1. $WRES WTI is at $56.95. Man....

  2. $WRES Current short analytics for $WRES

  3. $WRES Should be illegal to short stocks below 1$ :)

  4. $wres I m past nervous, more like getting ready to lose all my money, not worried about $sd $hk $keg $exxi though

  5. $WRES should spike back up to around .48-.50 but will be down next week looking to break into the .30 s

  6. $WRES all signs point to continued lower lows = .33/.34 buy

  7. $WRES I just can t believe this thing is down 30% from where I bought it not 3 weeks ago...now I know what everyone else is feeling.

  8. $WRES 22 more trading days at were at 0. So frustrating.

  9. $WRES what other energy stocks have been going down since beginning of May?

  10. $WRES yay more lower lows...

  11. $WRES I hope everyone is right. Really need a good gap up! Holding strong!

  12. $WRES op-the number move upper...lol. the adult disney idea work!!!!?

  13. $WRES Base on other BIG name oil in RED. Ours look GOOD for now.

  14. $WRES can we get another .20 just because? No? Ok. I ll wait. I know you will sooner or later. You have to.

  15. $WRES long term (by December) for sure. Unless you bring the volume with you, buy, wait and hold.

  16. $WRES if we had the Bulls and volume AMDA has we would be soaring as well. Just because. In on both. 5k in Wres. It s been a long 2 months

  17. $WRES You think we have it bad...check out BTU...it supplies literally a large portion of US and foreign coal...how insane is that drop

  18. $WRES BUY and come back in a month.... $$$

  19. $WRES I keep hearing the same thing. Why is this happening? Look at the energy market. WRES isn t the only one. IHO after summer! Talk + ^

  20. $WRES Saudis are winning

  21. $WRES this should be illegal.

  22. $WRES lol its gottta be about that time to load the boat... I can smell the fear... Thats usuAlly the time..

  23. $WRES Someone covered

  24. $WRES Impressive beat down, I gotta hand it to them. Just when you think it hits the floor, the floor drops further.

  25. $WRES Fallen 20% in 2 days..something has to be going on. Absolutely no reason unless bad news is imminent if it doesn t get back above .50.