1. Snap back rally | Stock Market Today http://y.ahoo.it/BWE0ssgv $DJIA $SPX $COMPQ $APA $CHK $RIG $TSO $VLO

  2. $VLO $PXD $HP $MCD bought some small positions today with tight stops for a short term hold. 75% cash.

  3. @financialtrader $HAL $OXY $SLB $VLO $XOM $XLE 2007 Time Machine still in effect

  4. What s your first trade on Wednsday? Expert trader Pete Najarian is a buyer of $VLO. Says it s goin higher : http://y.ahoo.it/vEDNOKLV

  5. $VLO http://y.ahoo.it/Dk1MYSPs

  6. Looks like it s time for the quarterly play on $tso $vlo again...not sure i want to play this time...very precarious time..

  7. Sitting on cash watching $GOOG $AAL $DIS give me a better entry is nice. My only long is $VLO and is in the green. NICE! $DIA $SPY $QQQ

  8. Valero Energy upgraded by Zacks to outperform. $62.00 PT. http://y.ahoo.it/BHsvDNVN $VLO

  9. $VLO still holding positive YTD working to get back above 10/20 avgs http://y.ahoo.it/6R8dxiyW

  10. Dickenson Bay Capital holds an allocation of 0.3% in $VLO in his Macro Yield Investment Portfolio

  11. $VLO $LUV Among our latest top technical picks. See the others http://y.ahoo.it/BtLhbh3H

  12. $PEIX $VLO is one of paceth largest customers,I m sure they re aware of paceth market cap, cash flow,assets, west coast locations

  13. $PEIX red, $REX $VLO $GPRE all green, somebody is manipulating, not trading in tandem with sector competitors

  14. $PEIX the world is your oyster, what is $GPRE $VLO $REX $ADM waiting for, ok no more twits, got too excited despite the crappy market

  15. $PEIX market sell-off is providing some great opportunities, $REX up, $VLO $GPRE down slightly, corn dwn,eth up, peix down, incredible

  16. $VLO $MPC $PSX $HFC $TSO, gasoline spike saves #321crack, $CL_F - $NBZ_F WTI brent falls to $3.5, tighter #Crudediffs

  17. $PEIX reading 10k, $VLO is one of peix largest customers, $VLO has been on an acquisition spree lately

  18. @2DD by the way i m in as the upside risk is too much, wouldn t be surprised if $VLO $GPRE $ADM $CVX made a run for peix

  19. $PEIX $GPRE $VLO $ADM $REX validates my point http://y.ahoo.it/VMBgBV7j

  20. $PEIX valuation as compared to $VLO $GPRE $ADM $REX

  21. energy stocks not feeling this weakness $HAL $PSX $SLB $VLO

  22. Could this be like the beginning of 2007 all over again? $ADM $CAT $DE $FSLR $HAL $OXY $SLB $USO $VLO

  23. $PEIX $GPRE and $VLO will announce earnings near end of April, listen in on CC, could indicate how well peix did, buckle up

  24. $PEIX on Q1 CC, hope analysts ask the question if they ve received any interest from outside parties i.e. $GPRE $VLO

  25. Pick a refiner outside $PSX and do covered call strategy. Those won t move +/-5% until June. Get bullish on $VLO in June.