1. $VRNG 828 PR gave list but in dispute. Z claiming to high naturally! vrng24 list in blog?

  2. $VRNG Hopefully there is support at .50 otherwise new 52 wk lows are in the offing the next couple of wks.....

  3. $VRNG Is anyone aware of a bottom line global licensing figure offered by V? I ve heard many diff # s thrown around.

  4. $VRNG We need France. ZTE already lost in: UK, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, and NDA Breach.

  5. $VRNG ZTE settled with Ericsson on a 5 year global license back in 2012 for 450 million. http://www.pcworld.com/article/248460/ericsson_and_zte_settle_patent_lawsuits.html

  6. $VRNG somebody knows something

  7. $VRNG I Bot a few at 0.56 Will watch 4 another entry point ....THIS is starting to look to GOOD to just WATCH !

  8. $VRNG Still no update out of Romania on the search case. Perhaps violations of injunction were found and wheels are in motion to resolve.

  9. $VRNG A GVR will put us over a dollar to meet NASDAQ requirements, thus eliminating the need for a R/S to occur. Unless ZTE settles b4 GVR.

  10. $VRNG Calendar for SCOTUS term that starts in Oct. Goal is to get our WoC scheduled for conference 9, 16, or 30 Oct. http://www.supremecourt.gov/oral_arguments/2015termcourtcalendar.pdf

  11. $VRNG You only lose $ if you sell below your purchase price. Patience my friends, the Wheels of Justice turn slow but turn nonetheless...

  12. $VRNG New month, new hopes! Another day/month closer to paydirt!! Hold the line folks...

  13. $VRNG money show me the money yo show me the money yo

  14. $VRNG 80% short volume today... Guess it will be in the 40s soon

  15. $VRNG Still no update on the Romanian website from the case that was scheduled for earlier today. http://portal.just.ro/3/SitePages/Dosar.aspx?id_dosar=300000000591264&id_inst=3

  16. $VRNG Nothing out of SDNY. Maybe tomorrow...

  17. $VRNG Daily short interest 80% ?! http://shortanalytics.com/getshortchart.php?tsymbol=Vrng

  18. $VRNG Old King Vrng was a merry old soul! $GOOG tried to make him a troll! But King Vrng knew a thing or two! Hey!Google I created YOU!

  19. $VRNG Hold as long as it takes. It s coming. GLTA Longs!

  20. $VRNG Cry me a river peeps.Can t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Associate with shorts and they will convince you to sell!

  21. $VRNG Vrinking again & thinking of when you loved me (5.76) I am having a few & wishing U were vere (5.76+) but have averaged down not clown

  22. $VRNG Get legitimate money already. Killing us.

  23. $VRNG I got suckered back in with .75 avg. Freaking frustrating... Still holding a 2nd vrng bag.

  24. $VRNG whu is it always soon soon has been defined by V as anywhere from this week to 2 years... argh

  25. $VRNG SDNY (Sanctions against ZTE): Vringo anticipates that a hearing on this issue will be scheduled soon (by Judge Maas).