1. $WRES natural gas downtrend. Next oil up check this $NADL for monday high chance gap up.

  2. $WRES This stock is worth no less than 4$ even with current oil/gas prices. wish I had more money to invest

  3. $WRES Been in and out or WRES making almost 100%. I don t think the run is over. Try out $NADL still on the run to $2.44 resistance

  4. $WRES Huge vol sell off before close ;( monday is blooey

  5. $WRES wow 5mln shares bought at the close!

  6. $WRES was that correct? 4.7 Mil at $2.15??

  7. $WRES Wow someone know this gonna happen more sell off?

  8. $WRES Bought to pull the trigger on another 1k any objections/opinions?

  9. $WRES very nice

  10. $WRES currently 50MA is at 2.74

  11. $WRES 2.22 HOD

  12. $WRES Out at 2.19. It s up 13.5% already today and probably don t have any more room to run. See you below $2!

  13. $WRES any pull back is a gift

  14. $WRES Its downtrending vs day MA. Will go lower as oil prices tend to drop intraday

  15. trade ideas update $agen +4% $cers +3% $wres +10% $prgn +1% $PHMD +30% $mpo +4%

  16. @waha looking into $WRES

  17. Best day in a while. Largest positions $YHOO calls $FEYE $WRES $CLDX $JAKK & a new fairly large position in $CYBR almost back up to 200% YTD

  18. $WRES I ve got a limit order at 1.98. I think I ll get it today!

  19. $WRES Today run is over looking lower wekends profit taker

  20. $WRES Will buy again brlow $2

  21. $WRES So hard to not take todays 15%...I thought this was undervalued at $3 though so im staying on the boat..

  22. $WRES still long 30k shares - target just below the 50 DMA at about $2.60

  23. $WRES next Fri will be $3

  24. $WRES testing hod

  25. $WRES Back in at 2$ for 3k