1. $WRES predictions on where we ll be in November? I m thinking 1.25-1.50...

  2. $WRES nat gas charts appears like are bottomed out.

  3. $WRES BK is out of the question here, at LEAST for 7 years... 100%

  4. $WRES the good news is that a heat wave is coming over the next weeks that will likely push the nat gas price higher than $3/MMbtu.

  5. $WRES a bankruptcy is not out of the question here due to the debt overhang. Warren s future is highly dependent on the natural gas price.

  6. $WRES Same here. Keep adding more if you can. easy 3 times returns in a very short time.

  7. $WRES Call me crazy/foolish. Added 54k shares Thursday and I m darn happy about it.

  8. $WRES confident in the recovery.

  9. $WRES $HK $SD $KEG $EXXI thank goodness the US markets are closed today, feels more like a depression than recession w/ oil at these prices

  10. $WRES http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-state-issues-fracking-rules-20150701-story.html do you think it affects WRES

  11. $WRES http://oilprice.com/Energy/Gas-Prices/This-Could-Be-A-Good-Moment-To-Buy-Natural-Gas-Stocks.html

  12. $WRES i am not afraid.

  13. $WRES Warren Resources Inc. D - Deficient: Issuer failed to meet NASDAQ continued listing requirements.


  15. $WRES We can t allow them to have any hope, we must get this into the red by the end of the day . - Fat sweaty cigar smoking manipulators.

  16. $WRES does anybody here swing trade as their primary income?

  17. $WRES time for the afternoon smack down...

  18. $WRES Someone enlighten me to the selling here - all of it has been at a loss this past week (or more) - so who are these morons?

  19. $WRES Is there anyone short on here?

  20. $WRES can we get more love

  21. $WRES I have my red bull and vodka in one hand and my cheerleader pom poms in the other. One way or the other it s a great day.

  22. $WRES is the only way to make money with you. To buy you at closing and sell you at open.

  23. $WRES We re up three cents! We re up three cents!! It s the little things that make me happy.

  24. $WRES momentum closing in on zero line.

  25. $WRES definition..