1. $COCO $EDMC $PVCT $AVEO $KIOR $ETAK $SYUT $ICLD $ABCD $INFU $UVXY $MJNA $PHOT $VPCO $CNET current peak at MOJO swing trade holdings

  2. @SergeantTrade @khan5426 $VPCO not me maybe next year

  3. $VPCO uh oh. maybe this wasn t the bottom that I thought it was..

  4. $VPCO Just heard a radio ad on this Earnings will reflect over next 12 months as the switch happens from pipe joint bong to vaporizer

  5. @BOOZER Better stock that starts with a V for you take look at $VPCO

  6. @Liontamer @riders_in_the_storm $BLOX $RADA $ETAK $REDF $MBLX $MOBI $NIHD $REDF $THTI $UPIP $VPCO Swing Picks Profit Sept 2014 for MOJO

  7. $VPCO - mojo swing trade newsletter pick 9/8 at $1.83 - Sell Half Here 2.03 http://y.ahoo.it/Yatzyd2C

  8. $VPCO If this can stay above $2 an upwards reversal is very plausible

  9. @khan5426 $VPCO are you still looking to get in?

  10. $VPCO in for a quick buck tom

  11. $VPCO Sold after split. Back in on Monday!

  12. $VPCO was trying to place an order closer to the bottom didn t work out. Will revisit on Monday

  13. $VPCO Don t know when the turning point is but this stock will jump when it does. Good place to enter now before it does.

  14. $VPCO seems to be a buyout war featuring big tobacco and e cigs based on this article http://y.ahoo.it/nNGbtx3K I expect VPCO bought out soon.

  15. $LO And Zippo In Legal Battle Over Patent Issues http://y.ahoo.it/ZQmpQlOd $VPCO $ECIG $MO $RAI $ITYBY

  16. $VPCO Are we going to enter de-list territory with this one? It only uplisted within the last few months. Need some positive news.

  17. $VPCO I chickened out and didn t place an order at 1.81

  18. $VPCO I m all over this one! Huge upside potential and groupon/living social marketing campaign creating awareness

  19. $VPCO Is there anything positive about this stock right now?

  20. $VPCO remember this stock dips and the am and slightly recovers in the pm. Chart looks like crap.

  21. $VPCO Chart http://y.ahoo.it/i4HlVyPa

  22. $VPCO Going to see if I can muster up some cash to buy at least 1k shares for some nice swing trading.

  23. $VPCO why is this down again? Any swing traders in the house

  24. $VPCO I ve been waiting for this to get below $2. See if it happens today. Sorry to all who held above $4. This thing hit bottom fast.

  25. Vapor just filed its Current report, items 5.03 and 9.01 http://y.ahoo.it/f9t9BZxV $VPCO