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  11. Our DCF shows Verizon Communications is available at a 25.0% discount $VZ:

  12. $VZ definitely buying soon. Currently at a nice discount

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  14. $VZ Do any of yall own both? I m trying to decide to add to my $t position or open up one with Verizon.

  15. Verizon Communications Is trading at a discount of 24.0% $VZ -

  16. Just thinking aloud. If $VZ can buy $AOL, $T needs some content. Can $YHOO be that?

  17. $VZ $TWTR Zero, you clueless Twitter bull.

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  19. How much is $VZ paying $TWTR for that #ThanksGetting trending hashtag? Hmmmmmmm.

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  21. Nice to see $VZ advertising on $TWTR moments. Surprised Legere of $TMUS hasn t used it yet as he s a big TWTR user.

  22. $T $VZ customers will become the low hanging fruit for Sprint $S to take customers from ($TMUS too)

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