1. $VRNG Only a blind could negate a ZTE settlement is worth at least 100M + all the other infringers, huge potential at $0.65

  2. $VRNG hoping praying calling on angels talking to god doesn t matter stocks go up down & sideways doesn t matter what u own just the price

  3. $VRNG Funniest thing is bearish comment get berated even though pps has dropped from above $5 to where we are now. Got to blame someone?

  4. $VRNG A daily chart for those who like to trade Vringo https://www.tradingview.com/x/EPlpGKz3/

  5. $VRNG I m thinking selling calls on this is going to be a good idear....

  6. $VRNG Ballsack?

  7. $VRNG @bigjuju Thanks for the update. Added new date to blog section1: https://vrng24.wordpress.com/2015/04/09/vrng/#more-2

  8. $VRNG Next Date: 28/04/2015 India http://delhihighcourt.nic.in/dhc_case_status_list_new.asp?sno=2&party=vringo&pyear=2014&submit=DISPLAY

  9. $VRNG Long and strong since 2012 as well, not too proud of that fact at them moment - not until back to $5 anyway and it IS coming!

  10. $VRNG Disclaminer: This is a very volatile stock, which has already gone through rough times. Now that we re all aware, let s move on :)

  11. $VRNG tomsk...why are you being so belligerent on a lovely day

  12. $VRNG Q2 2015 Investor Presentation http://phx.corporate-ir.net/External.File?item=UGFyZW50SUQ9NTc0MzQyfENoaWxkSUQ9Mjc3MjQ0fFR5cGU9MQ==&t=1

  13. $VRNG Long and Strong since early 2012

  14. $VRNG So if you think a few opposing thoughts on here affects pps, find a different hobby, with all the pumping this should be $100

  15. $VRNG Tomsk please short more shares

  16. $VRNG Even if G+Z holding it down Wall st is ruthless and would squeeze them if they saw $ coming. Might happen but i won t hold my breath

  17. $VRNG If this was such a dead cert why is it only a handful on here see it and not real investors? Oh right, it s troll shorts lol

  18. $VRNG lotta pathetic life forms around

  19. $VRNG tomsk troll go sleep and shut up already

  20. $VRNG It s like a cheerleader club, convincing each other it s a good investment by pumping all day, talking to yourselves really.

  21. $VRNG so sure you would be doing something else waiting for payday. Not watching this stream

  22. $VRNG Funny how emotionally attached people are. Any criticism causes spew of anger. Who u you trying to convince pumping all day?If

  23. $VRNG as you stated, why do they feel we need their guidance? Will they see us @next shareholder meeting? Tomsk/Kominshorter?

  24. $VRNG a G troll! Nobody spends time on something they consider worthless. Unless, they are an idiot.

  25. $VRNG I d say you re still pretty stupid for spending the time you do on a stock you deem worthless. Obviously, you follow V so you must be