1. $WRES ugly daily chart, but pretty weekly chart http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=WRES&p=W&b=5&g=0&id=p79395823931

  2. $SD $KEG holding mighty well, $HK $WRES not so much

  3. $AXAS why is this board not active, this is one great company and we should let the world know~! $HK $WRES $UWTI $USO $ENSV $ETAK $SD $GDP

  4. $WRES Unabashedly bullish on long-term outlook here.

  5. $WRES As for me, I ll be waiting for you to finish draining the blood from yet another promising company, and money from hard-working folk.

  6. $WRES Uncool, Green Socks. One day they ll catch you guys, and I hope it s soon.

  7. $WRES Back to 1.00 who is ready to run?

  8. $WRES in at 1.00 if it dips to .96 picking up more

  9. $WRES Out @ 1.02

  10. Stocks to keep an eye on $Wres, $RNA, $VTG, and MGT

  11. $WRES Watching

  12. $WRES OMG! Crude Oil ETF s Exploding Today! $$$http://etfdb.com/type/commodity/energy/crude-oil/

  13. $WRES Why Yemen has the power to rally oil prices!http://www.marketwatch.com/story/why-yemen-has-the-power-to-rally-oil-prices-2015-03-26

  14. $BGMD $OREX $VTL and $WRES all winners ... OREX got approval in EU market today... should really start to fly!

  15. $WRES http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=WRES&p=D&b=5&g=0&id=p34314842396 hi there

  16. $WRES war against isis is inevitable, oil prices going up because of war is inevitable too

  17. $WRES dang. couldn t get in at 1.00. been in since 1.30 though :|

  18. $WRES Just in from the battle front! Oil Prices Jump as Saudi and Yemen Fighting Escalates$$$

  19. $WRES 1.02 X 1.03 Breakout formation in effect! Cup & handle break Wave rising!! Break 1.06 short squeeze will rocket her up to the 1.20 s

  20. $WRES ....that worked out well.

  21. $WREs makes money when crude is above $45 and crude is at $51+ yeah!! that means I make money too

  22. $WRES Told you to BUY all you can now! Do it! LOL $$$$

  23. $WRES ......my sell order at 1.01 if you want some.

  24. $WRES Here they come Lets Go Break 1.00 Kaboomage Lets the chasing begin!

  25. $WRES BUY signal flashing just in! Lets Go! $$$ 1.30 s Then 3.50 Long term $$$ Elliot Wave Rising! $$$