1. $VRNG lol when is your $$$ coming Pearl necklace,,how long has it been,

  2. $VRNG trash

  3. $VRNG there s been like 4K shares traded in last 90 minutes?

  4. $VRNG bah humbug

  5. $VRNG man, AEZS did a 4x from $4 to almost $16 after split, amazing

  6. $VRNG ZTE will not settle for 1/2 billion without being in a position where they fear having to pay more.

  7. $VRNG Techinvestor88 said it best:

  8. $VRNG A little spike in sp, a little spike in vol Let me guess, on no news. :-)

  9. $VRNG lets make this move

  10. Under radar stocks $STRP $ACTG $VRNG $GEVO (small caps)

  11. $SUNE bearish. $GBSN, $VRNG bullish

  12. $VRNG AEZS over $14 out of the gate!

  13. $VRNG Reverse split? per some posts but checking headlines for months see nothing. is it 1:10? and when?

  14. $VRNG AEZ currently $10.7 AH running more

  15. $VRNG AEZS currently up +165% after splitting friday, from $4 to more than $10.6

  16. $VRNG yes I Am trying to educate people...my track record long and short in this stock speaks for itself...Take it or leave it

  17. $VRNG I keep forgetting these boards are for day traders of small share counts and limited profit....my bad....

  18. $VRNG So it is up 90% and went down 25% one day. WOW, .so we are right, RS is a good thing for larger holders like me,I think you got it now

  19. $VRNG remember the chart I posted last week..we broke that declining wedge...constructive

  20. $VRNG re Aezs r/s what the dude didn t mention is that on the day of the split stock opened and went down 25%

  21. $VRNG @DerKomizar with RS coming and everything, the vol. today with the upward movement? What were you saying about RS? I want to learn

  22. $VRNG breakout of short term down trend. look for continuation tomorrow for confirmation.

  23. $VRNG per technicals, this pos could actually print .40 or .52 in the next week or 2.. not going so far as to call bullish yet tho.

  24. $VRNG nice Volume

  25. $VRNG seeing buying pressure. something is brewing. we are getting closer and closer to a big upside move. imho