1. $VTUS Up to the top and high to the sky! GreenDay!

  2. $VTUS is this on halt?

  3. Some low risk plays for new money: $HILL $SBOTF $CLNT $VTUS $CX $PTN $YOD $MCP $BALT $EXTR use 3 day low as stops. some will work some wont

  4. $VTUS hard to get excited with someone selling the 1.09s all day and minimal volume, green is good though. Can t wait for the big pop

  5. $VTUS Anal Fissure cream... now that s a product I can get behind.

  6. $VTUS opened a position today 1.09 MUST be crazy.

  7. $VTUS resistance, needs more volume

  8. $VTUS 1.09 back in stop .99 2000 shares

  9. $VTUS for that matter, this name is ripe for an activist to come in and shake things up, so far no dice though

  10. $VTUS somebuddy has been sitting on the bid for 0.05 on the June 2.50 options and no one will fill them so this clearly has pop potential

  11. @Moneygraber lookn 4 sale, $VTUS safe to buy?

  12. $VTUS 42% institutional ownership

  13. $VTUS still holding

  14. @smallchange Stopped out i assume, this $VTUS is beyond frustrating

  15. $PLPM bounce watch $VTUS stop in place at 1.04 $UNIS bounce watch $BAXS back to 1.12? $IVAN move to mid .60s?

  16. bio bubble has burst, and now how much will it bleed $ACAD $DVAX $ETRM $RNN $SRPT $EPZM $ATOS $PPHM $PGNX $GALE $ABIO $VTUS $ONTY etc...

  17. 2014 Hall of Shame list: $NEWL $SPEX $BODY $PRAN $GNI $VTUS $ICLD $RXDX $VJET $EDMC $DRNA $GALE $NIHD $FWM $GERN $WTSL -- Stay a mile away!

  18. $VTUS interested to hear the point of view of others concerning my thesis points and other possible points/counterpoints

  19. $VTUS Thesis Point #5: This stock was 68% institution held as of year end. I believe that a lot still hold. Filings are due mid May

  20. $VTUS Thesis Point #4: The pipeline has an addition asset in VEN 308, which is a treatment for fecal incontinence

  21. $VTUS Thesis Point #3: Studying that caused crash in Feb did prove safety , which was the goal of study. Thus, FDA will allow NDA filing

  22. $VTUS Thesis Point #2 pre-NDA meeting with FDA in June should serve as a catalyst

  23. $VTUS Thesis Point #1: Stockholders equity is $24.5 mil and cash is $27.1 mil, current market cap is $25.3 mil

  24. $VTUS Some people have been saying I ve been pumping this, but just tweeting out my honest opinion

  25. $VTUS rough day here, but thesis has not changed. I came in here as a long term investor on fundamentals, which have not changed.