1. $WLT calling bottom @ 1.36 merry xmass http://stocktwits.com/message/30513748

  2. $WLT The March 1.50 puts are selling for .50 credit this would put your break even at 1.00

  3. $WLT $ANR $ACI OFFICIAL BEAR EXPERIMENT: Everyone push the BEAR button while posting whether bearish or not and see what happens to price.

  4. @chumpville they did ship 24% more on the metallic ores and metals (includes coke/coking coal) Good for $ACI $ANR $BTU $WLT

  5. http://news.yahoo.com/six-ways-democrats-lose-out-in-the-2015-spending-bill-231616578.html don t forget January 2015 $ANR $ACI $WLB $KOL $WLT all get a new life with EPA s reach being cut back.

  6. $WLT Miracle!!!! It is alive !!!!!!

  7. $WLT pinned @ 1.45

  8. $WLT race to the bottoms, good luck knife catchers

  9. $WLT worthless crap, and i am long 45000 shares now

  10. $WLT buy the dip, lol

  11. $WLT here we have a proper red hammer candle. next steps busting thru bear pennant, and torching the wood shed #CHEERS http://stocktwits.com/message/30479163

  12. the once a week $WLT lesson. WLT used to make steel not electric. carry on.

  13. $WLT Sentiment rating has been over 70% bullish for the last 3 years even though price has gone from $40 to $1.50. Same with $ANR $ACI

  14. $WLT I am buying here.Comon coal prices will recover eventually

  15. $WLT headed back to 19.22 from last Nov on double bottom and higher low

  16. $WLT 38,000,000 shares SHORT why dont we just create electricity with UBER or some other BS nonsense stock wake the EF up people

  17. $WLT continue accumulating with big boys for mother of all squeezes back to 2.75 then 3.32 on gross oversell.

  18. $WLT $ANR next hedge fund blow up when these turn around $WLT MC99M yet cash is 600M REVS 1.6B completely overdone

  19. $WLT 1st Area watch daily 6.

  20. $WLT is a ruined company. just play the bounces

  21. $WLT bring it on @GrandpaNewphie You won t be right twice in a row. Options Expiry. Squeeeezzzzzeeeee. I am

  22. $WLT looking ripe for a beating

  23. $WLT 1.47 red hammer candle s in.. does it hold? http://stocktwits.com/message/30440634

  24. $WLT Longs take your profits quickly next few days and move on. Long term, there are much better options.

  25. $WLT 1.47 held appears rock solid. Grats to all longs. If history repeats, sell the spike tomorrow and buy more at 1.50. (No position)