1. The seniors are starting 2 get the message http://www.mining.com/glencore-mulls-shutting-down-south-african-coal-mines-lay-offs-83472/ & http://www.mining.com/anglo-american-set-for-commodity-slump-triggered-charge-66947/ $WLT $ANR $CLF $ACI + esp $BHP trading @ 5yr lows


  3. $WLT Am I mistaken or is there a nice Hammer setup on the candles ?

  4. $WLT curious... could get another 3K order filled at .8533 the ask, nor at .855 nor at .86 .865 or .87 in last four mins of trading

  5. $WLT Did we just go green?

  6. $WLT Just going to go higher. Heehee how could it not. Lol

  7. @cheri1: @RonCoby: $WLT Down another 8.5% and getting closer to zero by the day. posted jan 26

  8. $WLT chart s saying much worse

  9. $WLT slimy MM s dont want to grab my 3K order at 84.25 nor go near my 82.25 or 81.25. 5they prefer to run their 100 shr orders bstrds

  10. $WLT suspends dividend http://marketsdaily.com/informatica-corporation-nasdaqinfa-announces-500m-stock-repurchase-program-walter-energy-inc-nysewlt-amgen-inc-nasdaqamgn/

  11. $WLT Holding strong against Div cut is bullish. Will be a buy soon.

  12. $WLT All done here.

  13. $WLT added 5x @ .82 this a.m. for mother of all squeezes to 3.32 initially. Was 19.27 last November

  14. $ACI with new lows and now has become a penny stock. we call these Sisyphus stocks that poke out your eyes! $WLT too!

  15. $WLT lets keep the chart clean w/o gaps - overhead resistance @ 1.16

  16. #WLT New Events on Walter Energy, Shares Fell (NYSE: $WLT)

  17. @chumpville Here s some non-global warming records being shattered again http://www.wcvb.com/weather/worcester-sets-snowfall-record-with-335-inches/30961080 $KOL $ANR $ACI $WLB $WLT @crt6978

  18. $WLT http://phx.corporate-ir.net/External.File?item=UGFyZW50SUQ9MjU5MTE1fENoaWxkSUQ9LTF8VHlwZT0z&t=1 note the fact no major debt due till 2018

  19. $WLT Folks, dividend was .01/qtr or $2.7mm per year. This is a non-event. But nice to hear a peep from the company after a 36% drop YTD.

  20. @HitTheBidRadio Come on Krull you re better than $WLT

  21. $WLT people by the time we get the news it s too late. The dividend news was already know to MM s

  22. $X is the New $CLF $BTU $WLT I d like to be proved wrong but We will see. 22.75 breaks I am shorting with as much money as I can find

  23. @pstpetrov: $WLT Dividend suspension

  24. $WLT Is it all over now or is there a twist to the story?

  25. $WLT Is bankruptcy around the corner (Seeking Alpha) http://seekingalpha.com/article/2850396-walter-energy-is-bankruptcy-around-the-corner