1. @RyanDetrick not gonna name names but someone was bullish on $WLT @ 38. ouch! ;)

  2. $WLT $anr $btu $clf Is china looking to USA for all imported coal http://y.ahoo.it/exjKMHmd

  3. $TPLM Daily Long squeeze #stocks $VRS $ESI $WLT $IOC

  4. $BTU a buy opp off the index change weakness? Peabody Energy to be removed from S&P 500 http://y.ahoo.it/GNRMmrfG $ANR $WLT #Coalpocalypse

  5. Long Squeeze Alerts $FRO $WLT $RIG $FST $ZQK $HOV $KWK $HLF $DO $GES $NE $ESV

  6. $WLT 8.5 % more Metallic ores, Coke , Primary metal products, Iron & steel scrap being shipped. http://y.ahoo.it/XHkzl9Qr

  7. $WLT Strong dollar will do this one no favors

  8. $WLT $ANR $ACI $BTU Grave threat November EPA GOP / DEMS http://y.ahoo.it/tYD2Mbnv

  9. $WLT This stock is right on the monthly billing dr band and unbelievably oversold!!!

  10. In the last couple of days we realized gains on $WLT (19% APR) and $BBRY(19% APR). #options

  11. $WLT Can t resist the double bottom and six consecutive red days. In at 4.12 for a quick trade. Easy money here.

  12. $WLT yet another red candle http://y.ahoo.it/FI5ckfa7

  13. $WLT setting up to close green folks!!

  14. $WLT bear pennant s compressing w/a hammer candle at 4.12 http://y.ahoo.it/CuPY0WS6

  15. $WLT how cool was that

  16. $WLT At least it s starting to go sideways each day rather than the diag down we ve been seeing. Makes me think a reversal is brewing.

  17. $WLT Calling the low right here @ 4.10 enjoy! Looking for 4.60

  18. $WLT keep in mind what market maker are doing its 3 oclock on a fridy this is margin call frustrating panic selling. Only the Strong SURVIVE

  19. $WLT I am sure you have a stop loss set up some where below.

  20. $WLT It has a good chance of turning around next week. I am in $ANR instead. Less debt more cash reserve.

  21. $WLT I don t care if the company is going BK. Charts say BUY!

  22. $WLT 10000 @ 4.14

  23. $WLT Wish you luck. It is either Boom or Bust w/ this stock. $40,000 loss vs $100,000 gain.

  24. $WLT Just picked up 10000 shares.. Awesome Deal!

  25. $WLT theres no bottom. ...