1. $WTSL why would a hostile takeover matter at this point, isn t bankruptcy worse?

  2. $WTSL http://imarketreports.com/with-judges-approval-deb-shops-prepares-for-jan-6-auction.html

  3. $WTSL This stock seriously sucks. u guys get nothing but a ton of obscure filingsthat u gotta try to dissect instead of making $$$ elsewhere

  4. @rohith1987 $wtsl 8k says that holders of class A w/ par value of .1 will get right to purchase Class D. Seem trying to dillute majority SH

  5. @mjones5 $wtsl 8k does not say dividend of .1. It says dividend to holders of class A w/ par value of .1 is the right to buy class D stock.

  6. @vinsar No, $wtsl 8k says that holders of the Class A stock w/ par of .1 get a right. This right is the chance to purchase class D stock.

  7. $WTSL 8k says that holders of class A stock are getting a right to buy class D stock. Appears to be trying to prevent a hostile takeover.

  8. $WTSL the 8-k has some complicated matter written in it. anyone care to comment? it says the dividend is right with par value $0.1

  9. $WTSL - nice bounce today on news - forming a bullish reversal pattern -

  10. $WTSL told you little bros.. seat on your hands and watch the show.. ;)

  11. $WTSL question (new to this!): if everyone is getting 0.10 per share in 2 weeks why so many sellers at 0.05 now?

  12. $WTSL in 300k shares for a nickel....this is how grandpa always wanted it!!!!

  13. $WTSL What does 8k mean to us as shareholder...

  14. @hakano1 I have just seen a 8k release for $WTSL .. what does it mean to the share holders.

  15. $WTSL The 8K just out says there ll be an .10 dividend to all common stock holders Jan 2nd. Am I reading that right?

  16. $WTSL ChAnge of ownership is good right? 100k shares at $.053 hehe

  17. $WTSL change of ownership ;)

  18. $WTSL 8K is out http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/863456/000119312514444494/d837844d8k.htm

  19. @sunnyclean me too! Bankruptcy for $DLIA and $WTSL...they are soo stuck in the 90s. $RSH is on its last breath!

  20. $WTSL Wow! What a disaster. I remember when this was over 1.00 when they announced a deal with pop group Fifth Harmony. Should have shorted

  21. $WTSL RIP

  22. $WTSL An update from Ed Thomas and the Board would be nice. Tomorrow is one week since earnings.

  23. @radioheadfloyd @Speens Also,ourchances ofwinning the lotto is higher than $wtsl beingbought over.Lets face it.Who would wnt2 buy an old dog

  24. $WTSL Anybody buying at .03 if you don t have any shares currently??

  25. $WTSL My condolences to longs.