1. $WRES I emailed Ray Deacon on Wed and he said R/S was the last thing they wanted to do. They are meeting this week to discuss where they go.

  2. $WRES RS is a joke they can then run the price back to .27 they did it once they can do t agn they go .25 I buy .20 I buy little room left

  3. $WRES The Major problem they have is meeting June 2016 covenants only lender decides that but why go thru Chap11 when modify cov simpler

  4. $WRES lol no r/s has been announced and there are other options. Get the facts for yourself, do not listen to me or some other stocktwat!

  5. Share an idea on $WRES no insider selling lately? Even if for tax purposes....says something to me....long and strong

  6. $WRES when can we know OPEC direction?

  7. $WRES next week .20

  8. $WRES is it halted? It s not updating for me.

  9. $WRES i think I make a big mistake. ;-(

  10. $WRES Waiting till after dec 15. meeting Feds raise the rates everything tanks.

  11. $WRES Starting to see some spikes natgas markets.in NYC&Boston which Marcellius serves winter just starting

  12. WARNING: $WRES OPTIMISM indicator (as seen by investors in News & Social Media) is very pessimistic!

  13. $SD $PVA $HK $PQ $GDP $WRES nothing can stop oil going up from here! We have to be difference from the crowd to be special.

  14. $SD $PVA $HK $GDP $PQ $WRES when short of oil, it take at least a year to resume production. By the time oil fly to the roof.

  15. $SD $PVA $HK $PQ $GDP $WRES with all the risk in Middle East, natural disaster, oil can fly any time.

  16. $SD $PVA $HK $PQ $GDP $WRES all exploration and new projects are postponed, layoff, when short of oil, how much time to resume?

  17. $SD $PVA $HK $PQ $GDP $WRES a year ago nobody thought oil go to 40s? It s the same thing now nobody thinks 100?

  18. $WRES in your and my dreams..lol

  19. $SD $pq $PVA $HK $gdp $WRES enjoy the low price while you can. It s going $150 a barrel in a year.

  20. $WRES buyer @ .20

  21. $WRES We will stay after them the best we can now we.see.how they are playing by the way up can shortsell under restriction but uptick only

  22. $WRES u wonder how the stock got this low they can t beat you with facts so they have to trick trade u-nothing wrong with this co that I see

  23. $WRES If they are going to play games AH I ll be glad if &when we go to the OTC shameful 4 share trade to knock price down

  24. $WRES The stock closed with a gain to .285 the only way they could get the stock lower was to sneak a 4 share trade in .27 AH desperate td