2. $VRNG Is India tonight?

  3. $VRNG thinwood what is having the green light based on

  4. $VRNG ...management has the green light to buy shares, lets see some action.....

  5. $VRNG I should have added - yes they are. They really don t want you to have them either :)

  6. $VRNG one more thing do you really think that when they (MMs) sell 100 shares lower that they are probably on the other side of that trade.

  7. $VRNG Power 3/4 hour!

  8. $VRNG I didnt know this was the oil and gaz stream

  9. $VRNG If you interested in oil & gaz, very impressive accumulation/formation $UWTI. Multiplier 3-10 -> to the middle of the year.

  10. $VRNG don t sell cheap to them - that is what their manipulation of the price is all about.

  11. $VRNG Expect a significant bear raid when news comes out - so don t sell to them, participate in this war to stop from profiting from you

  12. $VRNG these MMs have stolen from us before, if you fall for their manipulation they will steal from you again.

  13. $VRNG are we going to be making green anytime soon again??

  14. $VRNG how much do you think it s going to raise? and when?

  15. $VRNG fook you MM s

  16. $VRNG at least the margaritas are cheap in Mexico

  17. $VRNG time it took for tick update labled @1:39 did not take place till 1:55 this all comes from last at 1:24 over 31 minutes

  18. $VRNG More snow & ice in my area. Kind of like the shorts, They never stop.

  19. $VRNG mms won t get my shares this low. If they raised the price it would stop me from buying more

  20. $VRNG MM s are drooling at the prospect of cheaper shares, let them beg later when they are going to be caught short & then MAKE THEM PAY!

  21. $VRNG MMs just making retail crazy, they know where this is going, and they want your shares be patient

  22. $VRNG There goes the spread again... .7811/.781 Sheesh! What a boring day...

  23. $VRNG seems like http://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=NYMX+Interactive# pump & dump | repeat

  24. $VRNG JJS now Vrng needs some of your Viagra pronto

  25. $VRNG note spex is having almost the same thing we went through yesterday big buy then siphon off i thinks a rat at play