1. Algorithmic trading CLOSING Nov/28 $WR(1.0 %) $BAS(21.4 %) $EXPE(0.1 %) $CI(0.3 %) $VPCO(5.4 %) $RYN(0.6 %) $ZMH(1.6 %) $WHR(9.4 %)

  2. Algorithmic trading: OPEN Nov/25 SELL: $VPCO $LMCA $THC $HIMX $LAKE $GILD $ATHM $BRX $RYN

  3. Long $VPCO SHORT $SPEX... Or the other way around? Hmmmm a lost wolf?.... Or?

  4. $VPCO - the folks at the Oxford dictionary have just announced “vape” as their word of 2014... LMAO! too bad VPCO didn t capitalize on it!!

  5. $VPCO 385 put contracts expire in the money today vs. 1 call contract. Could be massive sell volume if exercised.

  6. @Zquick $VPCO no, the only thing that matters is if it has dropped before you sell. 1% in a day is nothing for penny stock

  7. $VPCO anyone here also in ecig?

  8. $VPCO - shouldn t this be dropping everyday... based on all the BOO-HOO news provided by big brains here?

  9. $VPCO $VAPO Vapor Corp: Smoke Up Boys – Nothing Left But Butts… Target Zero http://www.smarteranalyst.com/contributor/2014/11/19/vapor-corp-smoke-up-boys-nothing-left-but-butts-target-zero/

  10. $VPCO Gonna have to watch from the sidelines until it shows some life.

  11. $VPCO sitting on support here... next marijuana catalyst should send it to gap fill at $5

  12. $SUNE is just starting. $KBIO, I m red with $CDTI and $VPCO is smoking. $CNET?... $10?

  13. $VPCO $2 warrants Huh. My sister asked once: what is this a picture of?... Me: that is a waterspout. ..those are $2 warrents. = buy buy BUY

  14. $VPCO To the moon!

  15. $VPCO might be ready to move up again.

  16. $VPCO Are we all ready for the next run?

  17. $VPCO what are the chances of the merger not happening it seems both companies need to merge to survive & compete ?

  18. @jjhalas22 How s that $VPCO now :-) Florida shot down legal med marijuana, and it tanked.

  19. I was a penny off on $VPCO.

  20. Losers $NVGN -30%, $ATEA -26%, $COOL -20%, $SARA -16%, $TGEN -16%, $VPCO -15%, $DWA -14%, $VBFC -13%, $DSS -13%, $TRXC -13%, $WLH -13%,

  21. @Zquick @theHALFMILE $VPCO got a boost b/c they are a FL company, and there was a vote to legalize pot in FL, but that law was shot down.

  22. @Zquick: $ECIG - $VPCO... hmmm? Something up their sleeves or behind the merger?

  23. $VPCO going to predict a 1.54 close today, continual decrease until 0.90/s.

  24. $VPCO looking for a short entry today. This stock always pops, then crashes a day or two later.

  25. $VPCO 1.50 -.31 initial financing on the merger with $VAPO is convertible at $1.10/share