1. $WTW oprah s twitter

  2. $WTW should have bought more when it was in the low 10s

  3. $WTW

  4. $WTW do you think is crazy to hope for 20plus before ER?... I think it is possible

  5. $WTW we are gonna move up fast and hard guys

  6. $WTW

  7. $WTW ok gang- check Oprah s twtr- Gayle King lost 20lbs with WTW and they are bragging

  8. $WTW one more commercial / tweet from O plus earnings beating estimates (likely so I ve heard) plus strong guidance should skyrocket this..

  9. I was tempted to buy $WTW at the close, O likely eat a ton of bread over the weekend n tweet about it... monday perhaps

  10. $WTW people hold toght. This is normal Will go back up soon

  11. $WTW the shorts stomped out the run should have been over 12 easy

  12. $WTW disappointed today

  13. $WTW new ticker: WTF what the Faaaat

  14. $WTW well that was fun....not

  15. $WTW welcome back to reality. Bout to drop below $11

  16. $WTW

  17. $WTW has lost over half its gains since hod...volatile...

  18. $WTW test $13?

  19. $WTW don t fight $12s . I know you want to be more today then you were yesterday

  20. $WTW look for attack on intraday high this afternoon opening for a ramp to test $13. 64% of float sold short tightens float significantly

  21. $WTW $ANFI

  22. $WTW Oprah s staff lost 1000 pounds this week :))

  23. $GLUU look at Kendall and Kylie s twitter. when Oprah tweeted on $WTW stock jumped like crazy. wait for it

  24. $WTW supposedly earnings will crush expectations

  25. $WTW about to ramp through $12. Big time #shortsqueeze coming into earnings. Oprah members going to double or triple this beast post numbers