1. $WBAI keep in mind where lotto proceeds go - to the gov. they aint gonna shut it down for long

  2. $WBAI Hearing online lottery system is back up and running

  3. $WBAI 500.com online lottery system back up and running

  4. $SPY $SPX China’s securities regulator cautions investors on investing risks: What Goes Up Can Come Down http://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2015-04-20/china-to-investors-what-goes-up-can-come-down $WUBA $WBAI

  5. $QUNR $WUBA what an action here, buying begets buying huh. Even $YOKU staggering 50% bounce in 2weeks. $WBAI 140% bounce in 3weeks. Wow

  6. $URRE $WBAI $KUTV $BSPM $SYRX > Trade ideas for these 5 stocks > http://taforaliving1900charts.blogspot.tw/2015/04/trade-ideas-for-these-5-stocks_18.html

  7. $WBAI strong sell!!! Banned from China and no revenues and profits in the next 10 years

  8. $WBAI new LOD... Based on the recent news, this stock worth not more than $5 IMHO

  9. When beautiful had too much plastic surgery, great set ups blah $cqqq $bita $wbai $cmcm $yy $jd $qihu and got its face ripped off today $spy

  10. Here s my watchlist for the day: $AKBA, $ASHR, $BMY, $CE, $IGTE, $IPXL, $MAT, $NOW, $PRO, $TASR, $WBAI

  11. $WBAI nothing on bid side....time to party DOWN...

  12. $WBAI There is no fundamentals to support the current price..just speculation nothing more..

  13. $WBAI company does not expect to generate any revenues during the temporary suspension period. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/gambling-stock-roundup-isle-capri-184906187.html Who s buying this ?

  14. solar is looking solid $fslr $spwr $csiq $jks along with china stocks $qihu $jd $yy $cmcm $wbai $vips 2 areas to focus on the next few days

  15. $ewh $cqqq $fxi china stocks are setting up for another break out, watch for the china stocks $bita $wbai $yy $cmcm $jd $qihu too many

  16. End Of Day Scan: Chaikin Money Flow Improving $MBLY $SCHW $FNFG $HDS $WCIC $UST $ISBC $VLY $WBAI $SCAI

  17. $spy cant get over 211, flatten all positions good chance of a roll over $splk $cybr $wbai $spwr $twtr

  18. $WBAI The trend is against me...but i dont care..this company has been accused of several problems http://finance.yahoo.com/news/rigrodsky-long-p-announces-securities-010100143.html Be careful

  19. $wbai setting up with the rest of the china stocks long (18.09), $cmcm $yy $wuba all looking solid

  20. $WBAI Going short, going to pay for my vacation from this trade!

  21. $WBAI smallish long order hit at 18.10. China, gambling & sports....nothing sure thing, but seems like pretty good recipe ;)

  22. $WBAI $NQ etc the f u carson block play. ever wonder why this scumbag mini me bnkstr rarely targets us co? ;)

  23. $WBAI yup its a chinese stk a scam ;)

  24. @cheri1: $WBAI another strong one

  25. $WBAI stock is acting like they will become the nationwide enabler of lottery and all BS competitors smoked out