1. $wres $sd $exxi http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-02-13/turkey-says-massive-escalation-syria-imminent-saudis-set-launch-airstrikes

  2. $WRES to avoid bankruptcy as his compensation in future stock options is pretty big. So it s not like he s eager to send them ot bankruptcy

  3. Few thoughts: $WRES has some leverage in restructuring debt as they own their own fields. Agree? It s also in the best interest of the CEO

  4. $WRES WTF!! Oil rebound today and this POS wasn t moving

  5. $WRES Why would insider buy shares in December in front of potential BK? I wonder

  6. $WRES they have enough cash to pay the debt, but trying to restructure given current condition of energy markets...

  7. $WRES What s really interesting here is that director kept buying shares at market price until not long ago, I wonder...

  8. $WRES there is little life left... either strong rebound or dead. OPEC agreeing to cut production and interest rates may keep this going up

  9. $WRES sadly

  10. Thursday s Watchlist Under ยข.30 : 1) $DCTH 2) $ASTI 3) $CERE 4) $HEB 5) $XGTI 6) $PRGN 7) $TWER 8) $WRES 9) $ZINC 10) $FREE

  11. $WRES how the firm could be bkept? Look at the revenue and the market capital .... they are not in BK

  12. $WRES this game we loose!

  13. $WRES sa sad >>> RIP little guy. Time to go down to Sub penny land and OTC PINKiE

  14. $WRES RIP

  15. $WRES BK talk, so damn what. Never bet with $$ you can t afford to lose. This is a gamble people! You win some and lose some.

  16. $WRES get out guys. Most of time when firms say they wanna declare bk they do

  17. $WRES This BK talks seems to me like tactic to better negotiate with bond holders

  18. $WRES Some of us were lucky w/ LEI shares last Dec 31. Unforgettable day! Now, oil is in facing hard times. I may Avg < & sell all WRES off

  19. $WRES just sad and heart breaking... the unbelievable and scary difference from where we were 2 years to a year ago to now...may God help us

  20. $WRES may file bankruptcy if not negotiations in 30 days http://www.reuters.com/article/us-warren-resources-restructuring-bankru-idUSKCN0VI152

  21. $WRES 0.08 soon. sh...

  22. $WRES No more pumping please. Face reality.

  23. $WRES Will this company survive? Would be nice to know...

  24. $WRES -- Is the mention of bankruptcy a tactic to negotiate with creditors, or a courtesy warning for investors to bail?

  25. $WRES Just ugly....