1. Stock Scan < NYSE starts trading 26Sep2014 (part3 http://y.ahoo.it/F5is6jtp $R $EDZ $AU $VIXY $BVN

  2. VIX ETFs Capitalize on Increased Market Concerns $UVXY $VIXY $AAPL $VXX http://y.ahoo.it/i5TvJGCa

  3. @WallStJesus: $VIXY small yet unusual opening action:  376 VIXY Oct-14 26.0 C  100% Ask  (IV=100.3% +1.3)  OPENING

  4. $VIXY small yet unusual opening action:  376 VIXY Oct-14 26.0 C  100% Ask  (IV=100.3% +1.3)  OPENING 

  5. $SPY $UVXY $VXX $VIXY http://y.ahoo.it/2KA8V67W

  6. $SPY $UVXY $VXX $VIXY http://y.ahoo.it/sUa6ybKe

  7. $SPY $UVXY $VXX $VIXY Simple mathematical overview! General market 80% bullish with 20% fear factor http://y.ahoo.it/OqvbQHQG

  8. $SPY Volatility creeps higher, $UVXY now up 17% from Friday. $VXX, $VIXY http://y.ahoo.it/PMlmsg7F

  9. $VIXY - http://y.ahoo.it/lhL4clIL - Please tell me I am long this stock...Please - New postmarket high. Next resistance 19.76 from 9/16/2014.

  10. http://y.ahoo.it/P3GBeypO large player buy signals on #stocks $VIXY $ATRS $ZU

  11. today s large player buys #stocks http://y.ahoo.it/batSQmDT $VIXY $ATRS $ZU

  12. @bmbsales I follow you on this one you re mostly right. I wimped out on earnings. Still up playing the $VIXY

  13. adding to the $vixy today. Still holding $ua and $twtr

  14. ETF Investors Shrug Off Volatility in Bullish Conditions $SPY $XLK $XLF $VIXY $VXX http://y.ahoo.it/S9hAPFdz

  15. New of ISIS beheading of American journalist James Foley hitting wires. Watching effect on $VIX AH. $UVXY $VXX $CVOL $VIXY

  16. Looks like that short $SPY and long $VIXY weekend insurance is costing me money. Oh well. Will prob ly dump both positions this morn.

  17. Buyin back my $VIXY. Seems like very cheap weekend insurance to me now. Can t believe it s this cheap.

  18. …And of course the market takes a spill AFTER I sell my $VIXY

  19. I sold that dern $VIXY I bought the other day this morning at 18.94. Lost about a dollar. Market actin better than I expected. 50dma beat.

  20. Buying $VIXY before the close right now. It will be a little bit of insurance at least.

  21. I don t think $SPY will go much higher this move or that $VIXY will go much lower. Both approaching 50 dma.

  22. Stock Scan:< NYSE starts trading 04Aug2014 (part II) http://y.ahoo.it/WFDfRyML $GPC $CAKE $EZA $BLOX $IRBT $DGI $MDCO $TMUS $AGQ $VIXY

  23. $VIXY sold @21.80 (bought @19.89). Despite profit I expect more volatility increase. Would not surprise if markets recover earky next week.

  24. ETF s Of The Day: $UVXY 16.72% $TVIX 16.05% $CVOL 10.16% $BRZS 8.68% $VIXY 8.61% $VIIX 8.50% $JDST 8.48% $VXX 8.46%

  25. $SYF $LOCO Credit to anything green in today s blood bath. $VXX $VIXY