1. $WTSL very very bulllishhhh

  2. $WTSL: New SEC Filing for WTSL: Form 8-K, No. 0001193125-15-211944 http://stocknewsflow.com/863456_000119312515211944_0001193125-15-211944

  3. $WTSL I thought the shares were going to zero?

  4. $WTSL this is still trading?

  5. $WTSL still I hope in this share?

  6. $WTSL today effective day. The shares will be zero !!

  7. $WTSL lots of sellers lol

  8. $WTSL u0131 ve sold all my shares today. Bye bye wetty silly.

  9. $WTSL The Bankruptcy court has not yet approved the adequacy of any disclosure statement describing the Plan.

  10. $WTSL there is still no a maturity date for cancelation of old stocks implemented by versa. This is a questionmark.

  11. $WTSL any benefit to holding for a 100% on $12k, or sell for $200 and take 98% loss?

  12. $WTSL u0131mportant!!

  13. $WTSL http://www.versa.com/docs/Versa%20Capital%20Finalizes%20Acquisition.pdf

  14. $WTSL http://www.law360.com/articles/465264/key-elements-of-the-section-363-sale-process

  15. $WTSL http://delcode.delaware.gov/title8/c001/sc15/ read section 363

  16. $WTSL wet seal shareholders can vote to the section 363 asset purchase agreement due to the new deleware laws.

  17. $WTSL http://www.planproponent.com/abi-commission-report-authority-of-the-debtor-in-the-plan-process/

  18. $WTSL shareholders must know their rights.

  19. $WTSL Wet Seal Plans A Comeback After Declaring Bankruptcy, So Let The Flashbacks Of Your Once Favorite Store Ensue http://www.bustle.com/articles/78579-wet-seal-plans-a-comeback-after-declaring-bankruptcy-so-let-the-flashbacks-of-your-once-favorite

  20. $WTSL

  21. $WTSL

  22. $WTSL Based on the terms of the Asset Purchase Agreement, the Company does not expect to be able to distribute any proceeds to shareholders

  23. $WTSL

  24. $WTSL

  25. $WTSL I did my weekly checking of this POS to keep tabs on it, I saw the name changed to Seal123 on my Charles Schwab account, why is that?