1. $WLT is like The Omen...once it has taken everything around you then it will destroy you too...screw it at $0.19 a share roll the dice lol!!

  2. Walter Energy to release earnings before the market opens on Monday. $WLT http://sleekmoney.com/walter-energy-wlt-to-release-earnings-on-monday/329507/

  3. $WLT ......releases ER before bell on Monday ....so bad it s good? Pretty sure trade able through coupon deadline July 15....

  4. $WLT .....probably buying more on Monday ...already had the capit day.....even with bk proceedings worth .25. Good risk reward. Rumors of BO

  5. $WLT Happy birthday to $WLT as it became a Teenager on Friday(19 cents per share). Wait a minute, I should be saying; Happy Near-Death Day.

  6. $WLT mgt fighting for pensions and common, without resolution might as well make the int pmt they are late on, they have liquidity for now.

  7. $WLT 3.1 billion in debt? if you cant make money off 500 million you shouldn t be loaned any more!

  8. $WLT Inverted Hammer. Er Hammer Toe. No..Inverted Hammer. Happy 4th folks. Just remember us Canadians kicked yer tails in1812 in Acadia

  9. $WLT Wow, it was only how long ago that this was 80% higher?

  10. $ACI $WLT $ANR http://www.eia.gov/cfapps/ipdbproject/IEDIndex3.cfm?tid=1&pid=1&aid=2

  11. $ACI $WLT $ANR

  12. $WLT can t believe I was day trading this POS when it was $40. Lol !! How low can you go

  13. $WLT WLT is filing for bankruptcy right???

  14. $ACI $ANR $WLT don t add up to a buck

  15. $WLT Putting a short target at .19 and a cover target at .01

  16. $WLT senior creditors are entering confidential talks with the company to reorganize it in bankruptcy court http://ryanoilusa.com

  17. $WLT added*

  18. $WLT I see the volume spiking but no change in the price.

  19. $WLT Bloomberg: Walter Energy debt talks accelerate with bankruptcy plan http://seekingalpha.com/news/2611805

  20. $WLT reorganizing debt, and making plans to be successful!

  21. $WLT sorry typo I meant to write January 2016 not 2017 in previous post..

  22. $WLT option-implied probability of touching 0.50 by January 2017 is only 37%. once again @sister $1.15 target totally bogus

  23. $WLT With creditors wanting to turn their debt into equity, what will that mean for this stock? Will it trade under a new symbol?

  24. $WLT new lows, as expected..

  25. $WLT don t believe @sister the pumper who probably works for market makers trying to offload this junk.