1. $VRNG He has been pushing that for weeks on here and ihub day after day same post highly undervalued worth 2.75 after z

  2. $VRNG Will push it much higher. Patents last till 2020 the number of phones z sells per year plus other infringers its worth more then 2.75

  3. $VRNG heavily discounted. Im sure if not accepted by scotus/GVR d the bears will use as an excuse to raid but at as it said it won tl last

  4. $VRNG given the quantum of value by both cases, and where we trade relative to BV I cant see howany value for goog is in this and zte is

  5. $VRNG Of winning the GVR, when the TEVA vs sandoz decision comes out if its fully reversed this stock will b much higher.The Z case win

  6. $VRNG then we agree to disagree. I believe as many do the market has fully discounted Google and is giving value for the + s in zte

  7. $VRNG My point dags is google loss is not priced in, sp might slowly recover but ONLY on a Z settlement. As it stands V has very high chance

  8. $VRNG btw, b4u call others clueless ert learn the difference between a writ of certiorari and a GVR lol. Perhaps you won t look clueless

  9. $VRNG imho the only thing priced in is near-bankruptcy. So the Risk:Reward is astronomical. GLTA LONGS!

  10. $vrng would love to see the Math behind your views.Clueless? son keep up w the insults just shows you re wrong. Cant defend so slander

  11. $VRNG Dags u really r clueless but what ever u da man.

  12. $VRNG no I do not Believe a denial of Google will have by any material lasting effect on the stock. It may get raided but it won t last

  13. $VRNG Sp will fall so the loss isn t totally reflected in the sp but u seem to know all so argue all u want

  14. $VRNG yes that is exactly what he said . And that is the SAME as saying the market is attributing no value to the Google case in this stock

  15. $VRNG The google case when they file the GVR but have they filed yet? And if it gets denied do u think it will not effect sp? It gets denied

  16. $VRNG Dags read the posts, he said google loss is already reflected in the stock price. It is not! Right now there is a chance they can win

  17. $VRNG if you think there is value priced in here for Google good for you! And you seem to think so from your argument.

  18. $VRNG My own logic? CAN U READ? The win will push it past that. But have they won yet? Do they have a check in hand??? No

  19. $VRNG yes you responsded to delRoy read your own comments. Lol wow

  20. $VRNG Did I say that dags?? Can u read?

  21. $VRNG delroy said Value from Google IS NOT priced into this stock. I am not sure how you even can argue that lol

  22. $VRNG I don t think you understand what others have said and even your own point lol

  23. $VRNG Quarter results r posted in August prob, since settlement will b confidential. Pretty simple concept dag money in equals sp going up

  24. $VRNG would cause the pps to go well beyond 2-3$ so I think you need to examine your own logic buddy

  25. $VRNG 25/30 mil over book value and you think the market is giving credit for Google and zte hey? Lol absurd . You already said that zte