1. $WLL If opec does cut we will move higher. Gamble here is correct, that s for sure.

  2. $WLL if opec doesn t cut ...new report suggest oil is going to 60...hel of a gamble here


  4. $WLL trade on OPEC meeting this week.

  5. $WLL Everybody talks about it and wants one, but a V shaped recovery is unlikely!

  6. $USO names I m in: $CMLP, $USO, $UCO, $WLL, $REI, $EOX.

  7. Bullish ADX Crossovers 4/4 $SCCO $SCHW $SD $SLB $SPN $SLTD $TRQ $TSL $TYC $VVUS $WES $WFT $WLL $WNR $X $YGE http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/p/bullish-adx-crossovers_21.html $STUDY

  8. 401 Advisor holds an allocation of 7.6% in $WLL in his Seasonal ETF Growth Investment Portfolio

  9. $WLL through 60, out, will ride with $HAL

  10. 5 top stocks on NYSE: $WLL, $KOG, $SSI, $NORD, $BBN http://www.nna100.com/stock_ranking.php?p=NYSE-Top-100-BUY-Rating-Stocks&d=2014-11-21

  11. $WLL Nice run today. (No position) Up 5.54%

  12. $PDCE $WLL $BCEI When the big boys feel retail has capitulated, they are going to drive these good, low debt names higher

  13. $WLL chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/bfGARSvE/ $WLL cut nearly in half & left for dead but selling seems to be abating. Higher low here. Snapback coming

  14. Additional definitive proxy soliciting materials and Rule 14(a)(12) material http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1275550 $WLL

  15. $BAS $WLL $HAL $DNR $KOG be careful on these oil tanking again

  16. How NDIC is trying to regulate extraction and transport of the Bakken crude oil, and the factors- http://www.bidnessetc.com/29428-how-effective-will-ndics-regulations-on-bakken-crude-oil-be/?utm_content=buffer41271&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer $WLL

  17. $WLL largest prod. in Bakken, 3.5b untapped credit reserves, fully funded merger, P/E (ttm) 11.83, OPEC cut looming http://en.mehrnews.com/detail/News/104641

  18. $WLL Saudi s just making sure Iran and Venezuela get in-line (via fear) and comply with production cuts... http://www.tasnimnews.com/English/Home/Single/559222

  19. $WLL cheap, cheap, cheap at this price... OPEC will cut, look to recent history http://money.cnn.com/2009/02/03/markets/oil/

  20. 401 Advisor holds an allocation of 7.3% in $WLL in his Seasonal ETF Growth Investment Portfolio

  21. Parabolic Sar Sell Signals 4/4 $TEVA $TROW $TSO $TYC $UPS $VLO $VOYA $WLL $WMB $XOM $YOKU $ZGNX $ZION http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/p/parabolic-sar-sell-signals_13.html

  22. $WLL bastards I gave us just a moment too soon laughing

  23. $WLL out already no luck on the break down -$150 on the options

  24. $WLL looks like $55 will hold S tl still holding and 55 is the action line looked more promising but this mkt doesnt like down

  25. $WLL no volume it has a second target of $52.50 not sure it can get there