1. Coals are a real Beeeeeotch! No coals for me right now. Might pick up $WLT later at lower BB. $CLF with a bull flag fail. $ACI $ANR

  2. $WLT initial gapfill back to 6.02 in progress $KOL $BTU $GDX

  3. $ANR flat, $wlt $aci $btu down. strange...

  4. $WLT if it cant hold the 50d im out

  5. $WLT added again @ 5.81 for initial gap back to 6.50 as this story gets rewritten $KOL $GLD $GDX

  6. $NFLX $ANR $CLF $WLT $AMD $F Let the slide begin - NFLX. Should be a steep thriller. Been waiting since Monday.

  7. $WLT closing in on the 50dma...watching a bit closer today

  8. $WLT added @ 5.87 for 6.50 initially on this doubler $KOL $GLD $BTU

  9. $WLT a strong dollar buying opportunity. Just need that buck to ease up.

  10. Nice $CLF. Back in the penalty box for $CLF and $WLT

  11. Parabolic Sar Sell Signals 2/2 $LXRX $NBIX $NOR $OPK $PCLN $PKD $RGSE $ROSE $SFY $SGMO $SPLS $VDSI $WLT $YOKU http://y.ahoo.it/Q0YWK2ze

  12. Wednesday TODAY S VIDEO IS UP HERE: http://y.ahoo.it/pARa0DY9 $JRJC $WLT http://y.ahoo.it/XZKnCvqJ

  13. $BTU vs $WLT spread closed @+$10.69

  14. $NFLX $ANR $WLT $CLF $AMD $F Still holding NFLX short from Monday. Looking really nice from here.

  15. $ACI $ANR fought back to close even/slightly green $WLT this pos was down all day - flush. Out $WLT today but other coal plays still on $KOL

  16. $BTU vs $wlt spread @ +$10.65

  17. $BTU vs $WLT spread @

  18. @ClintonSPX Even a broken clock is showing the right time twice a day! LOL $WLT

  19. $WLT sold 5.97 | Loss of 4.34%

  20. $SPX 3/5 longs green today $AAPL $MU $GWPH $XLE $WLT. 5/5 shorts green today $SPLK $DATA $ATHN $TSLA $IWM. We will take it.

  21. $btu $clf now green , no reason why $wlt at current levels Absolutely no reason

  22. $WLT picking back up slowly

  23. Stopped out on $WLT - broke support and 6.

  24. $BTU vs $WLT spread @+$10.39 and steady. Momentum implies BTU leg on rise with foot on WLT. Breaking $10.75 would be interesting

  25. $ACI $ANR $WLT $KOL Why don t the coal cos. stop producing for a short period (60 days) and see what happens when the U.S. goes dark?