1. $XLU has been floating between 42 and 43 for a while now. Buy this below 42... $RYU $VPU

  2. $XLU get this down below 42 and I m gonna load up on calls... $VPU $RYU

  3. $XLU very glad I didn t buy this at 43. Waiting for this to dip below 42 before buying.... $VPU $RYU

  4. Good news: I just got dismissed from jury duty. Bad news: $SPY is down and $XLU is getting hammered. Ah well..... $SPX $VPU $RYU $ES_F

  5. $XLU don t chase this today, but MT and LT super bullish on the utes. $RYU $VPU

  6. Let s get $XLU below 42 so I can scoop up some calls... Come to papa $VPU $RYU

  7. $XLU seriously lagging $SPY today. Wait patiently before taking a position.... $SPX $VPU $RYU

  8. I believe $XLU will see red today. Don t jump at this just yet... $RYU $VPU

  9. $XLU lagging probably due to rate hike uncertainty. This could easily go red, in which case I will wait for better prices... $RYU $VPU

  10. $XLU sinking slowly into the abyss. 42 is my target price to go long $RYU $VPU

  11. $XLU ooooh, no bueno. This is a good price for XLU though. $VPU $RYU

  12. $SPY interesting divergence with $XLU here. No bueno.... $SPX $VPU $RYU

  13. $XLU lagging. Buy calls here for a contrarian play and hold em $VPU $RYU

  14. $XLU utilities are busting out. Good sign for overall market I would say..... $RYU $VPU

  15. I wanna see $SPY and $XLU go downnnnn so I can pick up some calls and hold em! $SPX $VPU $RYU

  16. Took profits on $XLU calls. Will buy again when it dips... Be nimble my friends $RYU $VPU

  17. $XLU keeping my calls in there. Woo hoo $RYU $VPU

  18. $XLU feeling good about buying calls on this one. Gonna hold it for a little bit... $RYU $VPU

  19. $XLU and $IYT, two of my faves, are holding up nicely in the storm today. Extra bullish on these two... $RYU $VPU

  20. $XLU looking very nice right now... $VPU $RYU

  21. Utilities plunge 4%; Hilarity ensues http://ibankcoin.com/flyblog/2015/11/06/utilities-plunge-4-hilarity-ensues/ $XLU $VPU $RYU

  22. Come on $XLU go down so I can buy some callzzzzz $VPU $RYU

  23. $XLU come on, keep going down... I will buy when it s closer to 41 or maybe even 40 if it s got downward momentum... $VPU $RYU

  24. $RYU $XLU $VPU Utilities moved from Dip to Correction mode today in the Deep Value ETF Portfolio.

  25. $RYU $XLU $VPU Utilities moved from Correction to Dip mode today in the Deep Value ETF Portfolio.