1. $HFC : A Declining Stock Provides Value For Money http://y.ahoo.it/8Tx6aulu $VLO $TSO

  2. Valero Energy s PT raised by Credit Suisse to $60.00. http://y.ahoo.it/kRDaFNbG $VLO

  3. $VLO you have got to buy this

  4. $VLO damn I like this going into August

  5. $VLO busting loose

  6. Top 100 | Momentum Trading with RaginCajun http://y.ahoo.it/t0EddVNn $AUY $SDRL $ALL $SODA $KING $AAPL $VLO

  7. @a_mirror_darkly $VLO has an overall bearish chart pattern. $SNCR is close to all time highs. So there is big difference.

  8. A few possible OS bounce plays I like: $UPS, $ANF, real estate short $DRV, oil&gas cont plays $VLO $MPC.

  9. @delPiero perhaps $VLO and other refiners can be added to that list.

  10. @Mountaingreen: $VLO weekly 52s seem like a good lotto play Maybe a stretch but eyes def on the AUG wk1 51s tomorrow

  11. In This Pullback It Is Time To Refine http://y.ahoo.it/pJyLR9AH $TSO $VLO

  12. $VLO $PBF $TSO $MPC and with WTI down $2, the Brent-WTI spread is getting close to $8 again. Businesses are still cash machines

  13. $VLO funny that this is up today

  14. $VLO C 11:52AM 7.31 #KillerWhale

  15. Working well. @PleatedKhakis: $VLO Long trigger over 49.45 via AUG 49.5/50 calls.

  16. $VLO weekly 52s seem like a good lotto play

  17. $VLO $MPC $TSO how aren t these stocks trending on ST all ripping on great ER the last few days

  18. $VLO bull flag on 5min

  19. $VLO very strong here.

  20. Refiners pushing higher $VLO $TSO $PSX $WNR

  21. $VLO Heading higher http://y.ahoo.it/1weBKyzc

  22. $MPC $HFC $PSX $TSO $VLO refineries popping now

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  24. It may be the end of the world but I ve got $NKE $PFE $MRK $VLO $AAPL on my shopping list $SPY

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