1. $VVUS Where is that 4.50 and the big drop I am still waiting to load the boat cheaper big boy!

  2. $VVUS I got to ask my doctor for Stenda and try it myself see if it works

  3. $VVUS Stenda is working it just needs another pill to go up

  4. $AMRN $vvus get up ... Have some stendra

  5. $VVUS That was funny when u said lose weight and save the environment ur funny man

  6. $VVUS I meant all big companies missed this quarter and i dont to to explain my self to someone like u

  7. $VVUS Trading at day lows typical vvus

  8. $VVUS I am short this till 2 and for all who is shorts dont even bother earnings what happen this quarter nothing

  9. $VVUS Anyone take a look for the laat 2 years what happen after earnings just down and down

  10. $VVUS Lesson for all the amateur shorts you do not short small size biotech stocks and do not go with a loaded short into earnings

  11. $VVUS Yes keep short open for Aug 4th I got pop corn with extra large fries ready for the squeeze to $6 Zach target

  12. $VVUS rejected 5 yesterday and was a good short at that level

  13. $VVUS See u folks 4.50 then 3 easy

  14. $VVUS Thats funny lose wight and save fuel and lose ur money investing in vvus

  15. @SpikedBull: $VVUS Add more here Hope no one listen to that

  16. Daily Swing Short Picks: $ACAD, $AEGR, $APOL, $CRM, $CSOD, $DG, $EXXI, $GNRC, $LULU, $SODA, $SPLK, $TWGP, $VVUS http://y.ahoo.it/XnNPXEZH

  17. $OREX short interest increased 7/15/2014 23,223,360 by 1,023,338, vvus increase 1,487,068, arna decreased 695,318 $arna $vvus

  18. @SpikedBull Hey i have a work to do Huh? So see u when $vvus trade at under 3

  19. $VVUS Its printing wrong number should print $4.90

  20. $ARNA back below $VVUS share price again. took awhile but this horribly managed company continues stinking up the joint.

  21. $VVUS Being short a stock in a bullmarket w 40% already shorting it is just foolish esp when stock 90% down!! what goes down must come up

  22. $VVUS Darth Vader is with the shorts do not go to the dark side stay with Jedi

  23. $VVUS Zacks reaffirmed their outperform rating on shares of VIVUS (NASDAQ:VVUS) in a report issued on Tuesday. They currently have a $6.00

  24. $VVUS If the market MELTS up this will be double two can play in this game

  25. $VVUS $6.00 target price http://y.ahoo.it/MPPrGUUW