1. $WRES this won t go any higher than 0.7 unless oil breaks $50

  2. $WRES

  3. $WRES I am surprised/concerned with WTI persistently going up for a week that we aren t seeing much action here..

  4. $WRES lol when will this start to take off?

  5. $WRES Recognia closest target 0.74-0.78

  6. $WRES Volume incoming

  7. $WRES why RED!!!!

  8. $WRES crude and nat gas doing well. Stock is tired from 2 day run but should continue to climb with oil

  9. $WRES Nothing to write home about here today most likely, unless the FED meeting release has some catalyst.

  10. $WRES RES 0.60-.61 CAN BE BROKEN. If vol & RSI increase.Hopefully rally today & break next res. 0.70-0.71 HOLD IT

  11. $WRES i see the upward gaining lotus kick-shoe doji forming on the 15 and a dragon swap upward ledge wedge forming on the daily.... Load up!

  12. $WRES Anyone think it will hit low .50s again? I wanted to add one last time

  13. $WRES just an add day.... Sigh lol

  14. $WRES When $ESCR will be delisted into OTC, what will happen to the deal? I guess $WRES should look for another buyer. Hope for the best.

  15. $WRES $ESCR to be delisted voluntary filling is on Oct 19. What do we make of this?

  16. $WRES Almost perfect flat line since 1 pm. We can build a skyscraper on top of this foundation.

  17. $WRES we will have our days... Sideways foundation consolidation.

  18. $WRES buy, buy is going up nxt days

  19. $WRES RSI is 62.38 and it means that the investors are going to jump in the pool. The vol is good, I expect more next days. OBOS, MFI is up

  20. $WRES adding to my position here

  21. $WRES closest target .74-.78 in according technical events from recognia

  22. $WRES buy good times will come w/oil. longer longer

  23. $WRES BUY

  24. $WRES What will it take to get over this .60 barrier. News, ER, oil rally, all of the above?

  25. $WRES After that EIA weekly and oil diving, this is going to be a tough day, but I m in it for the long-term so not worried.