1. $VVUS Mentioned yesterday perfect short entry

  2. $VVUS On watch list for another 20 cents drop or more tomorrow will be a buyer as soon as this goes lower which it will

  3. $VVUS @SpikedBull To bad though we didnt have the chance to see u doing the squeeze dance lol lmfao

  4. $VVUS nasdaq -84. I will be adding more $4.50 ish

  5. $VVUS Waiting for another 20 cents drop hopefully tomorrow so I can load up soon

  6. $VVUS Thank u market and vivus for making me rich

  7. $VVUS I see the bull peeps are excited now dont know why

  8. $VVUS Welcome back vivus

  9. $VVUS Looks like a waterfall type of drop this can get really ugly

  10. $VVUS Take profits off the table we can catch this lower today or tomorrow

  11. $VVUS nasdaq off -47. Everything is down

  12. $VVUS VIVUS Announces Date of Second Quarter 2014 Update and Financial Results Conference Call.. http://y.ahoo.it/V49HlkeQ

  13. $VVUS open way for a continuation of its climb! Long setup http://y.ahoo.it/hL5eSnST

  14. $VVUS Stendra will be the earnings surprise. We need a fat farm partner instead do a rental 3rd party sales force

  15. $VVUS Good stendra action today!

  16. $VVUS closing at HOD

  17. $VVUS Strong all day! To following tomorrow http://y.ahoo.it/Hzlj7JOr

  18. $VVUS Holding so far. Anybody seeing block trades?

  19. $VVUS $5 is key this MUST go above and stay above $5 otherwise fake breakout

  20. $VVUS Awesome! Crossing up its EMA 50-day! Long setup http://y.ahoo.it/PAugHiDX

  21. $VVUS Agree on below

  22. $VVUS If this closes under $5 I am out of my entire position will add to it as noted

  23. $VVUS End of day might liquidate entire position at nice win so I can add on any weakness once again

  24. $VVUS Correct me if I m wrong , vvus trading at 1/3 average volume and big uptrend isn t this considered a weak signal ?

  25. $VVUS Ugly volume