1. $WLT Well running dry. Only 300K left available for shorts. http://y.ahoo.it/YJ6YkBqM

  2. $WLT on Fails to deliver NYSE Threshold list again http://y.ahoo.it/W6Vg3ltN

  3. $WLT I think I can I think I can....but I never do....o Walter what is gonna be??

  4. @drewfraserconsulting: $WLT target $5.67

  5. $BTU vs $WLT @ +$8.98

  6. $WLT 10,000 July 25th 6 dollar calls bought today


  8. $WLT target $5.67

  9. $WLT Impressive volume for a two hour trade! Definitely a battle is going on now! Not feeling good at all!

  10. Current portfolio => $WLT $LIQD $YGE $AEGR $CRTO $FUEL $HSOL $KING $MM $FCEL $AVEO $TRIP and watching $KNDI for reentry ....

  11. $WLT short @ $5.93

  12. $CLF very surprised $WLT $ANR $ACI are not YET participating

  13. $WLT Daily chart is very nice.

  14. Highest Put/Call ratios today $SIRI $DRYS $S $WLT http://y.ahoo.it/McTSovTb

  15. 71.0% increased bullish conversations in $WLT in the past 1 hour.

  16. @ag2 63 posts here re. $WLT just this morning-are you drinking too much coffee?

  17. $WLT with ~ 60% short of float... just the kind a tthinig u don t wanna see if u are short

  18. $WLT Updated chart (posted initial setup expectations here yesterday) http://y.ahoo.it/E1PYeFuj

  19. $WLT we are intrdayy and on daily chart in front of important support leevels and trading slowly against them...

  20. $WLT still not seeing very agrressive intrday buyers. wait for them, if they come in, bf for shorts is a sure thing ;-)

  21. $WLT saw crazy things happenign in those kind a trades... just give it time, and manage by size

  22. $WLT remmeber the numbers... Days To Cover (Short Interest Ratio) 9.6 Short Percent of Float 61.29 %

  23. $WLT means no covering for me before I see .10 getting hit

  24. $WLT again, I would not cover here guys... still think that u should buy this name belw 6 bux and just be greedy and at least go for 10 cent

  25. $WLT arlight, THINKING that 6 bux could be in before lunch time