1. Looking at the historical vol over the last few days, seems like $VIX is actually expensive

  2. It is extremely hard to have a sell-off when the great OZ (market mechanics) is behind the cloak. This is why the $VIX stays low. $SPY

  3. $SPY $IWM $VIX taper must end before Volatility is allowed to return .Major Holiday = 7/4 ...ironically, Independence - hardly on wall st..

  4. @NYCStox WTH? trying to save $UVXY from bankruptsy and de listing? Been crushed hard along w/ $VIX lately! Options manipulation is big now!

  5. FX Vol Finally Floored http://y.ahoo.it/Vk0lSivb $fxe $vix

  6. Dow Down Most In 3 Weeks As Market Double Dump-And-Pumps $VIX $GLD $SLV http://y.ahoo.it/Tok2Zrf2

  7. @agwarner Blah! Keep the target moving. $VIX naturally banded, therefore predictable at certain levels. Unfortunately stuck w/ time&premium.

  8. Today s Most Active Options http://y.ahoo.it/cjxWdBnM $SPY $AAPL $SPX $VIX $IWM

  9. being right and not making money=sucks. what will happen then if $vix will tank to 10?

  10. $VIX Is for real contrarian Livermore s. Unless you buy on the worst $VIX day, have 2-3 months and can handle seeing -100% stay away.

  11. $VXX $tvix $uvxy $vixy $vixm <> <> gonna sleep with some $vix Vap-O-Rub under my nose tonight..

  12. $VXX holding into tomorrow. f the retail # and new claims. june-july $vix is the shizzle.

  13. @KimbleCharting: Fear topping here and reversing at resistance? Sure could!!! $VIX $XIV $SPY http://y.ahoo.it/LC0cGo99

  14. Fear topping here and reversing at resistance? Sure could!!! $VIX $XIV $SPY http://y.ahoo.it/ZJLeR8oq

  15. $VIX above 12 is a breakdown downtrend

  16. $VIX Mr broken +7.55%

  17. $VIX up nicely today. We like to see that after a few doji sessions near 2013 support levels

  18. $VIX is starting to crack-a-lack here...

  19. $ES_F $VIX $UVXY $TVIX $GLD $GC_F $DAX SOLAR CMEs and Market Crashes - Atlanta Fed - http://y.ahoo.it/Gm1joPNT

  20. Intraday support/resistance: $SPX 1941.5/1949.5, $DTX 809.6/819.6, $DJIA 16805/16945, Nasdaq 4320/4342, $RUT 1165/1169; $VIX 11.2/11.7

  21. $VIX can t be low enough. Those buying $VXX are complete idiots. Fed has this market complete drugged out on opiates.

  22. $SPY $IWM $QQQ $VIX $VXX $XIV $GLD $SLV Who else uses PE10/VIX (Shiller PE/VIX) as a measure of complacency? Is there any better metric?

  23. $vix $qqq $uup $tlt Art Cashin sees stroll to safety http://y.ahoo.it/sqRubSib

  24. Short term $VIX ($VXST) back over 10! #FlightToQuality

  25. Big strategy piece just went out trading $VIX straddles and $VXX. Alternate title: we don t care about your complacency theory.