1. $VRNG ok ssaler and derk...here is your big moment tomorrow AM. If not...Hou got a lot of explaining to do.....

  2. $VRNG

  3. $VRNG 500M 1B seesishh

  4. $VRNG RS is a smart move IMO...very small float, could see a short term move like AEZS. Also they re receiving a $100M payment Q1 if...

  5. $VRNG gonna move fast w low float soon

  6. Go to hotstocks.nyc and put in your email add and get the morning update to your phone free. Bounces for this week $VRNG, $FLML $RBIZ $ERI

  7. $VRNG : would of been happier if post RS split float would be 3-5 million cause then any positive news can spike it. But float will be 11mil

  8. $VRNG : RS will do noting to stock price but give it more room to fall, it s sad but true, maybe get an initial pop but then it will fade.

  9. $VRNG Lets pretend the RS wont happen on monday and be happy for 5 seconde the stock is at 3,10$

  10. $VRNG VRNG will open at $3.12 on Monday due to the 1 for 10 reverse split.

  11. $VRNG 2015 stock at .31 pay me shorts you re gonna pay billions stock will be 30

  12. $VRNG 2016 stock at .05 pay me $directtv..you re gonna pay billions stock will be 30

  13. $VRNG 2015 stock at .35 pay me $zte...you re gonna pay billions stock will be 30

  14. $VRNG 2010 stock at 5.00 pay me $goog...you re gonna pay billions stock will be 30

  15. $yelp wins fav court Dec Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital says CLVS goes to 90 $vrng long on a 1 for 10 reverse. Eri explodes continue to 12

  16. $VRNG .Vringo, Inc. After Hours VRNG $.3588 0.0466  14.93% 11/27/2015 13:11 | After Hours

  17. $VRNG I think we will get the ruling in December before the experts report on damages

  18. $VRNG Actually I am quite surprised it s taking so long, even if it s actually good because the longer the higher the chance to be positive

  19. $VRNG word from sdny on mondee will be helpful to say the least. Not expecting anything until Q1 2016 though.

  20. $VRNG gonna fly next week:-)

  21. $VRNG looks like some of the smarter shorts are covering before the KBIO effect kicks in next week!

  22. $VRNG shorts sound so caring asking people to dump so they can make money

  23. $VRNG last chance to dump before the RS crash

  24. $VRNG Remember the good ol days when 2.7-2.9 was a strong buy opp for a flip? Might get that chance again....,

  25. $VRNG they are trying to keep it down. Lmao tug of war