1. VRNG - Technical Analysis (Daily) $VRNG http://lusitanianstraders.blogspot.pt/2015/01/vrng-technical-analysis-daily_25.html

  2. $VRNG We have only one positiv argument for WoC regarding §101/obv/non-obv: http://www.laipla.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/TopTen2015Jan11.pdf Page 7

  3. VRNG - Short Interest $VRNG http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/01/vrng-short-interest.html

  4. $VRNG Look screenshort-> automatic sells last year: on JAN-29-2014 http://stocktwits.com/message/31716344

  5. $VRNG If automatic sell next week (last year on JAN-29-2014) -> another drop like on SEP-30-2014 (((( another -30% ? drop??? ((((

  6. $VRNG @HAIRY waiting for Monday

  7. $VRNG Judges must accept the factual findings, presumed from a favorable jury verdict,

  8. $VRNG Thesis: only ones stand to lose big are retail shorts. Why? Watch.

  9. $VRNG A judge is nowhere authorized to declare a patent invalid on his or her personal evaluation

  10. $VRNG This Court held that an “appellate court may . . . not make its own findings” and a judge’s personal views are irrelevant:

  11. $VRNG P.6The Supreme Court granted certiorari to review whether this Court may review factual findings underlying claim construction de novo

  12. $VRNG PERLAMAN buy your stock!

  13. $VRNG Read http://www.vringoip.com/documents/FG/vringo/docs/En_Banc_Brief.pdf II. ARGUMENT FOR REHEARING EN BANC precedent by applying de novo review to the entire obviousness Page 4

  14. $VRNG Reread this news from 2014 : http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=235370&p=irol-newsArticle_Print&ID=1978045

  15. $VRNG The main aim to hire Mr. Boies was to present I/P ENGINE at U.S.Supreme Court. All this stuff was planed a half year ago. Be patient.


  17. $VRNG Now we need for VRNG s attorneys to get going and prepare for an excellent presentation to the SCOTUS.

  18. $VRNG they can not rule with an obvious ruling. We have a good chance to chop down the big tree Google there is good chance.

  19. $VRNG ruling was handed down after almost 3 years of procedures and hearings listen by Judge Raymond Jackson and the jury,

  20. $VRNG this is what has been discussed, the court of appeals has to recognize the results of the lower circuit court where a

  21. $VRNG A good post on IH. To all VRG S long, it looks good from the point of view of the TEVA results from the SCOTUS,

  22. $VRNG No one seems concerned at the possibility of bankruptcy?

  23. $VRNG Thanks to my LONG friends for news of Mgmt buying & TEVA clone news. I m still LONG, still strong & even bought more on friday! 8-D

  24. $VRNG I I do believe in Karma, & that what is right will always triumph in the end. I m still holding, I didn t sell Friday but bought more

  25. $VRNG Can never hold a Gain.... Too many can t wait for the nightmare of being trapped and pretending to be optimistic to be free