1. $VPCO very disappointing volume on merger annoucement. I guess we will have to see if financing comes through

  2. $VPCO Vapor Corp. Signs Definitive Merger Agreement with Vaporin, Inc. http://stocknewsnow.com/news-inner.php?newsartid=NEWSID18122014100005

  3. Vapor Corp. Signs Definitive Merger Agreement With Vaporin, Inc http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1337175 $VPCO

  4. $VPCO this looks like a dead duck right now

  5. $VPCO

  6. Algorithmic trading: OPEN Dec/16 SELL: $PE $SN $DVN $NE $RDC $CLR $SWN $WTI $KOS $DDD $NBR $PTEN $OIS $VPCO $FTK $LNCO $XEC $PES $WPX $BTU

  7. Algorithmic trading CLOSING Dec/15 $WPRT(13.4 %) $PVA(9.4 %) $CRZO(8.2 %) $TKMR(4.7 %) $VPCO(20.1 %) $CPWR(0.5 %) $ROST(1.5 %)

  8. $VPCO Although no formal agreement has been executed, the Company has agreed that it and Vapor Corp will own 50% of Emagine ...promising?

  9. Yesterday s AH momo could be in play today $yod $vpco $molg

  10. $VPCO & $MOLG getting done momo ah.. Gapper tomorrow?

  11. $VPCO Anyone seeing this??? http://stocktwits.com/message/30167387

  12. $VPCO Anyone know anything about merger? Seems to be kept pretty close to the vest and we re getting close to wire. Likely (very) long here

  13. $VPCO You guys might want to take a look at ECIG. May go parabolic. Best of luck!!

  14. Pot stock rally as Congress to block Feds from arresting ppl for pot. $VPCO $GWPH $DGLY $LAKE $SNSS $APT $CLNT https://news.vice.com/article/congress-may-block-the-feds-from-arresting-people-for-medical-marijuana

  15. Those longs in $MOLG should look into $VPCO (not investment advice) to make back money..nice R/R if volume comes in today

  16. $DGLY $VPCO sucks! tks but no tks.

  17. $VPCO better buy now as it could take off any day now..above the 1.66 50ma and it will skyrocket past $2 . $spex & $dgly has to wait

  18. Pot stocks could be in play again after Ebola and body cam run. $VPCO $VAPO $ERBB $GWPH $DGLY $LAKE $ISNS $APT http://traffic.shareaholic.com/e?a=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fpot-stocks.com%2Fmarijuana-industry-bigger-nfl-2020%2F&r=1

  19. $VPCO Any break above the red down trend line could have a little run to low $2 s. $dgly $vii $isis $isns $SNSS http://stocktwits.com/message/30078723

  20. $VPCO Closed $1.40 AH.. Peeking up for s run?? Merger deal imminent. WL - $dgly $snss $jnug $spex $isis

  21. $VPCO this is annoying

  22. $VPCO i was out by 30 mins after market open. What a POS !!!

  23. $VPCO Let s go

  24. $VPCO common either drop 20% so I can buy again or go up 10% from yesterdays close.... dead money in this range

  25. $VPCO not sure why but I picked this up yesterday and today for a swing trade