1. $APA $CVX $PAA $WFT 10-Day / 21-Day Bullish Moving Average Cross

  2. $WFT nice continuation... updated chart http://y.ahoo.it/KObzCOAd

  3. $WFT let s see if it can recover its gains by close

  4. Marketocracy holds an allocation of 3.5% in $WFT in his Explore Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  5. Covestor holds an allocation of 1.1% in $WFT in his Active and Aggressive Investment Portfolio

  6. $WFT Why Weatherford International (WFT) Stock Is Up Today http://y.ahoo.it/J1TNdI1B

  7. $WFT Good quarter. Good conference call. Keep up the good work and the stock will go to $30 next year. From there, who knows.

  8. $WFT breaking out on earnings but spreads are crazy right now. Still like this sector $SLB $HAL $BHI

  9. Ironwood Investment Management holds an allocation of 2.9% in $WFT in his Smidcap Value Investment Portfolio

  10. $WFT Boy that dip below 22 a couple weeks ago did not look promising BUT if you held way to go!!!!

  11. $WFT Boooooom Shaka lacka

  12. $WFT Looking for $25+ price today with strong volume

  13. Moved Upper Bollinger Band 2/2 $LLY $LNG $LUV $MRO $MS $NUE $VAR $VMC $WFT $XEC $XOM http://y.ahoo.it/ZBqLsJ1x

  14. $POT Yep moving on up what a beat baby it is nice to own $POT and $WFT for once!!!!!

  15. $WFT .24 vs .21 estimate... ignore revenue due to asset sales... very strong performance

  16. $WFT Not a blowout but progressing along. I think it will add some value.

  17. $WFT I read the press release. Looks like a good quarter. Margin improvement. Asset sales moving along. http://y.ahoo.it/w5nUOwJB

  18. $WFT reports $3.71B rev. 24 cents eps. vs avg analyst estimate of $3.78B rev and 21 cents eps.

  19. $WFT Weatherford Reports Second Quarter 2014 Results.. http://y.ahoo.it/sphdt0xh

  20. $WFT Weatherford Website says the call is tomorrow morning. I guess the press release will come out in the morning.

  21. @del_norte: $WFT What time does the report come out? I think 5:30 ET.

  22. $WFT What time does the report come out?

  23. Earnings after market close: $ILMN, $INFN, $PLCM, $QCOM, $SGMO, $SKX, $T, $TQNT, $TRIP, $WFT

  24. EPS after close: $FB, $T, $GILD, $QCOM, $WFT, $SLM, $ETFC, $CA, $CTXS, $TQNT, $NXPI, $PLCM, $TER http://y.ahoo.it/39jS3CZk

  25. $wft looking strong into ER