1. $VPCO Not a good day for Yellen

  2. $VPCO better than $mstx today lol

  3. $VPCO Last year bought this for $1.03 and sold for $1.07. If it gets back to $1 again, I won t owe any capital gains taxes. Sick isn t it?

  4. $VPCO ??? Was never halted, volume has gone up every second of the day. Price stuck at .0015-.0016 for a while...

  5. $VPCO Watch the video. There s hope for longs!

  6. $VPCO

  7. $VPCO ---> Halted because of potential BO?

  8. $VPCO halted?? oh shix

  9. $VPCO I ve been vaping for a year and a half now, but because of the stock market I ve had to smoke a few cigarettes lately.

  10. $VPCO halted or paused in preparation for a huge drop?

  11. $VPCO Just bought 200k shares at .0016 for kicks. See what happens. I originally wanted to buy at .0074, so I lucked out.

  12. $VPCO I will start vaping, pls go up.

  13. $VPCO it cant go below 0.001. They want to do a RS 1:1000. Therefore, pps must stay around this range 0.001-0.002.

  14. New intraday downward move on Vapor Corp. $VPCO - down -15.79% in 8 minutes

  15. $VPCO bought 0.0015 this morning 💪💪

  16. $VPCO never listen.. 🤒🤒🤒🤒

  17. $VPCO What did i say

  18. $VPCO jumped in at 0.015 this morning 👍👍👍

  19. $VPCO Asti isn t moving either lol

  20. $VPCO or maybe not.....

  21. $VPCO This disaster of a stock is going to dip so hard and so bad. It will flatline and leave everyone in its path bankrupt. Watch out.

  22. $VPCO -As of the date of this report, Company has 4,907,242,284 shares of common stock available 4 future issuances https://biz.yahoo.com/e/160208/vpco8-k.html

  23. $VPCO is this for real or somebody pumping

  24. $VPCO it s surprising this company has gone this bad, people love to vape

  25. $VPCO im gonna break even with this bounceback hahaha