1. $WLT target $0.22

  2. $ANR $ACI $WLT Hoping for one more good sized pull back. Lets see.

  3. $WLT Covered and buying, you know it s time to buy coal when a Rothschild invests in it. http://www.wsj.com/articles/nathaniel-rothschild-mulls-rival-offer-for-asia-resource-minerals-1429562241

  4. $WLT valuation according to http://vuru.co http://www.vuru.co/analysis/WLT/

  5. $WLT needs a MS upgrade ASAP, funny how all your friends abandon you when you are down and out.

  6. $WLT unsecured bond prices often precede stock moves, so maybe they ll pump this up a bit to reduce embarrassment at annual meeting on 4/23?

  7. $WLT ...director disposed 24 shares ??? That is the just idiotic post...all 13 bucks worth...get a life moron !!!@!

  8. $WLT: New Insider Transaction on WLT by Director MASCALL GRAHAM: http://insideri.com/1515692_000124752415000145_0001247524-15-000145

  9. Walter Energy director just disposed of 24 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=1622822 $WLT

  10. $wlt....when shorts start posting garbage all over the place is time to buy some more...scaring tactics do not work at 55 cents...

  11. $WLT hmm.. their 9.875 bond is up more than 40% today, something s cooking...

  12. $WLT why is this still trading?

  13. $WLT once it gets even closer to 0 and becomes $WLTQ, @sister will have one less stock to pump !

  14. come on $WLT stop wasting our time and go to $0.21

  15. $WLT will eventually go even lower, see how they have pinned it flat after the drop.. it is burning off the oversold condition through time

  16. $WLT wow another sister pumper post promising bogus triple bottom & bounce back to .90 that will never happen. bankrupt co going to 0 $XLE

  17. $WLT triple bottom and harder bounceback to .90 as shorts head for exits on this 10x opportunity $XLE

  18. $WLT so @sister the pumper, where s the bogus $0.79, $1.15, $3.32, etc.. you promised ? :-P

  19. $WLT $0.55, now down slightly more than 12% since open, nice !

  20. $WLT $0.5881.. down 6.65% since the open.. this is getting boring, where did all the bulls go ???

  21. $WLT according to option volatility, $0.50 has roughly 82% probability of being touched in next 25 days, vs. about 15% probability for $1.00

  22. $WLT they are bleeding it very slowly trying to offload as many as they can on the way down to naive buyers recruited by @sister the shill

  23. $WLT might buy some around $0.21 or when the pumper stops promoting this name

  24. $WLT bigger drop to .49 where we get the escalators down to .33 for .12

  25. $WLT I hope caffy the clown and sister the worlds worst pumper enjoyed their day off...I know I did