1. $VTG Critical here.

  2. $VTG very large buying block at .40

  3. $VTG What is this? it was going up... Now that I m in, it goes down? lol

  4. $VTG nice volume.. Some distribution .. Some accumulation and up we go..

  5. $VTG can go any where .30? Again

  6. $VTG very good volume so far

  7. $VTG 0.39 better hold or else

  8. $VTG Volume seems to be slowing down now

  9. $VTG in at .42

  10. $VTG big order placed that means it will go up

  11. $VTG Big order just placed

  12. $VTG I am holding till green again

  13. $VTG what is happening guys

  14. $VTG back to the watching game

  15. $VTG In @40


  17. $VTG what s a good entry here?

  18. $VTG I don t think it rise with oil price.. Above .50 not a good pick

  19. $VTG OUT

  20. $VTG wish I got in at .42 not .54

  21. $VTG buying more at .4202 more and more

  22. $VTG cup and handle

  23. @elsalaete: $MEIP $VTG, nice run and dipping again. vtg is penny stock dude...

  24. $MEIP Nice run, better start taking at least partial profits. See what happened to $VTG, nice run and dipping again.

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