1. $WRES even without escr lot of oppts near term. recent drill result was 16mmcf=$23m ann rev. nat gas up this fall. no credit redtmtuon etc

  2. $WRES should have loaded up a couple more thousand shares at .36

  3. $WRES stong buy, natural gas...http://www.zacks.com/stock/quote/WRES?q=Wres

  4. $WRES y all see that bid spread? .46b .49a, hope tomorrow is good

  5. $WRES Is Natural Gas the New Gold? http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2015/08/27/is-natural-gas-the-new-gold/

  6. $WRES Took major profit in $crk today. About to add 30k shares $exxi and 90k shares of $wres. Opinions?

  7. $WRES people have wres candle envy today...haha

  8. $WRES twice the daily volume in wti...

  9. $WRES strong close

  10. $WRES no whack a mole today

  11. $WRES if they would just close that asset sale...it would trade north of .70

  12. $WRES is this the only energy stock that gets attacked at the end of every day? Wth

  13. $WRES why coal stock soaring ? $ACI $BTU $CLD, will gas be the next ?

  14. $WRES Hum, wonder why the MM s are capping this at .43, let it run, guys! :)

  15. $WRES for reference. Volume is double right now.

  16. $WRES Do not miss the boat... acquire now and if there is a dip acquire more... these prices are a gift. If News comes.. this thing will fly

  17. $WRES Merrill lynch EXTREMELY BULLISH on the Nat gas and Oil sector....feel confident in a 9-12 month FULL reversal... could happen anytime

  18. $WRES We really need to break the .50 level and stay there. The roller coaster ride in the past 1.5 month is dizzying! :)

  19. $WRES it s funny that this up 21% so quietly and not getting attention

  20. $WRES how about a PR tomorrow morning on the closing of the asset sale?

  21. $SD and $WRES looking good for my portfolio today. Small play in $DRYS I will take it!

  22. $BGMD lol Do something.... its okay... making it back with $JNUG and $WRES

  23. $WRES legggo

  24. $WRES Buying is picking up nicely here. Here s hoping for a continued reversal of WTI and a reversal of energy stocks!

  25. $WRES please close above the 50 day sma for once and hold onto it for a while