1. 430 Bottom Spotter signals today at https://stopsandtargets.com including:  $VAL $VECO $VICR $VOXX $VRA(F) $VRNT $VTL $VVI $VVUS $VZ $WCC

  2. $VVUS finally... but will it hold?

  3. $VVUS its green!!!

  4. $VVUS Went out Perhaps goes up into earnings

  5. $VVUS Losing almost 30% IN 2 Weeks

  6. $VVUS every day

  7. $VVUS this stock stink badly.I am regretting buying in 2.5-3 $ range.Shorts having field day almost every day ..

  8. $VVUS worst management of wall street history...thanks First Manhattan...your letter was amaizing..initiative without plan..false..

  9. $VVUS -- See you all at $3++ -- Long Live VVUS ;)

  10. $VVUS Some stocks have a dead cat bounce This one has straight line down

  11. $VVUS friday AH signal...7k at 1.89

  12. @Massimiliano $VVUS Only Seth Fischer, Alex and First Manhattan can take a company 6 usd pps and push it at 1.68...fantastic!

  13. $VVUS much garbage behind and under slebir selling..a company that manipulates down own pps...no comment.. thursday Seth should resign

  14. $VVUS Looks awful

  15. $VVUS First Manhattan and Seth humiliated by Yuuk and Mooky...where is your pride?

  16. $VVUS continue to BK

  17. $VVUS 13F MEDITOR GROUP hold all position 2,996,000 shares

  18. $VVUS RSI, FULL STOCH, MACD level heavy oversold...4 days to CC...will be no surprise if we find friday pps at 5 usd

  19. $VVUS buy out would be great

  20. $VVUS down 9%; $OREX up 9%

  21. $ARNA IMS wk ended 7/17 Belviq 12,764, Contrave 14,483, Qsymia 11,408, Sexenda 1,319 Nrx Belviq 8,264 Qsymia 7,777 $orex $vvus $nvo

  22. $VVUS Dump LOD makes it even more bearish

  23. $VVUS Dear Seth, even you earn 1000K usd, it is zero prestige be a CEO who pushed a company from 7 to 1.75...so sad

  24. $VVUS add 23611 shares 1,77

  25. $VVUS expect a nice big dump at the end