1. Gainers-2 $CJES 23%, $EXXI 21%, $DNR 19%, $VPCO 19%, $PFMT 18%, $CLF 18%, $PWE 17%, $LNCO 17%, $CBAK 17%, $EPE 17%, $ORIG 16%, $LPI 15%,

  2. $VPCO Run with volume (which is due) can easily bring this up to $1.5. We saw that several times last year.

  3. $VPCO abb more

  4. $VPCO is it too late to get in ?

  5. $VPCO $AXN $UWTI keep the love going

  6. $VPCO 1$ today

  7. $VPCO Common I want to see the big rebound time already. Miss the days when this would go up more than 100% in a day

  8. $VPCO has been spinning around in the toilet bowl for over a year - soon will be down the drainπŸ˜­πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  9. $VPCO Institutional ownership up 6.96% Q/Q, with 78,514 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/VPCO

  10. $VPCO has anyone ever spoken to anyone at the company? I have reached out multiple times and get nothing

  11. $VPCO POS!

  12. $VPCO This reeks of manipulation. Don t be fooled by after hours or pre-market hype. There is no volume. This is dropping again.

  13. $VPCO Wow after hours party!!!!! Looking forward for a great day tomorrow.

  14. $VPCO Love this little after hours game they re playing to scare away shorts. #notbuyingit

  15. $VPCO the financing they did in july assures that b/c the warrants will ratchet down and dilute the company into oblivion

  16. $VPCO if they don t get this thing above 1 to 1.25 by Jan, u can kiss it good bye

  17. $VPCO have they announced a reverse split range yet, 1 for 5 or 1 for 10?

  18. $VPCO .51 to the upside. Is that a typo

  19. $VPCO hmmm

  20. $VPCO another r/s ? Or did it actually go up

  21. $VPCO can someone explain that what is goodwill. It seems 15.654 million on $VLCO.

  22. $VPCO Proof it s going to zero: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3342225-idi-strong-sell-on-fraud-lawsuits-bankruptcy-and-technology-failure-minus-92_4-percent-downside

  23. $VPCO just go to zero already you POS, bleeding slower than a F in paper cut

  24. $vpco is now in the buy range

  25. $VPCO Following the classic penny stock blueprint. This one is being milked for every last dollar. Shorts will make a killing. P.T.: $0