1. $WUBA getting interesting and close to buy levels

  2. $WUBA another trip to 37

  3. $WUBA watch.

  4. $$WUBA above 48 and I am serious.

  5. $WUBA Yeh to DUBA

  6. $WUBA WUBA rhymes with DUBA which means this stock will drown in sea of red this week along with $spy $qqq $IWM

  7. $SPY entered into a couple long positions at close for a quick bounce on Monday $TSLA $WUBA

  8. $WUBA wow some wild swings this morning.....crazy range!!!

  9. @Thundersforever @zahirrahimi @METT @webman9113 @luvngspnful @sudemali i c. then you should buy $wuba now

  10. $WUBA whoever buy at this market really have balls!

  11. $WUBA see you @ 37

  12. $WUBA crazy selloff!

  13. $WUBA well done, i will be back

  14. $WUBA WUBA shuba duba splat, rotflmao

  15. $WUBA s&p500 is going to test 1840 again

  16. $WUBA good stock to do day trade

  17. $WUBA it seems WUBA is still holding fine after the crazy two day rise

  18. $WUBA will begin to buy wuba @38, always a good entry point for wuba

  19. $WUBA yeah...now that im not trying to short it it %% tank!...story of my life

  20. $WUBA classic action if it fails 48....its a short for the rest of the day!

  21. $BIDU $WUBA $TQQQ dumped too much risk

  22. $WUBA may have put it in a blow off in last 30m careful, long reduced posn

  23. $WUBA come here babe

  24. $WUBA ran over 20% in two days. time for a pull back.

  25. @Stockpredator no one ever made money being afraid $WUBA > $VIPS $YY $QUNR ETC