1. $VRNG We have cash and income from licensing fees!!!!

  2. $VRNG Was Curious if they have any INCOMING funds without any products......probably going to issue more shares to pay for the Lawyer costs

  3. $VRNG where would this stocking be heading within the next business week??

  4. can $VRNG now reveal the ADT TYCO wins? Even if small can t hurt the pps anymore then GOOG did. And what happened with Asus?

  5. $VRNG makes you think how things would be different had they not gone after google first. But they had to due to statute of limitations.

  6. $VRNG crazy that other patent companies in same sector $PRKR $INVT inferior in every way are all higher then $VRNG had big gains lately why?

  7. $VRNG crazy joe other patent companies in same sector $PRKR $INVT inferior in every way all higher then $VRNG had big tons lately. Reason?

  8. $VRNG Teva case: issue is the division of roles between a trial court and the U.S. Court of Appeals over the interpretation of the claims

  9. $VRNG judge oscar says anything done with computers is not a patentable idea every patent attorney should call truck driving school now

  10. $VRNG SCOTUS Wait for TEVA Case (October 15.2014). En Banc: the extension requested by $VRNG was in part about TEVA

  11. $VRNG wireless energy patent. Please how obvious anyone with common sense coukd design a wireless energy device .... Just ask Oscar Mayer

  12. $VRNG wire

  13. $VRNG Interesting Vringo has a wireless energy patent and there is it of talk of wireless phone changing

  14. $VRNG 2M target price at least $3.5, at least $2.5 Compare with 1st Quarter 2014 Investor Presentation: http://y.ahoo.it/RxQbrpc4

  15. $VRNG Oktober 2014 -TRIAL on v china ZTE on Patents 919,‘589 &’029 (Page 16)

  16. $VRNG 3rd Quarter 2014 - TRIAL v china ZTE on Patents ‚893&‘182 in Australia (Page 16)

  17. $VRNG 08 September 2014 - TRIAL v swiss $TYCO on Patent ‚641 in Florida (Page 16)

  18. $VRNG has over 14 % of all Patents (Page 9), more Siemens, Nokia, Samsung, Philips, Qualcomm, Alcatel.

  19. $VRNG I believe in Vringo & Patent Law. Otherwise some foreign companies will not respect intellectual property as well

  20. $VRNG does anyone think this will go back to 1.4

  21. $VRNG Megan Woodworth is well worth the $,she will get this overturned its so (OBVIOUS) not all judges except goog payoff especially the SC

  22. $VRNG Let s guess opening price on monday$$$$$ How about $3?

  23. $VRNG Looking to double up if 1.10 continues to see strong support next wk.....

  24. @DerKomizar $VRNG maybe you missed the train here buddy the short was from 5 to .67 lol

  25. $VRNG your argument is it went down 60 percent so short!