1. West Marine downgraded by B. Riley to neutral. $10.00 PT. http://www.marketbeat.com/r/663687 $WMAR

  2. Top Downgrades 6/21: $ALRM $AXL $BWA $CPS $KEX $KNX $LEA $MPG $PLD $STO $USAC $WERN $WMAR

  3. B. Riley Downgrades West Marine ($WMAR) to Neutral http://www.streetinsider.com/Analyst+PT+Change/B.+Riley+Downgrades+West+Marine+%28WMAR%29+to+Neutral/11757983.html?si_client=st

  4. West Marine downgraded by B. Riley to neutral. $10.00 PT. http://www.marketbeat.com/r/661608 $WMAR

  5. $WMAR hearing Downgraded

  6. Sporting Goods Update @FVConsult $BGFV $CAB $DKS $HIBB $HZO $SPWH $WMAR http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/11716101-forward-view/4891150-sporting-goods-sector-update #trading #stocks

  7. West Marine s Chief Executive Officer just disposed of 2,944 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=2831843 $WMAR

  8. West Marine s EVP - Stores & Wholesale just disposed of 920 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=2831773 $WMAR

  9. $WMAR is a BUY with 31.3% upside to current price of $9.14 based on averages of all analyst ratings/targets http://manyratings.com/WMAR

  10. $WMAR: New SEC Filing for WMAR: Form 8-K, No. 0001596770-16-000136 http://stocknewsflow.com/912833_000159677016000136_0001596770-16-000136

  11. On May http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=2817493 $WMAR

  12. $WMAR: New SEC Filing for WMAR: Form SD, No. 0000912833-16-000113 http://stocknewsflow.com/912833_000091283316000113_0000912833-16-000113

  13. <br/> http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary/?id=2812234 $WMAR

  14. $WMAR: New SEC Filing for WMAR: Form 4 http://insideri.com/937997_000091283316000097_0000912833-16-000097

  15. Major owner of West Marine just picked up 2,780 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=2811925 $WMAR

  16. Major owner of West Marine just cashed-in 1,500,000 options http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2811908 $WMAR

  17. $WMAR May 2016 Investor Presentation is now available https://app.scoutfin.com/document.html?id=574ca230509151936dfb5ccb&_branch_match_id=link-265926515357820885

  18. $WMAR West Marine Correlation Histogram MODE : 0 #bigdata http://dataunion.tistory.com/919#.VznZazWLS8E

  19. $WMAR West Marine Kurtosis : -0.33 Skew : 0.19 Correlation Histogram #bigdata http://dataunion.tistory.com/919#.VznZazWLS8E

  20. West Marine s buy rating reiterated at B. Riley. $12.00 PT. http://www.marketbeat.com/r/640230 $WMAR

  21. $WMAR Q1 2016 Earnings Call Transcript is now available http://link.scoutfin.com/8gyk/PJeXb1I93s

  22. SIGNIA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC appears to have added to its $WMAR position in the most recent quarter http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryh/?id=2699327

  23. $WMAR: New SEC Filing for WMAR: Form DEFA14A, No. 0000912833-16-000092 http://stocknewsflow.com/912833_000091283316000092_0000912833-16-000092

  24. Additional definitive proxy soliciting materials and Rule 14(a)(12) material http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary2/?id=2693425 $WMAR

  25. $WMAR Q1 2016 Earnings Call Audio is now available. http://link.scoutfin.com/8gyk/sbO5zbX3Xs