1. $VPCO nice volume behind this move today too.

  2. Victory Electronic Cigarettes Files For Nasdaq IPO: Potential For Massive Growth. http://y.ahoo.it/TfA9dagP $VAPE $MCIG $ECIG $LO $MO $VPCO

  3. Victory Electronic Cigarettes Files For Nasdaq IPO: Potential For Massive Growth. http://y.ahoo.it/rC8o91Zi $VAPE $MCIG $ECIG $LO $MO $VPCO

  4. $SPY Best Bears of the Market Today: $GIMO $VGGL $IPCI $USU $EVRY $PENX $QRHC $VPCO $TXMD $TCS

  5. $VPCO Killing me.

  6. $VPCO don t know what to do with this stock:/

  7. $vpco $gwph $attbf $cbis $fitx $itns $mcig $righ $taug $trtc Washington state issues 24 marijuana shop licenses http://y.ahoo.it/2l6wqC6B

  8. $vpco and the beat goes on

  9. $vpco $gwph $cannabis industry - New York governor signs pot law http://y.ahoo.it/gg4eYXye

  10. A look back at last week: $VPCO $SAM $MKC $EWK $QQQ $POM $ETR $LLY $RAI $COP $GD $RTN $LMT $MA $V $LOW $WHR $DISCA

  11. @wyattresearchThx but $Vpco is not and will not be left behind. A whole lot would have to reverse for Vpco to fail into the future.No way

  12. @ctweight Under the right circumstances, sure. But $VPCO isn t it. There seem to be major issues here and HUGE obstacles to distribution

  13. @sifter ... the result is still a decline in sales y/y while the rest of the industry is booming around them. Is a $VPCO problem not eCigs.

  14. @sifter $VPCO cited inventory issues for their decline and note some sales in Q2 should ve been Q1, but even when you add that in for Q1 ...

  15. @sifter Agreed, demand up and could outpace tobacco bt 10 and 15 yrs. (What timeframe do you expect)? Issues at $VPCO seems to be VPCO issue

  16. @wyattresearch Reason to avoid $VPCO market cap? Pretty weak IMO

  17. $vpco Says a man who owns lorillard stock. I love it. Competition knows Vpco is in a league of its own. Vpco the next big winner IMO.

  18. Vapor Corp is the only real pure play eCigarette investment. But that doesn t mean it s a good one. http://y.ahoo.it/1pQ1qlzs $VPCO

  19. $VPCO a nice play on vape

  20. $VPCO a play on vape

  21. $VPCO was added to the Russell Microcap index.

  22. $VPCO VPCO = Very Profitable Cannabis Opportunity. With States only allowing vaping and edibles, Vpco in a good spot. Already profitable

  23. $PM acquired UK e cig company. As long as $VPCO keeps growing revenues its day will come.

  24. $VPCO Why did this drop 6% yesterday?

  25. $vpco $gwph $attbs $itns $fitx First Annual Weedstock investor conference June 26 through July 1st. Denver Colorado. http://y.ahoo.it/t8zHrziP