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  2. $VNET How can this guy keep giving sell signal this stock is a heaven for short sellers must be their best kept secret

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  6. $VNET Bearish momentum running out of steam. If close above 15.60 on very low vol, green on Monday on increased bullish vol, may be reversal

  7. $VNET It s almost like an oil well of blood

  8. $VNET Yes it bleeds everyday

  9. $VNET Watching this one. Today s bounce not convincing from volume standpoint. If this is small red tomorrow on low vol, may enter long

  10. $VNET Is 16.50 a buy or it s gonna bleeeed tomorrow?

  11. $VNET He is about four days behind with sell signal but hey its possible to go up to 20.00 and catapult down to 14.23 to close that gap

  12. $VNET Double bottom at 15.51, open above yesterday s close, closed above yesterday s high. Could surge for short term swing.

  13. $VNET I know but see this guy with sell signal

  14. Algorithmic trading: OPEN Dec/11 SELL: $VNET $EBAY $PGN $EXEL $GALE

  15. $VNET Betting against Lei Jun s record is meaningless IMO

  16. $VNET Xiaomi Investor in VNET Lei Jun is the person of the year 2014 (Forbes Asia)

  17. $VNET That was just a public service announcement

  18. $VNET Sell now it s going back to 15

  19. $VNET green on my screen, A MIRAGE ???

  20. $VNET Pls short so that I can buy at 15 again

  21. $VNET 13 today or just 14.5?

  22. $VNET Just need some stamina and it will reverse

  23. $VNET Think about it. Temasek in at $15 and again at $18. The last few time Temasek went against short seller, the short seller got cooked

  24. $VNET Very

  25. $VNET