1. $VPCO Is this worth coming back too for a quick swing?

  2. $VPCO no words necessary

  3. $IGC $GOL $GBSN $FREE $ASTI $AMDA $VPCO 25k minimum investment I m good on those

  4. $IGC give me some opinions people what s everyone think for a long. $GOL $GBSN $FREE $ASTI $AMDA $VPCO

  5. $VPCO I might get fried but I m gonna double down Feb 12, The last trading day before earnings LOL

  6. $VPCO it s done big dog

  7. $VPCO over 1 m @ .0160 holding strong, i will average down if need be.

  8. $VPCO thanks for your expert advice but I don t remember asking for our opinion?

  9. $VPCO lucky I sold at .008

  10. $VPCO it s only down another .0019 after closing so it s not over until it s $0.0000

  11. $VPCO rip ... Your welcome for the money I put out

  12. $VPCO why would you purchase any stock with 5 billion shares all shares are exercised this is more diluted than any stock in mankind

  13. $VPCO toxic death spiral financing if you have ever traded pink sheets like i have always stay away from companies that have billions of sh.

  14. $FREE $GBSN $VPCO $OSN $ALXA $DRYS follow for updates and family drama.

  15. $VPCO so is this done and over? Glad i picked $ASTI over thus one.

  16. $VPCO Probably delisted, the worthless that it s

  17. $VPCO F*ck this company!! worst investment ever.

  18. $VPCO now what??

  19. $VPCO ohh my $100

  20. $VPCO

  21. $VPCO lol 0.00

  22. $VPCO This is the short version of my thesis. All logical deductions based on game theory. Enjoy. Discuss.

  23. $VPCO haha I might be able to double my shares with just a few dollars soon.

  24. $VPCO 230k @.196 holding strong, I will average down if need be. Howdy longs!

  25. $VPCO before march