1. $VLTC http://www.marketwatch.com/story/carl-icahn-eyes-100-million-loss-as-chesapeake-transocean-tumble-2016-02-08 Icahn sizeable loss - I know where he could make that money back

  2. $VLTC hit its 3.50 support today. Both other times it did that this month it popped the following day.

  3. 2/7 Nightly Watchlist $XOMA $UNIS $XLIT $TMST $DUST $SXC $VLTC $LINE $LNKD also watching $ATVI $SKX $CVS $KO $DIS $P

  4. $VLTC Re-opened my position in this and will buy on every -.10 dips going forward-GLTA

  5. If $VLTC goes to $3.50 good swing trade opportunity.

  6. $VLTC was all the activity the last couple of days only driven by Ultimate Stock Alerts pump? Everyone buy & sell quickly?

  7. $VLTC looks like this stock has lower lows but also lower highs (and shorter high duration). Uncle Carl needs to pop up

  8. $VLTC $AVXL $FCX ... $GBSN 1st FDA approval took 170 days, 2nd 155 days, now waiting 158 days. Last time during FDA rumours, stock did x4

  9. $VLTC Chart from Feb. 3rd – big bounce today above EMA’s 4 & 8 and the middle Bollinger Band http://mychartcoach.com/Forums/?noaccess=1

  10. video 2/4 trades from the TradeXchange $TASR $WFC $VLTC $SVA $GLUU http://ticker.tv/zozotrader/56b3740af722615222a1410f … … via @tickertv @TheTradeXchange

  11. $VLTC falls below 4.10 im no longer interested

  12. $UQM $EMAN $COOL $VLTC $CYTX $ASTI $PIRS $BIOC forgot $CJJD and $OPTT also green... Great day today

  13. $vltc watching this for today and tomorrow . Once it looses steam should flush .

  14. $VLTC I need this thing to hit about $10, and I ll be happy. What are the chances?

  15. $VLTC nhod

  16. $FOLD $ARWR $VLTC sweet moves

  17. $VLTC getting volume near hod

  18. $VLTC if you follow wyckoff theory, you know yesterday we jumped across the creek first half day, then backed up to creek.. next is markup

  19. Watch $VLTC over 4.25 for a squeeze

  20. $vltc Hoping this fades again to the 3 s then we get another 100% day!!?

  21. $VLTC If we can break $5 today I think we see $7+.

  22. $VLTC really no sense in posting if you have no idea what you re talking about. purely technical stock here. no news needed. i prefer that


  24. 5 top stocks on NASDAQ: $ETRM, $APDNW, $VLTC, $ANAC, $TEAM http://www.nna100.com/stock_ranking.php?p=NASDAQ-Top-100-BUY-Rating-Stocks&d=2016-02-04

  25. Video of Stocks to Watch on February 4th http://viralmarketnews.com/greatstockpix-video-of-stocks-to-watch-on-february-4th/ $SPY $HNSN $EA $SDPI $WTW $WATT $TMST $VLTC $INO $LL $SIEN $ENOC $TWTR