1. $VSCP great article by evranic. Read 10q/conf call.. agree. Option strikes for mgmt 10-12 zone. Secondary risk down the road and not here.

  2. $VSCP Only $11M mkt cap despite 11 of 15 largest pharmas being clients and $MRK an investor.Wish they could release client names. $PFE $NVS

  3. stocks under $20 with the most upside DSKX $CACQ $VSCP $ATRO

  4. $VSCP For last 5 yrs $VSCP was restricted in who they could work with. But as of Jan 22nd PR,that agreement changed. No more restrictions

  5. $VSCP This move up is on higher than avg volume, but one day we ll have volume like in November(1M+ shares)- then we we retest 52 week high

  6. $VSCP Looking at the charts, may try and break resistance and pop

  7. $VSCP Why the big jump on VSCP?

  8. 2/3 Nightly Watchlist $IDTI $VSCP $UNIS $CIE $FLXN $ETSY $SXC Also watching: $MAT $TSLA $TRVN $ANFI $nHTC $PACB $CMG

  9. $VSCP I am long. http://www.barchart.com/opinions/stocks/VSCP

  10. Gainers $PACB 25% $VBLT 24% $KORS 24% $LOJN 19% $HNSN 17% $MAT 14% $ININ 13% $VSCP 13% $BCPC 12% $NHTC 11% $WLB 10% $PLM 10% $FN 10%

  11. $VSCP Loving this one we are up 28% since we entered

  12. $VSCP I should have pulled the trigger

  13. $VSCP Ev nice article.

  14. $VSCP & $ANFI runs = a good day for me

  15. $VSCP both technicals and fundamentals support a continued run. $MRK is invested in $VSCP http://seekingalpha.com/article/3844636-virtualscopics-well-managed-small-float-stock-edges-biotech

  16. $VSCP spike over $4 :) http://seekingalpha.com/article/3844636-virtualscopics-well-managed-small-float-stock-edges-biotech

  17. Top % Gainers: $EYEG 97%, $HNSN 68%, $ALR 45%, $STR 22%, $DGAZ 21%, $DWTI 20% $MFRI $MIME $ARGS $VSCP $MGI $TROV $EROS $CIG $ARAY $TSQ $TRXC

  18. $VSCP $3 to $3.80 in 2 trading days since my article. Glad to see I could positively impact a company worth of investor s spec dollars.

  19. $VSCP finally our somewhat undiscovered gem getting some attention. Usually nervous with nano caps, but not w/ $MRK already being a investor

  20. $VSCP $3.45, still very cheap http://seekingalpha.com/article/3844636-virtualscopics-well-managed-small-float-stock-edges-biotech

  21. VirtualScopics s Chief Operating Officer was just granted 5,000 options http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=2379605 $VSCP

  22. $VSCP: New SEC Filing for VSCP: Form 4 http://insideri.com/1660878_000166087816000004_0001660878-16-000004

  23. $VSCP interesting, not my industry but I love long term investing in companies right at this phase of crashing through break-even

  24. Nice day today on $VSCP. First of many to come in February.

  25. $VSCP client list includes 11 of the largest 15 pharmas yet only has $9M mkt cap. Looking fwd to earnings http://seekingalpha.com/article/3844636-virtualscopics-well-managed-small-float-stock-edges-biotech $MRK $NVS