1. $WLT since it is fundamentally bearish & MMs seem politically aligned with US govt to kill coal, maybe we see .42 again today too

  2. $WLT sorry for the typo, I obviously meant to write of course ..

  3. @MrHouse @caffy $WLT so it went to .53 instead of .52, big deal.. now watch it go down you just repeat for those of us that blocked caddy?

  4. $WLT if course I could be totally wrong and this thing could crash to zero but from here it seems further upside is more likely

  5. $WLT @MrHouse sorry to disappoint you but one must be nimble. further analysis leads me to believe that this could be back above $1 soon

  6. $WLT If I were short and looking at this chart, I d be considering an exit.

  7. @caffy $WLT so it went to .53 instead of .52, big deal.. now watch it go down

  8. @caffy $WLT this was just a small corrective bounce, worthless stock about to resume lower..

  9. @caffy $WLT yeah this is an obvious short

  10. $WLT so, @young_prodigy, was that your guaranteed big down day ?

  11. $WLT green close (positive on the day), nicely held both the 8-day and 21-day moving averages

  12. $WLT hmm

  13. $WLT next targets: 50-day at $0.56 and 100-day at $0.79

  14. $WLT shorting it was yesterday s trade. now is time to look in the future, keeping an open & optimistic mind.

  15. $WLT if it manages to improve its capital structure this will be highly positive for the stock. lots of upside. very asset-rich company.

  16. $WLT nice

  17. $WLT ....go long young man !!!!!

  18. $WLT guess we r getting a sense of which of the four $WLT $BTU $ACI $ANR will survive.... giddyup $WLT !!

  19. $WLT shorts are toast

  20. $WLT giddy frieakin up !!!! .483 Shorts are WTF ????

  21. $WLT now positive on the day, wow !

  22. $WLT hey @sister thanks for the nice pump !! :-)

  23. $WLT rally into the close ?

  24. $WLT blatant manipulation

  25. $WLT there we go