2. THank God the market is closed thurs. Go spend it with your fam and don t think about stock $GBSN $STEM $AVEO $BIOD $VVUS $RXII $AMDA $ADAT

  3. $VVUS still too high short position.....but the bond is im the right hands...time to squeeze

  4. Watchlist $ibio $lptn $mack $meip $nvdq $nvgn $pbmd $petx $vvus $vicl $srne $opxa $ocul $ontx $ogen $ocul

  5. $ARIA $VVUS $ARIA yes, he now has more time to focus on his winners and high return potentials...

  6. $VVUS big rebound on W pattern..

  7. $VVUS 👎

  8. $VVUS so does there have to be a new vote for the chairman seat? usually you don t hear the cob resigning.

  9. $VVUS 1.35 AH 7000 shares...tomorrow 1.5...friday 2...epic short squeeze imminent

  10. $VVUS Max Pain = 1.50. Maturity = 12/18/2015. Previous close = 1.33. http://maximum-pain.com/options/max-pain?s=VVUS&urk=VVUS

  11. $VVUS Man this drama queen never fails .

  12. $VVUS after hours manipulation surprise surprise

  13. $VVUS taking this one off watch list.. Denner leaving seat is not good

  14. $VVUS First manhattan and Denner go...Buyout comes

  15. $VVUS Would love someone smarter than me to speculate on what Denner s resignation could mean

  16. $VVUS I think Denner does t want to be a pawn

  17. $VVUS you know he going short this down as low as it can go

  18. $VVUS WTF ?? Denner has resigned !!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Viva $VVUS shorts going to fret

  20. VIVUS $VVUS Icahn-Connected Director Denner Resigns http://www.streetinsider.com/Rumors/VIVUS+%28VVUS%29+Icahn-Connected+Director+Denner+Resigns/11105315.html

  21. Departure of Directors or Certain http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=2214887 $VVUS

  22. $VVUS 1.36

  23. $VLTC Cashed in a bit too soon. $VVUS looking good and $SD could return to .40 with eod covering. Very strong along with UWTI.

  24. $VLTC cashed out wow and added to $VVUS which is just waking up. And $SD pop pop pop

  25. $VVUS what is the news??