1. $WPRT Uptick/Downtick Trade Ratio = 1.54(Ratio > 1 suggests buying pressure), Net Money Flow +$1.51 MM.

  2. $WPRT Ive been waiting long enough, I do tend to jump a bit soon lol

  3. $WPRT might just about be time good I want a piece of that possible 40% upside lol

  4. $WPRT SI/% of Float >12.4M/23.58% be careful hedgefunds...u may get ripped up soon an any announcement

  5. $WPRT shhhhh.

  6. $WPRT http://y.ahoo.it/HfzXr5mZ

  7. $WPRT whos buying this crap???? lol its green...sell it !!!!! hahahah

  8. $WPRT yes.....red.......of course.........:/

  9. $FSYS, $CLNE, $WPRT: when are these bad boys going to wake up and make us some serious money?

  10. $WPRT in this market its hard to find no brainers!!! but this one speaks for its self!!! Start and continue buying!!!!

  11. $WPRT seriously.................... :/

  12. $WPRT Will double at ten if it gets that low

  13. $REED got back in shares here $WPRT added to my way underwater jan15 20$ calls (dumb) $KNDI sold jan15 12.5$ puts.

  14. $WPRT all in $12.60- 12.75 just making popcorn for the show .....

  15. underperforms by 50% way up and 50% way down - free $$ $WPRT

  16. $WPRT Uptick/Downtick Trade Ratio = 1.12(Ratio > 1 suggests buying pressure). at least we have that going for us.

  17. Zero roll $WPRT

  18. $WPRT Wow, didn t think it would crack 13 bucks. There s just no bottom is there.

  19. $WPRT i think i sae green . i m going to check again.

  20. $WPRT waiting for $10

  21. damn day ends in $Y - this looks like it s just going to go away this year $WPRT

  22. $WPRT best part about this stock is how good it makes my others look

  23. 4 Consumer Goods Stocks Hit New Lows: Coldwater Creek $CWTR, Westport Innovations $WPRT, $FSYS, Ethan Allen $ETH http://y.ahoo.it/e3iZrgMM

  24. A Great Stock Nobody Talks About http://y.ahoo.it/64UpbZ4U $ATK $LNN $WEN $WPRT

  25. @jaybirdm1: $WPRT It may be time to load up /sure go ahead..chart looks great