1. $VRNG ZTE says they stand to lose 31mil Euros if there is an injunction in place.

  2. $VRNG Appears that the ruling or conclusion was delayed from the 17th to the 18th. We need that injunction to be upheld!

  3. $VRNG Hard to believe Romania is driving this.. Hoping for something a little more substantial. Either way nice to see something positive.

  4. $VRNG Currently 3:47 PM in Romania. Not sure what time rulings are released...

  5. $VRNG Romania ruling expected to be released today! Link: http://portal.just.ro/2/SitePages/Dosar.aspx?id_dosar=300000000591270&id_inst=2

  6. $VRNG any of you patent lawsuit fanatics ever hear of Zecotek

  7. $VRNG PM at .62, say it isn t so Joe...

  8. @vrng24 They ll probably wait till you get your stamps, get there s, then steal yours in the parking lot $vrng

  9. $VRNG They will have to get in line behind me :(

  10. $VRNG ...this company has to win soon, or they might have to go on food stamps.

  11. $VRNG @DerKomizar you are the Grinch

  12. $VRNG i mean im net short or net short premium in all of my positions But i dont ask ppl to sell for my own gain. Karma will take care of u

  13. $VRNG i hope karma takes care of a s.c.u.m.b.a.g. like you der

  14. $VRNG great time to think about Tax Write-Offs

  15. $VRNG feel sorry for baghoIders who didnt sell on the RR motion. It is almost time to get back in vrng,

  16. $VRNG i haven t been on the vrng board for some time, y is this all glitchy where some messages go though and some dont? anyone?

  17. $VRNG test

  18. $VRNG Hopefully some have learned that hold & hope when technicals break down is not a successful trading method. my long is not that old

  19. $VRNG 15% of float is short so... that means there are 85% trapped longs.. yes, i have a small position & yes.. blub, blub, blub.. ;o)

  20. $VRNG Hopefully 2015 is better for us. Should of known no one does anything in december.

  21. $VRNG David Cohen was a former Senior Litigation Counsel for Nokia, I would think he has contacts at NOK to start talks about financing.

  22. $VRNG The negative comments carried here are proof that Z marketing campaign works. If you can t afford to lose 100% invest elsewhere IMO

  23. $VRNG Its coming. Only hope it is in our favor. Had enough of losing decisions at this point...

  24. $VRNG Germany is only 2nd to the US in marketshare for ZTE products (outside China). A ruling there will carry the weight for a settlement.

  25. $VRNG 3 years Of nothing just a nightmare