1. $LIVE 40.30% Have been the best runner all day. $ZAZA 33.01% $VPCO 22.07%

  2. $VPCO NYSE Traded Altria Group $MO In Advanced Discussions With $VPCO.. http://www.thelion.com/bin/forum.cgi?sf=VPCO&msg=202&cmd=r&t=

  3. $ZAZA $vpco $gevo $dej.ca

  4. $VPCO finally. Have been in since 5.

  5. $VPCO C mon VPCO you can do it.


  7. Top Gainers: $WLB +23% $IBIO +21% $BIOF +21% $LIME +19% $VPCO +17% $QLGC +16% $HCCI +15% $TTPH +15%

  8. $VWR $COCO $FREE $VRNGW $EDMC $CBSTZ $WLT $GTAT $LEU $VPCO 10 worst performing stocks of 2014: http://www.crappystocks.com/worst-stocks-of-2014/

  9. What s the reason why people are selling off $VPCO

  10. $VPCO This is about to be a penny stock

  11. $VPCO ER better be good or this might be the quickest exit from Nasdaq in history...

  12. @spykstra22 yes and $PHOT and $VPCO

  13. Trdes from (Oct-02-2014): $XOMA $AEZS $GEVO $EXAS $Z $VPCO $LNKD http://stocktwits.com/message/27502420

  14. so1d $VPCO 1.39 ish for ~4% loss of -$58.

  15. $VPCO What happened to the rumor of a buyout?

  16. Tr adePorts(Oct-01-2014): $DRWI $NAVB $AEZS $GEVO $PSDV $VPCO $XOMA $XXII ..etc.. http://stocktwits.com/message/27446316

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  18. bougt 1k shr $VPCO @ 1.46 small starter posn

  19. $VPCO they are paying him in shares-- so his goal will be to improve the brand s stock price.

  20. $VPCO is paying Relativity Media CEO, Ryan Kavanaugh, to help get them advertising in reality tv and possibly movies via product placement.

  21. Gainers $GLMD 38%, $RITT 34%, $MM 23%, $SINO 22%, $USU 21%, $MNGA 18%, $JRJC 18%, $ECTE 17%, $UQM 16%, $CJJD 15%, $VPCO 15%, $NQ 14%

  22. @Syracusefan1 @white_elephant I kind of doubt big tobacco buys it...they ve all entered the market elsewhere. $VPCO

  23. $VPCO buyout coming next few days more info to come

  24. $VPCO So this is a penny stock again? why did they up list anyway?

  25. Losers-2 $XNY -11%, $VPCO -11%, $CIDM -10%, $BIND -10%, $OTIV -10%, $VIMC -10%, $MNGA -9%, $LEI -9%, $APP -9%, $GLRI -9%, $SPEX -9%,