1. $VRNG IMO within 2-3-weeks we see $5+ just for starters. Get ready for abig move, its coming.

  2. $VRNG looks like G down 2 trying to reverse engineer the jury math error to their advantage to either toss the 20.9% (IMHO unlikely) or 6.5%

  3. $VRNG all the brief does is insult HJJ - i bet he CANT WAIT to get those boys in front of him for final judgement

  4. $VRNG brief just restates the same old tired argument they made to HJJ on fake WA - Lang popping champagne somewhere tonite

  5. $VRNG supplemental damages or post-judgment royalties were allowed to outstrip a jury verdict by a factor of thirty or more = 900 million?

  6. $VRNG I am not a lawyer but to me I agree with Spooks. Nothing new here. Just a mad in the face statement with no bite to it.

  7. $VRNG Goog reply brief is the poster child of frivolous legal bickering.... there is NOTHING NEW HERE except INSULTING HJJ s intelligence

  8. $VRNG wow QE wants to retry the case with each appeal.... lol

  9. $VRNG Love how Google pushes the Jury verdict as being the basis of what they should owe, when jury clearly F*ed it up. Arrogant arces.

  10. $VRNG The District Court Abused Its Discretion whoa - you boys realize HJJ gonna get another swing at the plate doncha? lmao

  11. @JInvest: $VRNG GOOG s reply brief: i am guessing HJJ didnt get a christmas card from GOOG attorneys - they are bashing him big time

  12. #IP #Investment Market Wrap http://y.ahoo.it/vvVPQhbv $VHC $PRKR $RMBS $TSRA $DSS $VRNG $WILN

  13. @JInvest $vrng all I think as I read the brief is the jury made a hash of it

  14. $VRNG GOOG s reply brief:

  15. $VRNG http://y.ahoo.it/lvwMtYkQ

  16. $VRNG 7/30 next Wednesday Indiamart/ZTE & 10 other defendants in India. It has to end sometime!

  17. $VRNG @ims99 @toxigen_83 That s why it s important to READ YOUR BROKERAGE AGREEMENT. Most people already gave permission and don t know it

  18. $VRNG Out, got a squeeze in the making on another stock, should be a dynamite close. Yes, there is payback when they get greedy

  19. @toxigen_83 @TimeToRip Agree. still, INHO, the buyer, whether $VRNG, or ANY stock, has ethical RIGHT 2 disclosure & RIGHT to say NO SALE!

  20. $VRNG @ims99 Like I already said, shorting isn t the problem, the lack of SEC willpower to enforce the rules is.

  21. $VRNG Think of it this way I lend you 10 bucks You lend it to someone else Until he pays you back, you can t pay me back. Only one $10 bill

  22. $VRNG @ims99 when you lend a share you no longer have ownership So if A lends to B then B lends to C, C is the only one with ownership

  23. @TimeToRip the SEC issue is BUYERS bought 104.814 Mil $VRNG shares, & some may sell to covering shorts, but only 86.531 Mil shares V issued

  24. $VRNG @ims99 If you trade in a margin account, odds are your agreement gives your broker the right to lend out your shares.

  25. $VRNG @ims99 Do you know if your shares are being loaned by your broker? Have you read your brokerage agreement?