1. $WPRT, $CLNE and $FSYS are all viable plays on the long side. FSYS s activist investor is definitely juicing up the sector

  2. $WPRT looking like another break down...starting to believe it is doomed, Oil better start going up or WPRT cash burn gonna mean BK soon.

  3. Today s Pre-Market Gainers $ZVV $WPRT $XNCR $PRIM $SGYP $MLNX

  4. $WPRT This stock is ready to blast off!!! The stock gods want us to benefit with this one.....Who doesn t see that?!? Let s git paid!!!!!!!

  5. $WPRT Up premarket

  6. $WPRT With no one selling at 10millon shares shorted, if this got a bump higher to make some people covere this would be a perfect squeeze!

  7. $WPRT Over eight percent up in six days

  8. $WPRT Whoa large bids I at $3.50 looks like a stable platform. Days of sub 3.50 are gone hope you got all you wanted

  9. $WPRT Blink and OIL goes to $50, blink again and it will be $60, and again it is $75...the big story today isnt bad earnings its the $ drop

  10. $WPRT How do you want to play it? Oil bounce, an oversold stock, a growth play, speculation, take over, environmental, squeeze, or all above

  11. $WPRT Volume very light and stock holding looks like evryone is done selling. Usually five times this volume for this time of day. Up we go!

  12. $WPRT 7.5% move up over the last five sessions and holding it well not much more before we really break out higher

  13. $WPRT Sell volume shrinking dramatically, looks like only direction to go is up from here

  14. $WPRT Up up up

  15. $FSYS,$WPRT: bullish Seeking Alpha article by Dynamic Equity titled two natural gas stocks to buy should move the needle Monday morning.

  16. New bullish conversation activity in $WPRT. Had been quiet for past 48 hours.

  17. $MCP $ANR $WLT $CLF $WPRT HEAVY SHORT INTEREST COVERING ! dont sell down here !

  18. $WPRT Like what I see with this one......Let s go over $3.50 and never look back!!!

  19. $ANR $WLT $CLF $WPRT forget tech, biotech, social crap this here could be a nice short covering rally next few weeks !

  20. $WPRT Just bought 3 3/20/2015 Calls @ $3.50 strike for $0.15.......Let s jam on it!!! YEYAH!!!!!!

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  24. $WPRT That explains it. No balls those guys are stupid. I am waiting till $40 to sell so I can pay off my house lol. Seriously why sell now?

  25. $CLF $WLTT $ANR $WPRT load the truck up NEXT WEEK will be good to these laggards