1. $WRES crude oil going up today! finally some upward movement here for wres

  2. $WRES way to go! 1.08

  3. $WRES 105k on bid

  4. $WRES opened posistion today for longer term hold. Mental Stop at .91 risk 10% for potential 100-200% I like risk/reward here.

  5. $WRES I will wait for it to form a bottom but definitely think this has a 3bagger in her once oil/gas turnaround

  6. $WRES what is pushing this down today?

  7. $WRES Wow. Never thought I d see 1.00

  8. $WRES Blackrock Inc. owns 7.28%. thats promising!!

  9. $WRES, 13G filed by Blackrock Inc. http://www.filingsanalysis.com/sec/93564A100/2013/06/30/

  10. Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership by individuals http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1411530 $WRES

  11. $WRES A little surprised it s gone this low.

  12. $WRES The pps recovery in 2009 gives me a slight comfortable feeling about holding a bag in this one. Although rebound prob take longer

  13. $WRES If you are thinking about quadrupling down, use the funds on SCO or DGAZ to hedge instead. GL!

  14. $WRES GL to everyone still holding this. Unfortunately oil and nat gas supply glut will persist and may drag this stock down further

  15. $WRES Can t believe this is about to be a penny stock!

  16. @Girlystox5 Word of caution. Do your homework. If stocks are cheap, there s a reason. $WRES $1.03 -$1.09 is a good entry point.

  17. @Girlystox5 If you want to buy a cheap stock buy $WRES

  18. $WRES just doubled down at 1.07. Whether the climb starts this week or month or year, I want to be on it.

  19. $WRES .....more at 1.099....

  20. $WRES short interest increased 15%. Once oil/nat gas find bottom, the run will be epic

  21. It s expected that $WRES, $ANV, $NKA, $WRB, $BRID e.t.c stocks can moves high of today s trading: http://www.propertymentorgroup.com/5-stocks-in-dramatic-moves-warren-resources-nasdaqwres-allied-nevada-gold-nysemktanv-niska-gas-storage-nysenka-w-r-berkley-nysewrb-bridgford-foods-nasdaqbrid/1262873/

  22. $Wres next stop 1.37

  23. $Wres positive momentum

  24. @RonCoby How long would you hold $WRES?

  25. $WRES Cheap oil play (half book w/new CEO) showing signs of internal strength as it trades near all-time lows.