2. Watching $BABA and $VLTC next week @ http://www.sourcingstocks.com/baba/the-trend-is-your-friend-baba-and-vltc-prove-it/ - #sourcingstocks

  3. $PBMD this chart might setup like $GENE did - huge ramp - pullback a couple of days and race up to $11 range - on watch $VLTC $PCOM $ZION

  4. $PBMD was $vltc just a pump

  5. $FXCM, $VLTC and $OREX short are doing great for us @ http://www.sourcingstocks.com/fxcm/vltc-orex-and-fxcm-are-three-great-shorts/ - #NYSE, #NASDAQ

  6. $VLTC was this just a pump and dump? Can PBMD run to 21 too? It actually has the news

  7. $VLTC and $BABA are on a course can t be stopped @ http://www.sourcingstocks.com/baba/the-trend-is-your-friend-baba-and-vltc-prove-it/ - #NASDAQ, #NYSE, #tech, #sourcingstocks

  8. $VLTC Means after expenses + Series J redemptions the $5.6M in new stock sold only $3.6M stayed in company. Funds for 5 more months, then BK

  9. $VLTC On April 13, 2015 we redeemed 29,316 shares of Series J preferred stock for approximately $1.0 million in cash. Oops, sorry Carl!

  10. $VLTC The Chart looks pretty healthy for a pump. If volume picks up I can see this going through 10s again

  11. Can someone plz remind the reason for the +2053% gain in $VLTC in only 15 sessions? Watching reaction at 50dma 6.5

  12. $VLTC How are the new passengers doing? Everyone s got their bag after yesterday s trade-off? Okay plan is we stop at 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 & 0

  13. $VLTC under $6 next week

  14. $PBMD was the $VLTC run pure off a short squeeze

  15. $VLTC Ichan s portfolio as of today!

  16. $PBMD in from yesterday at $6.1! Anyone recommend bridges in NC to go jump off of? :( What s sad? I m in $ISR $SYMX $ENZN $VLTC $AMZG too!

  17. $VLTC Still holding about $2k worth from 2.37....I ll be holding those until this company goes bankrupt or the stock hits 100...wahoo

  18. $VLTC people are still toying with this stock? Leave it alone till the old man speaks again.

  19. $ATNM was in $PTBI at the bottom, sold near ten. Was in $AVEO at 1.57. $ATNM is better than those and $VLTC $PBMD $GEVO and $MNGA

  20. $VLTC so... what are Icahn s plans with this company? Sell? Turn it around?

  21. $AMDA might become like $PTBI $PBMD $VGGL $VLTC

  22. Journal update $AMCN, $BLDR, $EBIX, $ERI, $GIMO, $HDP, $IPHI, $LIFE, $NDRM, $TANH, $TNP, $TROV, $VLTC $PBMD http://sostrading.blogspot.com/2015/05/may-19-21.html

  23. [A dangerous trend I am seeing] Shout out on $VLTC + ideas for tomorrow $PRGN $NVFY $WFT http://ticker.tv/nicatrades/555e7055c9f909df5e000008

  24. Live Markets Shake Shak Shake the Shorts and Voltari Shake the Longs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8e3Ph0kb-6w $SHAK $VLTC

  25. $VLTC buying 5000 shares for morning pop here looks good