1. $VRNG http://y.ahoo.it/NUmuNVVs http://y.ahoo.it/1KiqtqVT

  2. $VRNG again, NOT hope, kinda like knowing NOT to whack a killer bees nest .... common sense ... :)

  3. $VRNG Plus, tomorrow is CAFC Oral Appeals Day85, w/every day closer to a CAFC ruling that is coming whether tomorrow, or not! = RISKY short

  4. @FutureSpeculator We should see increased $VRNG Q2 14 revenues, quarter over quarter, including related improvement in associated metrics

  5. @FutureSpeculator Please, do not mistake confidence in $VRNG Fundamental, technicals, & sentiment homework for no homework hope Thanx

  6. @FutureSpeculator of course, if you are so positively bearish, go ahead, short $VRNG, I DARE you! ... :) ha ha ha ha

  7. @FutureSpeculator homework on $VRNG technicals, ran daily, weekly, AND monthly charts ... 999/1000 chance technical continuation? Yes!

  8. @FutureSpeculator $VRNG fundamental news = Q2 2014 Vringo Inc Earnings Release Wednesday, August 6, 2014 so, better than 1/1000 chance

  9. $VRNG People arguing about 1/1000 chance fundamental news to make a move, or, 999/1000 chance technical continuation. Glad its not my money.

  10. $VRNG Dead money as stated back in late June. Bearflags everywhere, pretty obvious technical breakdowns here.

  11. $VRNG Shorts do not seem to be playing too much lately. http://y.ahoo.it/Hj5nelqP

  12. $VRNG $VRNG will be moving to the upside, big moves coming fast. Not fast enough for some but it,s coming.

  13. $VRNG Play with fire and you will get whats coming.

  14. $VRNG Isn t GOOGL Supreme Court hearing and verdict in August? Anyone know the date?

  15. #IP Investment Market Wrap 7/28/2014 http://y.ahoo.it/zlq8WRkS $ACTG $MARA $VHC $VRNG $DSS $PRKR $CRDS

  16. Why not? $NQ could hire Vringo ($VRNG) and sue them for copyright infringement. :)

  17. @ims99: $VRNG GLOBAL IP infringement & theft risks undermining & maybe wiping out US tech & manufacturing $AAPL $GOOG biggest thieves

  18. $VRNG GLOBAL IP infringement & theft risks undermining & maybe wiping out US tech & manufacturing .. a threat the Courts can NOT aid & abet

  19. $VRNG Power 1/2 Hour!

  20. $VRNG explains why ALL THE EFFORT to invalidate the patents

  21. $VRNG wilfull

  22. $VRNG Re: IMS99 the Cert Correction relieves the Infringement START of damages but not the pre posted letter to ATVI advig of infr from 2006

  23. $VRNG Yes WDDD has easily 20 times their marker capitalization in future infringement from ATVI, not including the rest of the industry.

  24. @Patentplays again 110% agree. As evidenced by Google s game plan, and ZTE s as well, against $VRNG but USPTO re-affirmed ...

  25. $VRNG Happened to World Inc. ATVI managed to eliminate all past infringement by litigating errors in the patent application.