1. Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated director just cashed-in 20,000 options http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2070122 $VRTX

  2. 💊Biotech 10/06/15 closed DOW▲13 NAS▼32 S&P▼7 BIB▼4 IBB▼11 XBI▼2 $SRPT $VRTX $VRX $XON $ZTS

  3. $VRTX Thank you.

  4. Healthcare still a huge drag on mkt, given 3rd largest weighting in $SPX, w/ $ENDP, $VRTX, $CELG, $AET, $BIIB, $ABT all down more than 3.5%

  5. Terrible day. Only trades that worked out were $VRTX long, $ANET short + $TRGP short. I really got destroyed trying to short $ILMN today.

  6. Shorted small size $VRTX 109.67, stopped 107.9X. Loss. Mer.

  7. $VRTX Can I short this back to 109?

  8. Biotech stocks getting hit hard today. Here are the 8 in the $SPX. $SPY $XBI $IBB $AMGN $ALXN $BIIB $VRTX $GILD

  9. $VRTX Clean grind. But glad I stepped away to trade ANET. Thanks for finally cooperating without being a pain in the rear.

  10. $VRTX Sold 107.4X entry at 108.2. Good scalp. $XBI done.

  11. $VRTX Went long 200 107.4, Hoping for 108-109. Don t know if $XBI s gonna give it to me. Stop 107.3.

  12. $VRTX Can t tell if I should go long again or not... feels like chasing.

  13. $VRTX Can we go higher? 109-110? 111.5?

  14. $VRTX Is this another gift entry? I can t tell... can t quite tell if trap or not.

  15. $VRTX Not gonna short. Far too late for that.

  16. $VRTX I think I m gonna dump most here under 108. Letting 50s ride vs B/E. We got exactly what we wanted. THANK YOU $XBI.

  17. $VRTX Initial tgt acquired. BEAUTIFUL. Scaled out more.

  18. StockTwits Trending Alert: Trading recent interest in VERTEX $VRTX http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/10/06/stocktwits-trending-alert-trading-recent-interest-in-vertex-vrtx-2/

  19. $VRTX Should I be conservative and take profits here? I can t tell!

  20. $VRTX There s VWAP- but I don t wanna bang my head against the wall later if it decides to go nuts to upside or something.

  21. $VRTX Long 400 105.7X. Sold 1/2 106.9X. Letting 200 ride just incase I picked the right one.

  22. $VRTX I really need 109-110 by EOD. Are those expectations too high? Come on.

  23. $VRTX Long 400 105.5, sold 105.4. Disappointed in $XBI. $JUNO only one that maintained. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMpXAknykeg&

  24. Big Loser Alert: Trading today s -8.4% move in VERTEX $VRTX http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/10/06/big-loser-alert-trading-todays-8-4-move-in-vertex-vrtx/

  25. $VRTX = sensitive to gov. price fixing... S3 holding well, considering BIG adverse factors: HC, WSJ article, Congress