1. Earnings announcement: $WLL is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Wed, Feb 24 2016

  2. $WLL $OAS $KMI I did as well

  3. $WLL it s a sad sad day for us bullish townsfolk

  4. $WLL The way I am looking the chart+volume blocks, some big guns are unloading this, in anticipation of sub $5 or credit downgrade or fishy.

  5. $WLL without much selling today in other stocks, it is down 9%, when true selling resumes, it could see 6s today.

  6. $WLL this one selling like no tomorrow. What is the matter? Debt downgrade or secondary issue? Someone knows something? Heavy selling

  7. $amzn support 488.00 area. I m long 503.40 small position because I can t find anything else. Covered $rrts and $wll

  8. $WLL Rig count is sham: Increase=traders no see sign of output down; decrease=output up despite count being down=sentiment wins

  9. $CLR $WLL bull spike today before/after rig ct 12 CST= scale in short opp, 21.50 CLR & 7.50 ish WLL, tentatively, unless big oil move.

  10. $WLL $OAS $KMI dont tread on me, who bought on that dip

  11. $WLL down $.50 to lows after 10k weekly 7 puts bought on the close yesterday

  12. $WLL covered short initiated at 7.09 y day at 6.75 early on here, 450 shares, scalp. Premature probably but oil=crazy whipsaw. Cash=King.

  13. $USO charts speak 1000 words. Doomed. $WLL $RIG $DO $CLR $OAS $BAS $CJES $RIG $28 for sure, but how low?

  14. $WLL I m short at 7.40 but I don t do this very often. One day I might wake up to a buyout

  15. $WLL added short in after hours.

  16. Setups we liked today that we ll be watching tomorrow $XON $SEDG $VDSI $WLL $SWFT $TUP $SPY More setups with charts. http://www.livetradepro.com/stocks-to-watch

  17. RECAP 2/4 Unusual Puts: $CUDA Feb 12.5 P $NOW May 50 P $NE Feb 7.5 P $WLL Feb05 7 P

  18. $WLL MM is controlling the price for dark pool transactions (look at 1 million shares gone around 3:50 after sudden drop). No fairness

  19. $WLL Feb05 7 Put Buyers +10k for $0.20-0.25

  20. $WLL Oil closed @ 32.2, this is at $6.7; Oil closed at @31.62, this is hovering at $7.27. Makes no sense, Oil goes down, these stocks go up

  21. $WLL Oil down 2% from yesterday, this is still 7% for today. Divergence, setting up for distribution/short positions/options, WTF.

  22. $WLL $CLR $ERY general indices moving up and stable today, USD weak, floating energy equities. Maybe Fri selling. Might reshort WLL 7.50 ish

  23. $WLL don t try to short, it could be a buyout target. $SPY, $QQQ, $IWM.

  24. $WLL short from here

  25. $WLL looking to be a good day