1. $VRNG please use vrng/goog algorithms to start your own internet bus, they are free to use per cafc ruling in vrngv vs goog..i will be rich

  2. $VRNG why spend $ to invent,spend $ to patent uspto then certifies it,then Cafc calls it invalid,,cant we fight this?

  3. $VRNG Where is the outrage with CAFC & uspto disconnect. Valid & revalid and told don t resubmit. How much $$$ spent to get to that point?

  4. $VRNG https://www.yahoo.com/tech/everything-you-need-to-know-and-fear-about-facebooks-98898902144.html

  5. $VRNG Belkin news due today,court deadline,maybe 11;59pm

  6. $VRNG Coca-cola revised executive pay after criticism vringopalypse

  7. $VRNG News coming soon. Hang on folks...Hey Terry I am back...LOL

  8. $VRNG the only reason it is important management and directors should buy its because it creates a floor. Any chartist in BOD?

  9. $VRNG Done !! http://stocktwits.com/message/27449395

  10. $VRNG No doubt we will see a pr about Belkin but, something seems very wrong that it hasn t appeared yet. This is not a good sign.

  11. $VRNG This company MUST reduce salaries. The cash burn is too great now for the company to survive w/o dilution unless, ZTE settles NOW.


  13. $VRNG https://public.mad.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/FormB.pl#

  14. $VRNG Just found out on IHUB that if you want to see your favorite Markman Hearing you have to ask for it.

  15. $VRNG The Hate Stick is getting a serious workout tonight. Virtual bruises and bleeding everywhere...

  16. $VRNG gonna start shorting this stock,i could have made my $money back 10xs already

  17. $VRNG short short short ,great way to make moneyin this bad ip play

  18. $VRNG about us here, they are nt doing their jobs+ its a huge sign that we hit a nerve. short this co mgmt is a joke = trade idea 4U ST.

  19. $VRNG i was warned today as have other been because we said things aginst vrng mgmt. they clearly complained. If they have the time to worry

  20. $VRNG all I am selling all of my shares once the belkin deal is announced then will be taking a short position as an FYI

  21. $VRNG hoping to push past $1.00 in am

  22. $VRNG lookinh for belkin settlement news tomorrow

  23. $VRNG The Seventh Amendment is generally considered one of the more straightforward amendments of the Bill of Rights.

  24. $VRNG Again valuations of Vringo lawsuits is completely wrong. To say they are worth 90 million vs others like Worlds is just inaccurate.

  25. $VRNG looking for 1.28 tomorrow