1. Long watch list for tmw: $ba>140.75$, $vips>20.8$, $bhp>39.7$, $spnc>23.7$,

  2. $VIPS Bounced when all others in that sector got smoked. @lcc007

  3. $VIPS buying at this level. Good support.

  4. $VIPS <STUDY the CHARTS> FIB 50% Retracement : Chinese VIP s are hidin in bunkers !

  5. $VIPS I do still hold for VIPS 1000 (pre-split) by end of 2016!

  6. Long $VIPS and Short $JMEI pair trade continues to work for last several weeks despite allegations (fabricated IMO) on VIPS!

  7. $VIPS In a year buyers wish they loaded boat here! Forward PEG under 0.4 and strong growth despite large revenue base

  8. $VIPS dear god.. I don t believe it. have only seen red for 3 months. won t buy calls till the 22s

  9. $VIPS Chinese govt bailing out VIPs will sue Mithra and J Cap. Short seller beware!

  10. $VIPS hollow candle reversal. might have some legs.

  11. $VIPS look at that bounce. LOL

  12. $VIPS next stop 19.20 - 19.4. hit that in PM. Look for a bounce soon. No trading today.


  14. Vipshop Holdings Ltd ADR A (VIPS) Weak In Early Morning Trading $VIPS http://www.thestreet.com/story/13208199/1/vipshop-holdings-ltd-adr-a-vips-weak-in-early-morning-trading.html?puc=stocktwits&cm_ven=STOCKTWITS&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=stocktwits

  15. A little oversold, but more short-term technical downside in $VIPS... https://quantifiedalpha.com/stockData/VIPS#technical

  16. $VIPS finally reality. Been shorting an buying leap puts no this one for months. This has been nice drop. Comparing this to bidu? Come on.

  17. $VIPS falling knife?

  18. Interactive Chart -> http://lite.capitalmarketlabs.com/cmld3b/lite.php?app=mm&tickers=VIPS&metrics=Net+Income+(TTM+US$+Millions)|Net+Income+(TTM+US$+Millions)&start_date=12/31/2009&end_date=03/31/2015&show_line=false&graph_only=0 $VIPS Earnings are Rising.

  19. $VIPS daily with sup & res levels.

  20. $VIPS China market rebound. U.S. Futures down :/

  21. $VIPS in 3 months it s gone from $30 to $20. Yikes. Where is the floor?

  22. $VIPS This is going to get crushed and end up at 12 soon !

  23. $VIPS been following this since way before the 10 for 1 split, but this news will send this down to less than $5, Watch !!

  24. Why do we value flash sale sites differently in the U.S. vs China? $ZU $GRPN $VIPS

  25. $VIPS google it