1. $ARNA entire BODs including JL need to be voted out in the next cycle b4 they do any more damage. Now we R no better than $VVUS or $OREX.

  2. current market cap of $MNKD @ 2.8 B is more than $VVUS (430M), $OREX (700M) & $ARNA (900M) all combined. Diabetes > Obesity

  3. Short Squeeze Alerts $Ticker Symbol $BONT $RSH $GOGO $INVN $VVUS $AMBA $DNDN $SUNE http://y.ahoo.it/ehPnsTAq

  4. $VVUS You’ve got obesity all wrong ... => http://y.ahoo.it/hEF6kYN9 What do you all think @ this RE #VIVUS #Stock? #VVUS

  5. some large player sells #stocks http://y.ahoo.it/FzA3LQzC $VVUS $MUX $FLO

  6. $MNKD They pump $VVUS and $ARNA heavily at its peaked price only to slam the companies now that shares price dropped! That s misguidance!

  7. $VVUS $ARNA probably stuck here until $OREX approval date. $OREX approved I say both tank to under $4.00.

  8. $VVUS 8/19/2014 Reuters - rating as reduce, not sure these analysts are correct. http://y.ahoo.it/6ohmGqr9

  9. $VVUS anyone know why it s downgraded by Market edge? http://y.ahoo.it/dv8h3QDY

  10. $ARNA $OREX $VVUS Revisiting Arena, Orexigen, and VIVUS: Why Shareholders Can Recoup Their Losses by Invest in $MNKD http://y.ahoo.it/jwQQvJLn

  11. $VVUS seems to be basing bottom in, undervalued asset, impressive board of directors, don t count out this company yet.

  12. $VVUS Trading close to it s 52 week low with high short interest. It s not worth it for the shorts to hold thru Sept. 20th catalyst. Lets Go

  13. $MNKD $ARNA $OREX $VVUS $TSLA ... you guys can send me your articles and I ll review/edit it to see if it s good for publications!

  14. $ARNA it never seems to find bottom. Even when it has better reviews compared to $OREX or $VVUS, it seems to get punished.

  15. $ARNA everybody else including $VVUS is green. WTF???

  16. $MNKD 360 Biotech is calling $VVUS $ARNA $OREX to join MannKind! http://y.ahoo.it/5mPLVzGy

  17. To the $ARNA $OREX $VVUS investors, jump on $MNKD to capture the multibillion $$$ insulin market as diabetes/obesity has similar etiology!

  18. @PoodleBytes Great investors like you & those of $MNKD, $TSLA, $ICPT, $ARNA, $VVUS and the patietns are the reasons I write. Cheers!

  19. $MNKD $ARNA $VVUS who want to sue a weak corporate entity, a C-Corp, for market manipulation and part of the pump/bash scheme, contact me!

  20. $ARNA $VVUS shares price dropped significantly since 12 should make it safer to buy now. Arena/VIVUS investors should tell them u re fed up

  21. The one that pumped obesity d. makers (now slamming $MNKD ) is bashing $ARNA $VVUS when shares r quite down (having good margin of safety)?

  22. $VVUS 9/20/2014 PDUFA date

  23. $ARNA $OREX $VVUS investors should look into investing in $MNKD because diabetes is closely related to obesity! These markets are huge!

  24. #VIVUSInc: Can Stendra Extend The Company s Prospect $VVUS $ARNA http://y.ahoo.it/pR40nKSd

  25. @things: $VVUS PDUFA data 9/20/2014 - will go up the next 4 weeks http://y.ahoo.it/qBvE2h8S #VIVUS #Stocks #VVUS #Bullish