1. Whole Foods Market s Regional President just declared 0 ownership of the company. http://y.ahoo.it/WywDJYhh $WFM

  2. $WFM Great after-market!

  3. $WFM bottom spotters digesting this

  4. Whole Foods Market just filed its Initial statement of beneficial ownership of securities http://y.ahoo.it/OjEygqmg $WFM

  5. Identifying A Bottom $KNDI $GLUU $HIMX $SSYS $WFM $JPM http://y.ahoo.it/zUCZjF5g

  6. $WFM plenty of time for this to hit $40 by NOV.

  7. I ll tell ya this... $WFM is a great trading stock. Last week from 37.50 to 40 and now back to 38. Who s making $?

  8. $WFM RSI on the 1 min chart is at zero.... wow

  9. $WFM Right on the Daily 50 MA.

  10. $WFM Will Whole Foods holders whose holdings got halved and who are in the hole be made whole?

  11. $WFM with some patience the funds will come for this to seek returns.

  12. $S gotta say this chart is very similar to how $WFM was like back in june 14...what do you think?

  13. $WFM Yes WFM has been a real dog. they just pumped it to $40 to pay for the dividend it looks like. UPB bad call.

  14. Barring a recovery before 1:30, I m going to take my bath on my $WFM 39.5 calls. I may have jumped back in too early, but WFM is a real dog

  15. $WFM - gap from last week closed with a backtest of the daily 50 ma. What now?

  16. $WFM - http://y.ahoo.it/40Jstfgw - Oh Snap...... that is Nice Nice pop right there...yep! - Running up: +0.38 in 54 seconds

  17. Stocks going ex-dividend tomorrow (9/24): $DHR $WFM $CTS $DDR $RL $SPLS

  18. Whole Foods Market Gets Average Rating of Hold from Analysts $WFM http://y.ahoo.it/DO7yrbbc

  19. you might be frustrated with $WFM but don t write it off just yet http://y.ahoo.it/gUSV3wkP

  20. @djserafim Have you checked out $wfm lately? It is trading between 37.5 and 40. It should break through forty soonish

  21. $WFM very nice recovery

  22. $WFM making its closing run

  23. $WFM with the new Ceo all you $wfm lovers should check out $fwm. Fairway is a Whole Foods likes company on the East Coast .

  24. $WFM Is going to finish up today. I like the support at 38.5

  25. $WFM nice rebound,doing better than yhoo