1. $VPCO Who says this is coming back up? Time to ride the short train to gravy town.

  2. $VPCO under .17 they don t have enough share authorized to satisfy warrant holders

  3. $VPCO Why such a dramatic increase in short interest despite all the successfully executed expansion plans? Shorts have made a killing!

  4. $VPCO a reasonable buy at these levels

  5. $VPCO Either this will be bought by a big tobacco company or they will own their fair share of the market in the future #GoLong #TheFuture

  6. $VPCO E Cig Market is emerging quickly, there are only 3 E Cig players as far as stocks and VPCO is one of them... Go Long

  7. $VPCO will be the best day in my life when I get out of this stock without a loss

  8. $VPCO vaporizer companies are 1 in a million. This company does not even hit the market that is big.i have never been an investor but getout

  9. $VPCO I hope everyone here is smart enough to know that this is just another pump and dump and the only exception is there not pinksheets.

  10. $VPCO $IDI $DRAM Everything Brauser/Honig touch loses money. Get out while you can. Rip off artists.

  11. $VPCO There is virtually no PR for this company...

  12. $VPCO Have some Faith.

  13. $VPCO A whole bunch of wash trades, this stock reeks of manipulation. Maybe up, maybe down. But my money is on down. SEC beware.

  14. $VPCO sell now and get something back

  15. $VPCO this stock is up in smoke lol

  16. $VPCO Look at prior years, the SP goes way up this time of the year. Anyone selling now is a fool.

  17. $VPCO These guys have adequate retail space to rake in holiday sales cash.

  18. $VPCO I worked in a B&M vape shop, these places get insane busy during holidays. HOLD.

  19. $VPCO Wish had funds to pick more on these dips. Grrr

  20. $VPCO the products they sell are awsome.

  21. $VPCO i mean lol

  22. $VPCO this stock is like fools gold lol

  23. $VPCO they are putting last ditch effort to stay in business doing smaller stores because bigger chains are not buying there product

  24. $VPCO of course sales are up year over year more stores. but break the sales down per store. sales are weaker vaping is a dying trend

  25. $VPCO does anybody see the loss lol. can not lose money like that with this business model and stay in business