1. $WFM formed a Wide Range Igniting Bar Friday. If you re willing to enter for a core trade - buyable

  2. $WFM going to continue to climb

  3. %stocks>40DMA=27.4%. Oversold Period Ends http://drduru.com/onetwentytwo/2015/10/04/t2108-update-151002/ #T2108 $SPY #VIX $EEM $IBB $GILD $SCTY $SNDK $WFM $WYNN $CROX

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  5. $WFM nice trade in the chat on Friday...

  6. $WFM take your finger off the scale

  7. Voyager s log aboard $WFM

  8. $WFM ..

  9. $WFM target is 44-47. Watch out only if you see gaps forming on the way up because those indicate trend is ready to rest.

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  11. I live in the S.E lets go over grocery options TJs private, Publix private, KR VERY low-end, TFM too specialized, SFM burbs only Leaves $WFM

  12. $WFM what did better? The Icahn taking Stake rumor last spring or the publix buyout rumor today? Maybe pe but doubt publix or buyout at all

  13. $WFM OI for maturity 10/02/2015. 30.00 Highest put. 33.50 Highest call. http://maximum-pain.com/options/open-interest?s=WFM&urk=WFM

  14. $WFM Max Pain is 32.00 for maturity 10/02/2015. Price = 33.92. http://maximum-pain.com/options/max-pain?s=WFM&urk=WFM

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  18. $WFM damn...so mad i missed out on this. Why up so much today?!

  19. @valutradr $WFM this is a steal at this price no matter what

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  23. $WFM http://www.tampabay.com/news/business/retail/rumor-publix-to-buy-whole-foods-market/2183259 Article about WFM being take over

  24. Amazing trading day. $PCLN and $WFM are so poised

  25. $WFM these is not the first time this kind o rumor has come out. Check the article from Tampa Bay Times from June 2014