1. $ARNA $860M market cap, $OREX $598M market cap, $VVUS $396M market cap.

  2. Which one would you rather hold $WLT $ARNA $VVUS $OREX ?

  3. $VVUS Does anyone have any reasonable for the crazy drop down to $3.32 at @ 3:46 PM?

  4. $VVUS Told ya all

  5. $VVUS ok spit out the news...

  6. $VVUS what was that lol i made money in 1 minute buy order at 3.30 out at 3.75..

  7. $VVUS WTF???

  8. seem like $OREX will be joining $arna and $vvus in the 3s

  9. Now it seems misfortunes of $OREX black box label is causing drop in $ARNA and $VVUS Rather than that idiotic SA article blaming the latter!

  10. @kcphaeton @wildpig they said all this for $ARNA $VVUS $ARIA etc etc.

  11. $OREX $ARNA $VVUS : Arena and Vivus ruined the pre-approval run-up for Orexigen s Contrave: http://y.ahoo.it/bB4UoazV

  12. $ARNA $OREX $VVUS Novo Gets Positive Vote From FDA For Anti-Obesity Treatment - Still A Long Road Ahead $NVO http://y.ahoo.it/qED47bNU

  13. $VVUS $OREX $SQNM Im going to sell other stocks & buy more $ARNA b4 the big boys start piling on.They have no other choice (B+P=12% wt loss)

  14. $ARNA $VVUS $OREX where R all the idiots who said B was marginally effective? I don t see them defending their positions against B+P??

  15. $ARNA ws willfully ignoring 22 person Bel+Phen results (12% wt loss) speaks volumes abt their twisted motives. $OREX $VVUS $SQNM $ICPT $SNSS

  16. $ARNA 12% in 12 weeks on Belphen, wow! 25% took me a year on belviq by itself. $orex, $vvus, $NVO

  17. Analysts Give Average Rating of Hold to VIVUS $VVUS http://y.ahoo.it/5KCKEamG

  18. $OREX Shorted here as market cap shouldn t be more then $arna or $vvus

  19. #Orexigen Received The #FDA s Approval For #Contrave Yet Questions Remain $OREX $ARNA $GSK $VVUS #obesity http://y.ahoo.it/T57O8m5S

  20. #Orexigen Received The #FDA s Approval For #Contrave Yet Questions Remain $OREX $ARNA $GSK $VVUS #obesity http://y.ahoo.it/x3C0UwA3

  21. $OREX $60 million expense for post approval studies for Contrave. They don t make it easy. It wasn t easy for $ARNA or $VVUS either.

  22. @harry82singh - Probably more like $ARNA $VVUS ...

  23. $OREX Not to pump but out of three approved drugs, only OREX is pending EU approval. $ARNA and $VVUS were rejected by the EU.

  24. @Exmns3001 just like $ARNA and $VVUS?

  25. $VVUS Is it Ironic that BOD asked for 6m additional shares compensation on proxy for tomorrow SHM to make up for sagging stock value?