1. $WRES buy or no buy

  2. $NXTD $LLEX $ALQA $BBEP $DUST $PTX $XGTI $UNIS $DAKP $NTN $WRES makes you wonder if news is approaching

  3. $NXTD $LLEX $ALQA $BBEP $DUST $PTX $XGTI $UNIS $DAKP $NTN $WRES Heads up $NXTD volume picking up, time to get in is now...My personal play

  4. $WRES get .1289s right now, so easy, just load under .13. You KNOW it always pops back up over .15 for a few day run at .15-17 range.

  5. $WRES lol there isn t much left to be held onto is the problem... SP is running on fumes as it is my young trader. god help us.

  6. $WRES crush it on Robinhood, ie, No fees to eat profits. load in .12-.13.5 range and keep that low avg. Wait till .15+ bounce. #Swingtrade

  7. $NXTD $LLEX $ALQA $BBEP $DUST $PTX $XGTI $UNIS $DAKP $NTN $WRES Heads up on $DAKP the volume is beginning to pick up, dont miss out. GL

  8. $WRES This is holding up well compared to others Oil stocks... Holding

  9. $WRES i hate what i see now...but still holding.

  10. $WRES hold

  11. $WRES $HUSA $LLEX $PACD Bankruptcy pool - who s in? I got a c-note on WRES going next.

  12. $WRES ok, 3 minutes to kick-off. $WRES. come on baby!!! I m tired of waiting, too. Today the day

  13. $WRES when you think it will be @.25?.

  14. $WRES this thing going to twenty cents anytime soon? I ve watched this bastard and it only seems to sink

  15. $WRES Didn t hit my stop loss, held up nicely although I saw some big sells. Gonna average down and move my stop loss lower.

  16. $PTX watching but not so sure. $WRES maybe a good play. $OCLS Thursday presentation may be good catalyst $NEOT possible reversal up

  17. $WRES All these oil companies going bankrupt people running of stocks to gamble on. Lets hope they move here soon, so I can get the hell out

  18. $WRES Is it a good thing that in the inability to file a 10-k they say because of turnover in mgmt and using resources toward restructuring?

  19. $WRES Looks like they re not getting their ducks in a row for BK but going hard for restructuring.

  20. $WRES: New SEC Filing for WRES: Form NT 10-K/A, No. 0001104659-16-116665 http://stocknewsflow.com/892986_000110465916116665_0001104659-16-116665

  21. Notification of inability to timely file Form 10-K 405, 10-K, 10-KSB 405, 10-KSB, 10-KT, or 10- http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary/?id=2700926 $WRES

  22. Jumped out of $EGLE and $WRES so fast this morning. I fear failure. I lost 80 bucks chasing EBIO last week. I am a bad person.

  23. $NXTD $LLEX $ALQA $BBEP $DUST $PTX $XGTI $UNIS $DAKP $NTN $WRES Heads up $XGTI has alot of volume behind it, might be a good time to get in

  24. $WRES the bots control this one until immaterial news becomes material

  25. $WRES get ready to see it over .25