1. $WLDN Just needs to increase 50%.. oops

  2. $WLDN Oh jeez don t start moving with oil now. Their clients are mostly in the public sector, they are not going to suddenly not be green

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  4. $WLDN Guess people saw energy next to their news feed and decided to sell

  5. $WLDN Been watching this one for over 3 months. Way over valued!

  6. $WLDN If it goes to single digits that might be one of those back up the truck moments...anyone else sitting and waiting in their truck?:)

  7. Losers $CYCC -75%, $TLOG -23%, $WLDN -20%, $FRO -20%, $BBX -18%, $NAV -16%, $TRX -15%, $HGSH -15%, $OPTT -14%, $ACFN -13%, $QIWI -12%,

  8. $WLDN holy **** how does this happen. Now I guess we wait it out.

  9. $WLDN Down on no news. I m going start my long position here. Will buy more as it drops.

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  12. $WLDN why is this stock being punished so much, could it be exposure to the oil prices, anybody know?

  13. $WLDN Tis healthy to be sick sometimes. Henry David Thoreau

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  18. $WLDN Look at that uptrend. Just bouncing off the support line of the channel. http://stocktwits.com/message/30172714

  19. $WLDN End of day selloff like usual. Probably will close around 15.90

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  21. $WLDN close above 16.50 would be great here

  22. $WLDN Lots of eggs in this basket now. Doubled around 16.50. Then added more at 15. Now in big looking for 18 again.

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  24. @harist70 Probably just some stop limits being hit and then people got scared. Judging by the past year, I like the momentum $WLDN has

  25. Out $MCD doubling position in $WLDN