1. $WLT to re-test 0.30 and continue lower

  2. $WLT to........0.90????????????

  3. $WLT ...cafrade...u r a clown...do everybody a big favor and get a life !!!!!

  4. $BTU Anyone know why when big coal companies $CLD $BTU rise the smaller ones fall? $WLT $ANR $ACI

  5. $WLT I think I can trust TDA. You may want to consider upgrading your platform. That s what we as actual traders utilize. Thanks.

  6. $WLT @Strong_Hands: check your market data source, the close was 0.6877

  7. $WLT The close was .7248

  8. $WLT weak close at 0.69. pumper s 0.79 didn t happen of course

  9. $WLT Really? @cafade You re actually giving yourself credit for identifying the most basic of S/R levels? Very impressive! hilarious...

  10. $WLT there we go. back to VWAP (0.71) as predicted

  11. $WLT seems stuck at a downtrend channel line and about to head back below today s VWAP (0.71)

  12. $WLT MM s not letting this stock move the rest of the day heavy resistance at .738

  13. $WLT I like how we a a pumper and a dumper battling it out over this trash stock.

  14. $WLT most people here hoping for this thing to go higher and prefer to believe the pumper but co looses lots of $ and suffocates in debt

  15. $WLT @cafrade Please, do us all a favor and educate yourself on the fundamentals of trading! It s starting to get embarrassing...lol

  16. $WLT don t listen to this guy @CAFRADE just wants you to sell your shares

  17. $WLT nice bullish but fake cup & handle pattern will fail and the pumper will run away with your money

  18. $WLT sorry typo, it is 1.02

  19. $WLT then 1.05

  20. $WLT going to break it around 3pm

  21. $WLT huge resistance at .75 if it breaks off to .80+

  22. $WLT resistance 0.875

  23. $WLT noticed how it only went to 0.7499, too many sell orders @ 0.75

  24. $WLT 0.75 - 0.79 will be huge resistance

  25. $WLT setting up nicely for afternoon break out