2. Cummins Westport ISL G Near Zero Natural Gas Engine Certified to Near Zero Emissions by EPA & CARB http://www.westport.com/news/2015/cummins-westport-isl-g-near-zero-natural-gas-engine-certified-to-near-zero-emissions $WPRT $WPT.CA

  3. $FSYS $WPRT: conversion rate increased.Instead of each share of FSYS getting 2.13 of WPRT, will now receive 2.95, to adjust for lower price

  4. $WPRT, $CLNE: Seeking Alpha analyst says WPRT deal could be doomed http://seekingalpha.com/article/3536186-the-dirt-cheap-value-portfolio-flourishing-in-a-floundering-market

  5. $FSYS with or without $WPRT is depressed enough to buy.. Too much good to pass up, crazy value and getting close to CASH. EV is almost free

  6. $FSYS:lower it goes the better- chances of a White Knight entering that much more greater and diminishes the consummation of the $WPRT deal

  7. @Highneg007 keeps crushing pikers $OPK will soon end up in the graveyard with $SD, $UNIS, $SIXD, $MNKD, $AMRN, $VHC, $WPRT, $ANY, $OMVS

  8. $WPRT what does super investor Kevin Douglas do now, Amsc, Wprt, Fsys, dn 100 s of millions

  9. Stochastic Buy http://www.dailystockplays.com/Stochastic-Buy-2015-09-23.html $DAR $PTEN $CCE $NWS $STX $DDD $VOYA $EVOK $CTRN $CLV $ORN $WPRT $AWI $CSL $RBA $RAIL $STXS $EBS

  10. $WPRT 3500 @$2.75 Hoping to exit by eow.

  11. $FSYS, $WPRT: a nightmare of epic proportions. Feel like I have been taken to the cleaners. Being poor and living on a park bench is no fun

  12. $WPRT nothing will save this sheet company. Strong sell.

  13. $WPRT The stock is becoming way oversold and news and it should pop!

  14. $WPRT $FSYS when is deal expected to be closed?

  15. $WPRT http://www.secform4.com/insider-trading/1370416.htm

  16. $WPRT http://www.secform4.com/insider-trading/1370416.htm Have u ever seen anything like this.

  17. $WPRT Zacks short-term LOW target: 4.50 = Roughly the Nov/Dec 200 sma at ongoing current levels. Plus Q4 $FSYS close. http://theenterpriseleader.com/stocks/growth-stock-watch-westport-innovations-inc-nasdaqwprt-5/23297/

  18. $WPRT and Fsys wrong business in wrong time. Merger will buy them time I believe.

  19. At 5.08 $fsys falls under 50% book. Given cash, earnings trajectory, inst ownership, no way. $wprt has to hit 2.39 to convert there. BUY

  20. $QTWW $wprt, $AMSC Well worth a re-reading of Kevin Douglas. He looks for supertrends http://www.valuewalk.com/2012/02/kevin-douglas-the-greatest-unknown-investor/

  21. $WPRT what a disaster

  22. $FSYS buy buy buy, even if it hits $5 still a good deal given the 2.129 conversion based on $WPRT current prices. deal or no deal buy

  23. $FSYS and $WPRT feel like these guys are ambulance chasers, but they have a point http://finance.yahoo.com/news/fuel-systems-solutions-inc-shareholder-220900778.html

  24. $WPRT: New SEC Filing for WPRT: Form 6-K, No. 0001193125-15-317394 http://stocknewsflow.com/1370416_000119312515317394_0001193125-15-317394

  25. Westport Innovations: Name And Address Of Company http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=2003122 $WPRT