1. $XGTI +40% in pre-market from blog (Watchlist) Eyes on $VRNG another potential breakout candidate (downtrend line) - small caps

  2. $VRNG still

  3. $VRNG Just could not hold on to $2

  4. Low price stock to watch $ETAK $VRNG $DRIP high priced stocks $ICE and $FIVN

  5. $VRNG Yeah, it might just. Mgmt acquiescing to a conference call - finally- might just imply there s something decent coming our way!

  6. $VRNG she s gon blow!

  7. $VRNG breaks above the $2 level.... could pop...

  8. $VRNG What is your definition of MEGA?

  9. $VRNG is on the verge of a MEGA Breakout (downtrendline)

  10. interesting stocks on watch $CERE $VRNG 4CRDS $RADA $TRXC #watchlist #trending #stocks #pennystock

  11. $VRNG paying off

  12. $VRNG they have raised their salaries so now they can do the call ;)

  13. I spread myself out a bit today, $GNVC $HUSA $ULTR $AHC $SRPT $VRNG

  14. $VRNG They must be feeling pretty confident after all that has happened since the last one. More news coming?

  15. $VRNG finally an investor conference call

  16. $VRNG


  18. $VRNG $2.05 is my buy signal. 👍

  19. Chart setups to keep an eye on next week http://www.ac-investor.blogspot.com/2016/04/chart-setups-to-keep-eye-on-next-week.html $AAPL $BCEI $DRYS $FET $IAG $KKD $PRGN $RLYP $VRNG Have a great weekend!


  21. $VRNG ER 5/5 4:30pm. Should be interesting

  22. 4/29 Watch List $VRNG $VHC $ZYNE $CPRX $SALT $WATT $SEED

  23. $VRNG

  24. Watching $VRNG $ONTY $EGLE May purchase $ALXA $MEMP $ATOS $CRK

  25. $VRNG Perked up on Thursday. The stock looks poised to break downtrend line resistance. Nice pos MACD divergence.