1. $VLTC 1st stop 2.50 and target $4 in coming weeks!

  2. bakbo Aug. 29 at 8:02 PM $VLTC 205.stop.toppy Bearish

  3. $VLTC Out

  4. $VLTC Lets get this pig back to $250 lol.

  5. $VLTC tiny market cap! can move big time!!!

  6. $VLTC whts the news ?

  7. $VLTC First stop at 2.5$!

  8. $VLTC Rocket to Mars!!

  9. $VLTC Cover your losses $IVAN and come to $VLTC

  10. $VLTC Let s go!

  11. $VLTC on its way up!

  12. $VLTC icahn owns this stock....is there any news here

  13. @jn1981 Yeah 165K shares... they know you are pumping a POS. $VLTC $VIPS $SPLK $UTHR $YHOO $WYNN $CRTO $CHL

  14. $IVAN Out. Bough in $VLTC

  15. $VLTC Is going to have same run as $IVAN

  16. $VLTC 205.stop.toppy

  17. $VLTC Somebody nows something

  18. $VLTC targets to watch 2.39 , 2.84 3.10 , 3.54 and my final 4.17 crazy to $5.90

  19. $VLTC What is going on here?

  20. $VLTC Carl Believes In his Son. http://y.ahoo.it/zQCdKqaP

  21. Voltari Corporation $vltc Recovering After Recent Plunge http://y.ahoo.it/y1ZHc21i #investing #motricity #mobile #marketing #seo #ppc #retweet

  22. $VLTC Voltari!

  23. $VLTC Are you ready for this to move?

  24. $SPEX Holding and look at $VLTC

  25. $MOTR whoops... meant $MTOR