1. $WLT Cash reserves gives them 2-3 years, enough for the republicans to take back the seat. I m buying little by little. It hurts less

  2. Funny thing is if you bought $wlt when it was 140. and sold it today at 2.00 you d be better off than buying it today and have it go to .00

  3. Alert results: $ANGI +11% $CGA +15% $CNET +1% $LAKE +3% $SPEX +6% $WLT +6% $WPRT +1% | @AlertTrade

  4. $WLT Looking for a buy below 1.50

  5. @Chaku: It may retest 2.01 if broken 1.75, 1.50 evident recalling.. $wlt

  6. $WLT I ve lost my will get out of bed.....this is f*cking garbage.

  7. $ANR $ACI $BTU $WLT - someone ring the damn bell already

  8. $WLT hit 2nd predicted move @ $2.09. Alerted 09:38 @ $2.28. | @AlertTrade

  9. Alert updates: $ANGI +11% $CGA +15% $LAKE +3% $SPEX +6% $WLT +4% | @AlertTrade

  10. $WLT cnbc najarian brothers pumped wally in feb as a buy #LOL

  11. $WLT who is buying this stock besides me. So far total 7550000 I.i 7.50 shares trades. There is something going on. Prob. I m gonna make big

  12. @nemostocks: $ANR Moody is planning to downgrade debt to selective default. But $WLT will default first. link or gtfo...

  13. $ANR Moody is planning to downgrade debt to selective default. But $WLT will default first.

  14. @jiujitsutrader: $WLT solid chart and today s brilliant insight award goes to .....

  15. $WLT is this thing delisted yet ? #notajoke

  16. $WLT you either get rich or go broke on this position ....... im gambling here in at 2.13

  17. $WLT I forget who orig posted flip the chart what do you see. flipped it looks like consolidation b4 another move up

  18. $WLT I m not sure why people are still investing in this POS !! #gambling #problems

  19. $WLT $WLT back from the dead Consolidation talks in Coal Sector http://www.theguardian.com/business/marketforceslive/2014/oct/01/ftse-lowest-since-april-weak-economy-ebola?CMP=twt_gu via @guardian

  20. Alert updates: $ANGI +11% $CGA +15% $LAKE +3% $SPEX +6% $WLT +2% | @AlertTrade

  21. $WLT Enough with the pumping sister bagholder...

  22. $WLT added again @ 2.15 for 2.84 initial squeeze on way back to 19.50 from January $KOL $BTU $GDX

  23. Alert updates: $ANGI +11% $CGA +8% $LAKE +3% $SPEX +6% $WLT +2% | @AlertTrade

  24. @Razer I learned this year and it saved my account. See $WLT chart

  25. $WLT triggered SHORT, hit 1st predicted move @ $2.13. Alerted 09:38 @ $2.28. | @AlertTrade