1. $WPRT $QTWW The one thing WPRT has to worry about is ZHRO. Quantum is working with them to create Diesel to CNG injector conversions.

  2. $WPRT this company will be bought out

  3. $WPRT YTD $23 down to 5.75

  4. $WPRT Zzzzzz. What s the deal w this stock? What s on the horizon? What should we watch for? Catalysts? Etc? Let us know below:

  5. $WPRT this thing is so cheap, for 360M you can get the best Nat Gas engine company, go trie to develop it for 360M buyout at least 1B

  6. $WPRT bought back into this one, lost $1500 last time I played around with this one. Hope I can get it back.

  7. $WPRT I wouldnt be short here, any decent news will pop this sucker huge.

  8. $WPRT Buy order set at 4.50

  9. @jasonkelly $WPRT I m still in this dog...are you?

  10. $WPRT crickets and tumble weeds.

  11. $WPRT Watching this one. Chart shows potential

  12. $WPRT might bail given the drop and price of oil looks like it will fall further...

  13. $WPRT right now the shorts are in control. vol just too low. we need a catalyst soon!

  14. $WPRT In at $5.90 January $6 call option 20 contract $0.55

  15. $WPRT Bollinger Band squeeze. Bollinger Band squeeze http://stocktwits.com/message/29216142

  16. $WPRT bout time it moves back up!

  17. @Neil_Flynn $WPRT dropped bad this year. Made money earlier this year and last year between $13 $18, but its nor $6. And $CMI stayed at $100

  18. @Neil_Flynn Not sure if your tracking $WPRT, but I m not understanding why this company hasn t reached $20, with all JV and china connection

  19. @twitforbrains: $WPRT in 6.35 for swing trade Nice!

  20. $WPRT in 6.35 for swing trade

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  23. $WPRT decent bottoming setup on daily

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