1. $VRNG Nothing new in Romania. Case #20647/299/2015 w/all the banks does not have a next date scheduled. Link http://portal.just.ro/SitePages/cautare.aspx?k=vringo&v1=%2Dwrite

  2. $VRNG http://www.fierceonlinevideo.com/story/lycos-looks-online-video-advertising-quest-new-life-it-sheds-old-patents/2015-05-26

  3. $VRNG OI for maturity 06/19/2015. 1.00 Highest put. 5.00 Highest call. http://maximum-pain.com/options/open-interest?s=VRNG&urk=VRNG

  4. $VRNG Zte pay fast and pay it now

  5. $VRNG Asked Eng Hann Lim his opinion on a potential China ruling on ZTE vs Vringo in China

  6. $VRNG Two cases in India tonight. 5/27/15

  7. $VRNG Whenever ZTE requests that a patent or patents be invalidated, it almost guarantees they are infringing on it. Keep digging that hole!

  8. $VRNG 50K trade before the close? Hmmm

  9. $VRNG One green day closer to the 28th!

  10. $VRNG In Germany today. Just something to think about. Z released press release on Germany y no press release for V about Romania?

  11. $VRNG seize your own money = does not compute. If Z were trying to hide money, simply transfer to another bank in another EU country,

  12. $VRNG If there where global settlement talks going on then they would have filed to have V s patents found invalid for lack of inventiveness

  13. @ACTOFCONGRESS: $VRNG Who what where and why is IR waiting on to put out a PR ?

  14. $VRNG No PR maybe cause they are having talks

  15. $VRNG is this the sound of ZTE. Burying and Shielding. Assets and getting ready declare Bankruptcy to avoid paying ???

  16. $VRNG Who what where and why is IR waiting on to put out a PR ?

  17. $VRNG Here, had to correct my spelling! Will have to sick our girls on Z. They don t want that!

  18. $VRNG not sure how Z thinks it is going to save money losing to V 1 patent at a time + Court costs, + atty fees, + seizures ... OUCH!

  19. $VRNG They have stopped listing their other problems of any defense to US Or NDA as well Brasil & UK. Romania & the Ladies her!

  20. $VRNG Romania has to be a huge black eye for ZTE and China in the EU, losing to V, Courts, now seizures, & maybe bank & employee troubles

  21. $VRNG Power 1/2 hour!

  22. $VRNG Wait till they are caught manipulating the stock if they are .. I understand the proper authorities are on the prowl .

  23. $VRNG As normal Z putting out their stuff. But meanwhile back at the ranch their in big dudu every where else. No indication of problems?

  24. $VRNG ZTE is willing to negotiate royalty fees with license holders based on (FRAND) principles? Just not with V... ZTE lies...

  25. $VRNG U.S. Top Court Rules Against Cisco Systems in Patent Infringement Fight (Supreme Court doing the right thing!) http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-top-court-rules-against-143746799.html