1. $MCD $WFM $KR $WEN $SPY - http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/a-look-at-how-rising-food-prices-will-impact-both-the-consumer-and-the-quick-service-restaurant-sector?post=51550 - Rising Food Prices Are About To Impact Both The QSR Sector And Individual Consumers

  2. @Partridge: $WEN sold 1/6 Oct. 21 at 10:13 AM --. sold another 1/6

  3. $WEN Baconator!!!!!!

  4. $WEN *Buy them all!

  5. $WEN Don t slip on the dip. But them all! It s Frosty time mitches!

  6. $WEN every dip I pick up some more. let s do this

  7. $WEN $8.50

  8. $WEN Time to BUY!!!!!!

  9. $WEN and the down turn begins

  10. $WEN Seven pennies!? Que!?

  11. $WEN One penny Wendy? One penny? Why Wendy? Why?

  12. $WEN 1/2 a penny is still closing higher! Keep fighting $WEN maybe we ll get a run up into earnings!

  13. when does $WEN come out with their next ER?

  14. $WEN What s going on here? $8.50!!!!

  15. $WEN If stock closes up it will be 6 straight days of higher highs & higher lows Closing in on the 200dma Will it be resistance or breakout?

  16. $WEN Time to buy!!!!!

  17. $JCP Buying a little more in this dip to hold. Taking large positions in $WEN.

  18. $WEN Aiming for $50!!!!

  19. $WEN sold 1/6

  20. $WEN Aiming for $9

  21. $WEN C mon $8.50!

  22. $JCP I told you boys and girls to buy $WEN

  23. $WEN Here comes $8.50

  24. $WEN Next stop $9 by EOW. Baconator time!

  25. $WEN $8.50 and its Frosty time!