

  12. @ChinaHandle: $VIPS If market does not turn, may test 17. Still possible.

  13. $VIPS adding some VIPS here - ST trade @VIPS1000 http://stocktwits.com/message/30366207

  14. $VIPS Looks like this will go to 18:80 area

  15. $VIPS This sucks. Showing no strength

  16. $VIPS very weak today and in the last few days, still some profit-taking.

  17. Sell hard traders, $DANG $VIPS $EJ $JRJC we will be happy to buy a bargain.

  18. @Neil_Flynn Besides $VIPS that s a given & I own it. My point is there are more fakes than there PnD are legit. DANG & RENN R Poster Child

  19. $VIPS I think its past time for me to gut this pig. down 2K since I bought it in November

  20. ChartSmarter Shorts: http://www.chartsmarter.com/2014/12/17/chartsmarter-shorts/ take note of weakness in strong groups $VIPS $CPA $LFL $CHUY http://stocktwits.com/message/30342625

  21. @TradeforTuition $NTES: IPO in 2000 at $16, now $98.93. $VIPS: IPO in 2012 at $6.50, now $198.30. $CTRP: IPO in 2003 at $4.17, now $41.16

  22. @DLB4 Of course, when management halts revenue growth like $JMEI has, then the rival $VIPS will likely catch them up

  23. @Neil_Flynn how quickly U change yr tone.Not so long ago you wr touting Jumei & disms ng $VIPS relevance in the cosmetic mkt despite LeFeng

  24. Saxo Bank has published my latest research Jumei initiates share buyback as lawsuits mount : https://www.tradingfloor.com/posts/jumei-initiates-share-buyback-as-lawsuits-mount-2897773 $JMEI $VIPS

  25. $DANG Dang could drop another 50% to $4.25 and still be over priced. DANG only went up previously on the Halo Effect of $VIPS & $BABA Over!