1. $WTW is free money for bears pros from naïve Joes. Here is puts vs calls for Dec 31st. Compare peers $NTRI and $MED

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  4. Best headline of the day for $WTW

  5. Still trying to short $WTW at $27. Not getting anywhere with that.

  6. Man what an insane day of profits trading $GBSN $AVXL $NETE $RLYP $MCUR I ll be watching: $EURI $AEZS $GERN $WTW $S

  7. $FIT $WTW show me the 30 !!

  8. $GERN $AMBA $BZUN $FOMX $AVXL $ORMP ATTENTION: Hot Bag Cyber Monday Sale of $WTW Joes are handing money so fast to pros it broke stocktwits

  9. $WTW Would actually have to pay someone to buy them out

  10. $WTW Yes, that is a NEGATIVE $23 dollars a share

  11. $WTW Hot potato turns to game of hot bag as we test the support here after a 350% gain of a stock worth -$23 a share

  12. $WTW +1000 USD today on WTW

  13. $WTW break out ?

  14. $WTW this week is going to be a bullish week for WTW

  15. $WTW short target $27.

  16. $WTW are we headed to $31? better get ur ticket

  17. $WTW

  18. $WTW has the potential to break out off the 15 min chart pennant from Friday.

  19. $WTW 42 shares in premarket.... 42. FIRE any advisor going long after 350% gain with a -23.46 book value per share

  20. $WTW

  21. Once profit taking starts in $WTW look for a waterfall sell off to occur like in $TASR 2004 w high short interest

  22. $WTW Short interest vs price and volume. Late 2004 $TASR had high short interest.

  23. $WTW Break down of calls vs puts for 12/11 options

  24. $WTW Weekly. Looking to buy any dip on this one before the New Year.

  25. $WTW In case you haven t already heard, billionaire Li Zhongchu buys over 50% stock in $EFUT. Time to get in is now!!