1. $WEN Not much long skin in this game. Shorts to shorts.

  2. $WEN Green Giggles!

  3. $WEN Still putting the heat on Wendy s meat. http://fortune.com/2014/11/06/wendys-beef-costs/?xid=yahoo_fortune

  4. $BWLD $DENN $WEN $CNK $EAT $CAKE $BKW $CKEC $DRI $JACK $MCD $RGC FDA to force calorie restaurants, theaters to show calorie totals

  5. what are everyones thoughts on buying a jan 15 call @ 9.0 for $wen?

  6. $WEN 9% gain in 13 trading days since earnings miss! Booyah!

  7. $WEN @Octavious it doesn t work like that you have to own stock prior to ex-dividend date to receive dividend

  8. $WEN !! Perfect example of a lagging stock within a hot sector w/ late b.o. (see $DENN $GTIM $RNDY) http://stocktwits.com/message/29579541

  9. $WEN Buy Wendy s today to get the dividend

  10. $WEN moving nicely today....needs to get above this 8.68 resistance and things could get interesting.

  11. $WEN Hey that JCP dog is up almost 6% today and still climbing. To the moon Alice for sure!!!!

  12. Ex-Dividend Reminder: Wendy s, Nordstrom and Bob Evans Farms $BOBE $JWN $WEN https://www.dividendchannel.com/article/201411/ex-dividend-reminder-wendy-s-nordstrom-and-bob-evans-farms-wen-jwn-bobe-WEN172413414dividend.htm/

  13. $WEN Putting the heat on Wendy s dead meat. To the moon Alice!!

  14. $WEN To the moon Alice!

  15. $WEN @ Father Y sorry? Wendys been up since earnings miss with Institutional buying Going to be at $9+ in Dec Industry 2014 record sales!

  16. $WEN daily chart over 8.75 http://stocktwits.com/message/29551687

  17. @crbarnette $WEN but also slightly intrigued by $RT

  18. $WEN Once again Sorry For Your Loss. Stock will get better after the Holidays.

  19. $WEN Mr. Gobraves, especially note the sales performance during the Holiday season (Thankgiving-End of January).

  20. $WEN See attached statistics. http://www.restaurant.org/News-Research/Research/Facts-at-a-Glance

  21. @gobraves50 I heard Giggles sold his position in $WEN to buy $HAL last Wednesday. $WEN was moving too slow, but is still a great company.

  22. $WEN @Father123 show your stats to support that! We r into football & Holiday season=travel=stop at restaurants. Cook at home T-day & X-Mas!

  23. $WEN During the Holiday season restuarants suffer. Home cooking and time off from work really effect fast food. Next year will be better.

  24. $WEN @Giggles - Giggles Wendy s needs your help! Rally us up! Don t you want another frosty? If not today maybe Monday!

  25. $WEN Sorry for your loss. This is also an American Icon company and needs to hang in there to give Obama s legal illegals plenty of jobs.