1. $WIX Could be back to the 20 s when Q2 results come in Aug.6.

  2. $WIX On the downturn but Wix offers a professional service to technologically illiterate folk. Considering a long position in the next month

  3. Technical Tuesday After The Engagement! Take a look here... http://y.ahoo.it/79FXEkio $spy $qqq $dia $wix $bby $p

  4. $WIX looks like a base on base situation off the bottom. Didn t do much after previous signal and eyeing how this shapes up given the market

  5. Google Domains Is Going To Chane The Web Services Market As We Know It $DADDY $WIX $GOOG $GOOGL http://y.ahoo.it/o77yMVJ3

  6. 3 Implications Of Google Domain Registrations Every http://y.ahoo.it/4G99fxlp Investor Should Consider $EIGI $GOOG $WIX http://y.ahoo.it/FjHHNKZS

  7. Moved Upper Bollinger Band $AJG $AWAY $BZH $GRPN $INTU $ISR $LOCK $MYL $QTWW $RGP $RL $SINA $TXRH $WIX $WY $XGTI http://y.ahoo.it/UpSDStBm

  8. Day trade opening bell watchlist: $LOCK $DNKN $GRPN $WIX

  9. @DrDuru: %stocks>40DMA=66..6%. Stall Speed: Overbought Period Ends. http://y.ahoo.it/ZP6lD7iq #T2108 $SPY $QQQ $WIX #VIX

  10. %stocks>40DMA=66..6%. Stall Speed: Overbought Period Ends. http://y.ahoo.it/xEOzdVNF #T2108 $SPY $QQQ $WIX #VIX

  11. Massive Volume Spikes http://y.ahoo.it/EKidWSaN $PRKR $VRTX $ISR $APP $HLT $WWWW $MSTX $WIX

  12. Handful of stock manage to breakout today keep em on your radar http://y.ahoo.it/E7smyPqb $MU $GRPN $WY $WIX $LOCK $AKRX

  13. Moved Upper Bollinger Band $AJG $AWAY $BZH $GRPN $INTU $ISR $LOCK $MYL $QTWW $RGP $RL $SINA $TXRH $WIX $WY $XGTI http://y.ahoo.it/BhMLaogl

  14. Today s Top Winners: $KONE $VRTX $XGTI $NURO $SR $ISR $DVCR $WIX $MEET $INWK

  15. Gainers: $VRTX+40.46% $WIX+13.45% $INWK+11.03% Losers: $OHRP-30.67% $WWWW-20.17% $KRA-13.73% Stock Movers Report: http://y.ahoo.it/HncuSHlm

  16. Very clean breakout for $WIX on very high buying volume. Above 50DMA. Bollinger Band (BB) squeeze to boot.

  17. Gainers: $VRTX+40.95% $INWK+12.31% $WIX+9.85% Losers: $WWWW-21.16% $OHRP-13.95% $KRA-11.18% Stock Movers Report: http://y.ahoo.it/d02s82Gg

  18. $WIX - http://y.ahoo.it/wIRvswBC - Tidal Wave Volume - Currently at 5 x average daily volume.

  19. $WIX nice move

  20. Potential Intraday Runners | http://y.ahoo.it/MmjRya41 $SFUN, $LIVE, $WIX, $TRLA, $DRL, $WB, $WUBA, $AMCC, $CRTO

  21. Pre-market movers $VRTX $XGTI $LIQD $SMT $WIX $KNDI $DNDN $TSEM $AVGO $ISR

  22. JPM keeps OW rating and $42 pt. $WIX $GOOG $GOOGL

  23. $WIX is one of four partners that help users build their websites after registering domains with $GOOG $GOOGL

  24. JPM saying $GOOG $GOOGL domain business a positive for $WIX. Rather than stealing a slice, Google will become another source of traffic

  25. $WIX deploys Proprietary Billing System.. http://y.ahoo.it/ksDjmDOg