1. $VRNG Settlement obviously for peanuts....

  2. $VRNG Movement in this stock is ridiculous.

  3. $VRNG added more 5k shares !

  4. $VRNG Belkin can come in at any time. The 26th is only the date to respond to the court.

  5. $VRNG anyone thats been in this for over a year+ should not be surprised at pps action. You just hope somethings will change. Hope.

  6. $VRNG so lame

  7. $VRNG PPS up-down LOL ... NO WORDS... wtf

  8. $VRNG covered quick $500 gain

  9. $VRNG So we get official Belkin details on the 26th?

  10. @Zwischenzug that is not realistic $vrng

  11. $VRNG expect this to run up to $3 plus anytime this week ! $4 + next week !

  12. $VRNG Did they setlle for 100 bucks why back to 1$

  13. $vrng probably will climb into settlement news this week......usually does so quickly and with great volume

  14. $VRNG tx for the great pump & dump

  15. $VRNG I hope we get a settlement by the 26th!

  16. $VRNG very strong spike in volume however

  17. $VRNG Old longs on here know the score. C mon newbs, DD going back a week would do you good. Even if its only reading old ST posts...

  18. $VRNG Google clowns, this smells buyout all over it

  19. $VRNG WTF is this? mm playing games all around this is so crappppp

  20. $VRNG How the hell can any of you take an article seriously that quotes Sierra? Seriously? Are there any serious traders left on here?

  21. @TruthTrader $VRNG yes this has been known for 5 days lol

  22. $VRNG Wow. That s it? I disclosed that to the board last week. I got it out of Pacer. Thought we got actual news

  23. $VRNG http://y.ahoo.it/96PnB8t6 Article claims settlement is in the works

  24. $VRNG SA alpha article. http://y.ahoo.it/2ibK8Wxc

  25. $VRNG The V story book title: Pop n Fade (How to win while being cut 1,000 times)