1. $VSCP Buy any sub 2.8 shares possible. Accumulating for coming 10 jump$$

  2. $VSCP IS the place to be!

  3. $VSCP Look what happened to $KBIO once value of the co. was realized. When people see this is an $9M mkt cap co. working with large pharma..

  4. $VSCP Working with $NVS on the Africa study for RHD (http://stocktwits.com/badlink.html in door with other large pharma, but only $9M mkt cap?

  5. $VSCP is this dead until next earnings ?

  6. $VSCP Last time we had decent EPS,stock was >$12. Q2/11 $3.85M(.10)$17.60. Q3/11 $3.27M(.20) $11. Q4/11 $3.5M(.00)$11+ Q1/12 $3.7M(-.20)$12

  7. Gainers-3 $OLED 9%, $MITK 9%, $SMRT 9%, $VSCP 9%, $GILT 9%, $DRD 9%, $REDF 9%, $CLDN 9%, $ADAT 9%, $TRUE 9%, $IDN 9%, $SINO 8%,

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  9. $VSCP would be nice to see $VSCP as the next $KBIO once people realize the value in $VSCP.

  10. $VSCP VSCP say goodbye to $3!

  11. $VSCP As someone said on Yahoo, there s likely a decent # of shares short from the 20M in volume the last few weeks. When they cover...

  12. $vscp looks like the next madness starting

  13. $VSCP each time the stock has touched the upper $2 s it bounces. One of these bounces will be for real and we ll continue move up. Soon...

  14. $VSCP bottom-line is that we should be at a $20M+ mkt cap right now based on how the stock has performed in the past when turning profitable

  15. $VSCP Liking this tiny $9M mkt cap co. that has turned the corner. Working with big pharma. Read the last Q transcript.$PFE $JNJ $MRK $AMGN

  16. $VSCP not only working with $NVS, CEO said in last Q call they are in door with other big pharma and have had buyout offers.Read transcript

  17. $NVS shareholders should look at the tiny $9M company that $NVS has partnered with: $VSCP http://www.csrwire.com/press_releases/35268-Novartis-Collaboration-Aims-to-Eliminate-Rheumatic-Heart-Disease-RHD-in-Zambia-Africa- http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/09/03/virtualscopics-zambia-idUSnPnc4f9B8+82+PRN20150903

  18. $VSCP This is a turnaround story. New CEO has done a fantastic job. Last time co. turned corner like this, share price was well above $10



  21. $VSCP oh baby!

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  23. $VSCP Once a confirmed bottom is found this could get pretty interesting..

  24. $VSCP looking like a possible buy this week ;)

  25. VirtualScopics Just Filed Its Quarterly Report: NOTE 6 – Loss Per ... http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/Q/summary2/?id=2180956 $VSCP