1. $VVUS i would like to know which kind of pride get these men from First Manhattan

  2. $VVUS i remember well the letter of First Manhattan against old MNGM..i refuse this is the results...this is their honor?

  3. $VVUS sure there is a buyout ( near the corner)..anyway the oversold stock of all time

  4. $VVUS will be investing in digital consumer awareness efforts don t need fly people to setup sales when can b done by computer/phone Etc

  5. $ARNA http://www.investorvillage.com/smbd.asp?mb=633&mn=161845&pt=msg&mid=14816001 Summary of new JAMA opinion piece on Contrave $vvus $orex high drop out rate

  6. $ARNA is only real biotech in obesity sector. $Orex $Vvus sell combo pills of existing genetics. Not real biotech companies. Do your DD!

  7. $VVUS best short ever...orex to follow

  8. $VVUS Phewww I guess it s good that i got out yesterday at $2.45.

  9. $VVUS Breaking below $2 today?

  10. $VVUS All time low 2.41

  11. $VVUS red!! lol worst crap ever

  12. $VVUS cuts 1/3 of it s sales force to about 100 $OREX $ARNA

  13. $VVUS chart is always before news..strong divergence..big rebound (mark these words)

  14. $VVUS The heck? Up 12 cents after hours? Why does the market keep screwing with me today. Missed out on $1500 holding VVUS for $100.

  15. $VVUS yeah right green again in After hours

  16. $VVUS Sold 5k shares at $2.46, 5k shares at $2.45. Eff this POS.

  17. $VVUS Stendra update: VIVUS is in discussions with other parties for the commercialization rights to its remaining territories.

  18. $VVUS Mistake rebuying this on a whim. I originally bought this last summer for $5.50 and sold at $2.96. Bought into bad news....

  19. $VVUS one morning we wake up with a very big news: BUYOUT

  20. $VVUS next 52 week low

  21. $VVUS In 10,000 shares at 2.50 out of boredom. Already lost 400 yikes.

  22. Investor Alerts- $NVS $SNY $XON $VVUS http://www.streetwisereport.com/investor-alerts-novartis-ag-nysenvs-sanofi-nysesny-intrexon-corporation-nysexon-vivus-inc-nasdaqvvus/113199/

  23. $GENE now $BIOC $ECIGd $PRSN $wpcs $gevi $vvus need to rise

  24. VIVUS $VVUS Updates on Qsymia Plans; Will Continue Talks with U.S., EU Regulators

  25. $VVUS Update - We will not be spending any more $ on marketing Q