1. $VRNG Any hope to get $1.5 next two months without the En Banc?

  2. $VRNG euro-usa patent conference is coming too.

  3. $VRNG I wonder if Cliff will say vrng needs smarter investors again...lol

  4. $VRNG I see ParkerVision (PRKR) will also be attending the same conference. They look to be in the same boat as VRNG

  5. @captain_cuddles $vrng https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTKj_Vd5_Bk&app=desktop

  6. $VRNG maybe tax loss trade too

  7. $VRNG Anyone know if the Germany trial commenced yet?

  8. $VRNG So how low do we go tomorrow?

  9. $VRNG any other theories about the selloff ah?

  10. $VRNG probably just another automatic sell by Perlman. Where is carlmul to defend him? Oh that s right he left the stream on aug 15 hmmmm

  11. $VRNG regarding the dump someone may have loaded in .60s on aug 15 and been playing the pop and doesn t want to hold it over holiday week

  12. @spookytrades Can t argue that one but they didn t schedule the conference the co putting it on did $vrng he s just marketing as he should

  13. $VRNG being public with details . Uh. No thanks . He is speaking at noon most will be eating lunch .... These people smart unlike us

  14. @spookytrades $vrng dude keep dreaming ... Hey i wish you were right but come on man!!! You re spinning a dump as bullish??? Now I ve heard

  15. $VRNG one would assume somewhat savvy investors at the conference. They would be like patent troll stock that can t get a deal done worth

  16. $VRNG no one dumps to buy calls? If u knew this stock was about to go to 3 you could sell 1 share at .90 and buy 45 1.50 calls

  17. @Iam38 $vrng you re joking right? Perlman who paid himself ten million for nothing is going to take a pay cut??? Never

  18. $VRNG The rewards just for showing up and not winning a penny for shareholders is the norm @ V reduce pay until PPS goes up

  19. $VRNG Institutional ownership has moved up about one point http://stocktwits.com/message/29641787

  20. $VRNG I m probably worth more dead than alive at this point, lol

  21. $VRNG Short interest on warrent up approx 1.5k

  22. @captain_cuddles $vrng blame useless mgmt for that. Three years and they ve done nothing positive for shareholders and paid themselves lol

  23. $VRNG this stock is probably the worse stock i have had the agony of being a part of and i have traded sub penny p&d

  24. @spookytrades $vrng no one dumps to buy calls friend...either shorting, dumping, or a HUGE short trying to create fear so they can take out

  25. $VRNG Short interest down 50 K