1. $VPCO Tried to add on today. Volume was just too low. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. $VPCO cmon and fill my 1.01!!

  3. $vpco support level 1.01, and resistence level 1.20 and 1.32 for short term

  4. $VPCO holds up at his resistence level 1.01 so it should pop up with the next good news

  5. @Chaney34 $VPCO Anybody think this can get to $1.20? it has been multiple times. pops once a month

  6. $VPCO Anybody think this can get to $1.20?

  7. $VPCO my 1.00 order didnt fill... maybe raise it to 1.01 tom b4 next pop

  8. $VPCO Well nothing too surprising. Think the sp already adjusted for that news a while ago. Now lets see a new MJ bill :)

  9. $VPCO Too many advertising and administrative expenses....should be clear whats going on here unfortunately.

  10. $VPCO yikes... That s horrible! Every should jump on ECIG!

  11. $VPCO: New SEC Filing for VPCO: Form 10-K, No. 0001493152-15-001079 http://stocknewsflow.com/844856_000149315215001079_0001493152-15-001079

  12. Annual report [Section 13 and 15(d), not S-K Item 405] http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary/?id=1578239 $VPCO

  13. $VPCO was able to partiallg fill 10 shares out of 1000 at $1.02. Sweet lol

  14. $VPCO hmmm. this is a bit worrying today

  15. $VPCO gonna hit the average vol by 11 just with all the loading going on.

  16. $VPCO Wow, very tempted to do a rinse and repeat scalp here.

  17. $VPCO any advice on dumping 70,000 shares on this ? Long .

  18. $VPCO Shoot, missed out on an extra $225. Oh well.

  19. Totally out of $VPCO @ $1.10 for 7 cents, $1575 profit in Less than a day. Now back to my baby $UGAZ that s sitting over there crying.

  20. $VPCO Wonder if they will post Q4 Q1 earning at same time? I would rather they did it that way.

  21. $VPCO everyone should be in ECIG. Every quarter revenue has been up huge percentages and 10k will come any day!!

  22. $VPCO @technosquirrel @lakesquirrel

  23. $VPCO I m a bit tilted from my UGAZ losses, so I just jumped right into VPCO for 22k shares at $1.03. Hoping to ride 1.20-1.30 then sell. GL

  24. $VPCO Lets see that 1.05 support hold up!

  25. $VPCO loading up...anyone want to call IR to see what their deal is?