1. $WEST Andalay Solar Completes License Agreement with Hyundai Heavy Industries

  2. $WEST I think I d rather look at the ad under the EKG.

  3. $WEST Look at that chart, Looks like an EKG. I just hope we don t lose her!

  4. $WEST still holding (80K shares) Maybe i ll buy more? what would 80K more be>>>> about 8 bucks....LOL nothing (much) to lose

  5. $WEST Good news on the MOU with JinkoSolar $JKS

  6. $WEST Add to my position, only way is up!

  7. $WEST still here, looking for that up swing!

  8. $RGSE this is next $WEST and $XSNX = pennystock

  9. $WEST any hope for this company? How was er?

  10. Selling $west they have a 50 for 1 stock split coming up if the shareholders approve so my 100,000 shares would turn into 2,000 shares

  11. $WEST So earnings were not bad but might b giving up on this company

  12. $WEST does anyone know what s going on with this thing? ER anytime soon? BK or merger coming?

  13. $WEST 121 Followers! Big crowd here. Possibly some movement soon?

  14. $WEST Just another 20%, and I ll be even.........(should I be Happy?)

  15. $WEST why up?

  16. $WEST how much lower can this go

  17. $WEST Looking like ER on the 15th

  18. $SLTD $RGSE Anyone have an idea what happened to $WEST Solar?.? Why the big pop?

  19. $WEST Westinghouse Solar, Inc files Form NT 10-K (Notice under Rule 12b25 of inability to timely file .. http://boardvote.com/symbol/WEST/communique/893140

  20. $WEST strange thing is.. i was able to get 10K of them for 0.0129 .. dont understand who is selling at this price..

  21. $WEST Does anyone know why this ticker does not come up in some chart analysys apps?

  22. $WEST I ll bet ER will be in March 30th...

  23. $WEST Keeps showing on pre market too, but not on regular session, lots of volume

  24. $WEST it keep showing .22 A H on yahoo :)

  25. $WEST looks like ER will be when there is real ER.. guess we have to wait few more months...till then only Patents...