1. $vvus six week forecast $4.77 http://y.ahoo.it/S79GLG0M

  2. $VVUS predictability http://y.ahoo.it/VeYWg5AL

  3. Got lucky mid-day closing out $VVUS at 5.15 for a tiny 4¢ when I wanted to use the cash elsewhere.


  5. @stockunder10: Best stocks under $10 (Apr. 16) : $CCO, $TICC, $ELON, $ELNK, $FRM, $VVUS http://y.ahoo.it/Ffol9o5E

  6. $ARNA again, makes NO sense that $OREX and $VVUS are up and we re static or down..... :-{

  7. Top Gainers Biotech- $ZLCS, $VVUS, $SGEN, http://y.ahoo.it/McZJ53c7

  8. @stockunder10: Best stocks under $10 (Apr. 16) : $CCO, $TICC, $ELON, $ELNK, $FRM, $VVUS http://y.ahoo.it/GLdvdE4M

  9. $OREX and $VVUS are up 4+% & $ARNA is down as the Tv ads are launched nationwide & in more and more networks. Tell me if that makes sense?

  10. Update: Sold of the monster greens :) $ZGNX $OREX $YELP $IRWD $SCTY $VVUS $ACHN $TSL . Hold $OPK $GRPN & $ANGI for more pop ,pop!

  11. @Insider book profits $VVUS $ZGNX $IRWD $SCTY $ACHN & strong hold $OREX $YELP $ANGI $OPK $TSL & $GRPN

  12. Sold to close $YHOO Apr-37 p at 82¢ for 18¢ gains. Re-shorted $VVUS at 5.19. Covered $LEN Apr-38 p at 12¢ for 30¢ gains.

  13. $ARNA so far not enjoying any of the follow thru action that $VVUS & $OREX are off of yesterday s reversals

  14. Bounce candidates I like $CW $AOS $WRES $F $AEO $ARO $WLT $VVUS $QCOR


  16. Additional stocks for poss bounce plays include $ATHX $NAVB $VVUS $CYTR $SSH $BIOD don t fight the tape tho, if this is a head fake tap out

  17. while $ARNA hasn t fallen as hard as $VVUS or $OREX lately, being long anything in this bloodbath market is risky business :0

  18. @Insider Full position here with $VVUS $OREX $ANGI , 1/2 pos $YELP $SCTY $OPK $GRPN $ACHN $ZGNX $TSL & doubled down $IRWD 9.01 yesterday

  19. Short $VVUS again at 4.99.

  20. VIVUS just filed its Initial statement of beneficial ownership of securities http://y.ahoo.it/Aa8AqPgM $VVUS

  21. Covered $VVUS at 4.81 and shorted $ANGI at 12¼.

  22. $VVUS good news http://y.ahoo.it/zI4Nd3Cy

  23. $VVUS Good news from Italy about commercial agreement whit MENARINI SPA a primary pharma company in Europe add 1000 more at 4,82

  24. $ARNA why is $VVUS green, no tv ads

  25. 5 Activist-Owned Stocks Analysts Think Will Triple $NVAX $CLF $VVUS $ARO $WTSL http://y.ahoo.it/YObwXB0B