1. @wallstrt24: Technology Sector Movers: $WAVX $SYMC

  2. Technology Sector Movers: $WAVX $SYMC

  3. Technology Sector Movers: $WAVX $SYMC

  4. $WAVX I m looking too buy some shares anyone opinion on this a good buy??

  5. $WAVX Institutional ownership up 15.02% Q/Q, with 664,163 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/WAVX

  6. $WAVX thinking about buying into this stocks looks good and I have some extra $ to throw around

  7. .@SeekingAlphaTWITS Wave Systems rises 46.3% on strong volume http://seekingalpha.com/news/2682215-wave-systems-rises-46_3-percent-on-strong-volume $WAVX #security

  8. $WAVX 40,000 at .21 hummm

  9. $WAVX looking very good into close

  10. $WAVX every cent nets me $200 im thinking some good news AH for a nice pop!

  11. $WAVX get some for monday s open and say gracias el lunes...

  12. $WAVX day traders ran it up to 22. Look out below to the close BAIL NOW!!!

  13. $WAVX who is stuck at .21. I am! :(

  14. $NETE $WAVX $LIQD club all Bids on this pump and dump garbage with a sledgehammer and let everybody hold the heavy dilution bags..CHAPTER 11

  15. $WAVX TAKE THE .19 cents. Up over 40% and sill a teenager!!!

  16. $WAVX LOL, why, because you shorted? Dumbass...

  17. $WAVX shorted a good chunk @ .21 anyone with half a brain can see this company is going BK

  18. $WAVX @ davidliao P&D attempting to piggyback $NETE...not only a different biz but apparently they can t read an 8-k http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/919013/000162828015005512/wavx8-krestructuring.htm

  19. $WAVX wait until after lunch!

  20. $WAVX what s the story behind this move?

  21. $WAVX looks like a pump and dump happening lol

  22. $WAVX Love the spread...

  23. $WAVX Upward trend...will close at HOD...

  24. $WAVX must be good news cominggg

  25. $WAVX new hod