1. $WLT Likely floats sideways until 30th

  2. @Agad77 Walter Energy is a Zacks #4 (Sell). 1 estimate has been cut for the qtr in the last week. $WLT

  3. $WLT added large @ 1.95 on renewed activist rumblings $KOL $FCX $QQQ

  4. $WLT initial gapfill to 3.01 then 5.05 into Oct. 30 earnings on better-than-expected $BTU results and positive news $SPY $GLD $GDX

  5. @chumpville exactly. which means rising prices soon on reduced inventory imo. $WLT $ANR

  6. $WLT $ANR More than 20 M of the approximately 30 million tons of announced global metallurgical production cutbacks are yet to be realized.

  7. $WLT volume rising.

  8. Both $WLT and $ANR are banging on their daily 20s. WLT has not closed above its daily 20 ma mid- August.

  9. $ANR only went down because of opex IMO. being gamed like crazy. went down more than $wlt, $aci, now up more than those two. happy trading!

  10. $WLT Let s hope it holds it above 2 or margin calls will prompt selling

  11. $WLT nice setup

  12. $BTU earnings beat. May be we have seen bottom in coal stocks. $WLT $ANR $KOL

  13. $WLT THRD bought 23,500 shares @ $1.849, THRD bought 20,731 shares @ $1.861, THRD bought 10,072 shares @ $1.92.

  14. $WLT NMS asking $4.95,

  15. $WLT NYSE bought 52.268 shares @1.91, NMS 5000 @1.92, THRD 2300 @ 1.9199

  16. @herbgreenberg How high u think $WLT Would go?

  17. @Inst_Insider How high u think $WLT Would go?

  18. @ZorTrades How high u think $WLT Would go?

  19. @harmongreg How high u think $WLT Would go?

  20. @TraceyRyniec How high u think $WLT Would go?

  21. @Estimize How high u think $WLT Would go?

  22. $WLT http://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/wlt. - So looks to me going hight! What do U think!!

  23. $WLT http://stocktwits.com/LockYourGains/message/18740807 + http://stocktwits.com/LockYourGains/message/20037483 now what? This will print 0.99 .. at a minimum!

  24. $WLT I think it will reach 2.40 USD p/s on wednesday just before the markets closes :P Then a little drop followed by new highs :)

  25. @sister $BTU $WLT is that even possible, to get some sort of positive forecast that is? Or is it about to get worse before it gets better