1. $WTW Hope Monday we are firmly established in the 6 s!

  2. $FIT merger with $WTW would have great name Fit Watchers. Monitors everything.

  3. $WTW you can all thank me later. lol.

  4. $WTW chart is starting to look like a bullish pennant.

  5. $WTW waiting for the cup and handle to finally break free

  6. $WTW Back above 6. Let s hope this keeps pushing it s way to 6.25 today.

  7. Pigs get slaughtered...except $WTW bulls. We order a diet coke with our big mac and fries...

  8. I laugh, but one of the best things about stocks like $WTW and $MSO is that they re not correlated to $SPX. Watching those two into week end

  9. $WTW mean reversion to continue? Lot of room to the 200 day and showing relative strength vs the broader market.

  10. $WTW Ahead of the pack of 13 others in sector today. http://finviz.com/screener.ashx?v=111&f=ind_personalservices&o=-change personal services

  11. $WTW what sector would you guys put this in? services? medical? idk

  12. $sso $xiv $wtw They is coming back grandpa!

  13. $WTW is Holding up better than most stocks & shorts will be challenged at each R (resistance) level shown on chart.

  14. $WTW she roars today after that huge block buy AH. This is grossly undervalued. Financials released too. EBITDA IS FANTASTIC!!

  15. $WTW Love the stock – now that it s at a bargain price.

  16. $WTW Financials posted today http://finance.yahoo.com/q/is?s=wtw

  17. $WTW Looks like someone bought 59,000 shrs at $5.618 after hours. Not sure what that is all about.

  18. lol I only asked for one thing (finish green) and it couldn t even manage that. sad. $WTW you had ONE job...

  19. 3 Overrated #Stocks You Should Think Twice Before Buying. $CSCO $AOI $EXPE $MSFT $NTRI $WTW http://www.wyattresearch.com/article/overrated-stocks/

  20. $WTW Nice 5.80 ask :)

  21. Futures looking very good. Would love to see 6 but I ll just be happy if I see green at 4pm. C mon $WTW.

  22. $WTW today we rip past $6. Seven-Eleven time.

  23. 19 Stocks That Are Way (WAY!) More Expensive Than They Look $WTW $LINE $BTU and others http://www.magicdiligence.com/19-stocks-more-expensive-2015-08

  24. $WTW Nice 10% bounce from low of day but the gap won t fill till 4.50 at which point expect a rally imo..most gaps fill eventually..

  25. Stochastic Sell http://www.dailystockplays.com/Stochastic-Sell-2015-08-24.html $GLD $IAU $GDX $AEM $GG $ABX $KGC $MRGE $PAAS $AUY $IAG $WTW $TECU $RING $SOXS $UGLD $FXP $BNDX