1. Only traded $WFM well today. Saw the proper exit for my $DIS position, got greedy. $M was bad luck. $PFE is trash. $LULU & $JNJ hedges PAID.

  2. I got my price on $WFM one minute before close.

  3. Whole Foods and Blackstone are green today. Keep that in mind. $spy $bx $wfm

  4. 12 Stocks Moving In Friday s Market Session: https://mattkolb.whotrades.com/blog/43691001628?utm_source=maxsocial&frpp_id=acIBMLinkdFb&utm_term=acIBMLinkdFb $SYMC $LNKD $TSN $GLUU $WFM $SWIR

  5. And there are only 4 stocks in the $NDX currently higher for the day. Just one tech. $SYMC. Others are $CMCSA $PCAR $WFM.

  6. $M $WFM $WMT all working today

  7. Alberta Investment Management Corp appears to have added to its $WFM position in the most recent quarter http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryh/?id=2398575

  8. $WFM coiling up for ER run..lets close above 30

  9. Best Performing Services $XLY Today: $WFM $ADT $SPLS $KSS $CHRW

  10. $WFM ok, I m good again

  11. $WFM just wait for it..

  12. $WFM this sucks. Sigh.

  13. $WFM god this is choppy

  14. Longbow Hikes Whole Foods Rating, Says Comps Not Down As Much As Expected $WFM http://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/analyst-color/16/02/6220205/longbow-hikes-whole-foods-rating-says-comps-not-down-as-

  15. Can Ocado deliver on its promise, with Amazon in pursuit? http://seekingalpha.com/article/3864546-ocado-amazon-really-pursuit $AMZN $WMT $KR $SVU $TGT $OSTK $WMK $IMKTA $SPTN $WFM $TFM

  16. Whole Foods upgrades by Longbow Research, and Oppenheimer has a Buy rating. $WFM $XLY $SPY

  17. $SPY Winners out of the gate: $TSN $SYMC $HIG $CME $WFM $SCHW $ESS $GS $GILD $LVLT

  18. $WFM - - Yep ... This Up Move is one you are going to like! - New High: +0.01. Next resistance 30.169 from 2/1/2016.

  19. Top Upgrades 2/5: $RFP $SPH $SYY $UBNT $UNFI $USCR $WFM $WFT $WILN (2/2)

  20. Feb 5 Analyst Upgrades & Downgrades $WFM $WFM $ALL $GS $JPM $KO $UBNT $LNKD $CREE $OUTR $DECK $QRVO $GRUB http://www.precisiontrade365.com/feb-5-analyst-upgrades-downgrades-wfm-wfm-all-gs-jpm-ko-ubnt-lnkd-cree-outr-deck-qrvo-grub/

  21. 12 Stocks Moving In Friday s #PreMarket Session $DECK $GLUU $HBI $SYMC $TSN $WFM $LNKD $SWIR $OUTR $LGF $QTNT http://www.benzinga.com/news/16/02/6219881/12-stocks-moving-in-fridays-pre-market-session

  22. Whole Foods Market upgraded by Longbow Research to neutral. http://www.marketbeat.com/stocks/NASDAQ/WFM/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct $WFM

  23. $WFM a little bid up in the PM. Would love $30+ close today to max out my spread

  24. couple names to watch for on the short side : $FOLD ,$TREE , $HZNP , $ANIP , $BLUE , $DX , $WFM (all getting ready to break lower)

  25. $WFM Earnings Preview: Whole Foods Q1 2016 http://sgi.seleritycorp.com/4708-2/