1. $WLT target 0

  2. $WLT down 7.69% again today, thank you @sister

  3. $WLT shorting this stock isn t cheap but it s amazingly profitable

  4. $WLT bankrupt co, worthless stock going to 0, sister s always wrong and her 1.15 target is impossible

  5. $WLT added again large @ .07 for that 1.15 on positive news coming here $KOL $GLD $GDX $FCX

  6. @69400: @TheOne_: Top Shorts: $CZR $PEIX $RLGT $BBRY $CEF $CLF $WLT short a company trading at cash value lmao I laugh along with you.

  7. Your couple months late on almost ALL picks now at/near the bottoms @TheOne_: Top Shorts: $CZR $PEIX $RLGT $BBRY $CEF $CLF $WLT

  8. @TheOne_: Top Shorts: $CZR $PEIX $RLGT $BBRY $CEF $CLF $WLT short a company trading at cash value lmao

  9. $WLT the fact that it traded 140 in the past is not relevant. only present and future matters. debt holders now own co, old shares worthless

  10. $WLT @sister using exact same strategy in $RIG and $BTU look at her message history of bogus lofty targets while stocks keep going down.

  11. $WLT you better sell and salvage whatever is left before this goes to 0

  12. $WLT @sister trying to sell worthless stock to the naive/uninformed & to give false hopes to people trapped in so that they stay & lose 100%

  13. $ANR and $WLT THEY GONE! OUT OF HERE! $ACI NEXT and then $BTU !

  14. $WLT Just like old PAL. But this time it s nice short to subpennyland

  15. $WLT was 140s at it s pinnacle and ya don t think we can get 1.15? Think again. $USO $XLE $OIH $XOP

  16. $WLT @sister s 1.15 represents a 1338% move up from here (.08) which is hardly realistic or credible. stock is much more likely to go to 0

  17. $WLT ... used *by*..

  18. $WLT both of them are probably used this stock s evil market makers to mislead / manipulate your mind

  19. $WLT @young_prodigy is right, @sister is always wrong; so you know who to listen to

  20. $WLT initial rally back to 1.15 comin on positive news regarding restructuring $GLD $GDX $KOL $BTU

  21. $WLT Going to be a big gap down next week I can guarantee it.

  22. $WLT - WLTDF Look up PALDF ($PAL)

  23. $WLT 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 cents.. then 0 !!!!

  24. $WLT Trumping it up

  25. $WLB so bad. SO BAD! This should be below 10. Consensus -.64, actual loss on the quarter over $2?? $BTU $WLT status coming $SPY