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  17. $WETF what s up with that dip

  18. I ve never stared with more intensity at a gray-haired 68 yo woman on TV/online; feels sketchy :P But for $RUSS $WETF $HEWG $UUP $EUO, still

  19. $WETF Been watching this company since Dec 9 at 15.81. Highly considering investing but scared of the highs. Is this going to keep on going?

  20. @ReformedBroker: The European stock rally this year is almost entirely explained by currency moves. http://blog.yardeni.com/2015/03/hot-zone-excerpt.html $wetf

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  23. WisdomTree Investments - Chart Of The Day $WETF http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/etfs/wisdomtree-investments-chart-of-the-day?post=60954

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