1. Liking the looks of the hammer candles on $XGTI and $APP for possible bounces plays.

  2. @scalpthatstock Thanks, I also like $app ans $xgti not huge vol,but i like the hammers, esp app on the gap down + LT support GL

  3. $XGTI $VRNG πŸ‚ - ish! Looking forward to these next couple weeks! πŸ‘ @panochka007 @alexandrataylor

  4. $XGTI

  5. 10 Charts with Ideas for Monday 9/22/2014 $CNET $PDEX $EMKR $OTIV $DARA $LIOX $OXGN $LIQT $XGTI $HDY $STUDY http://y.ahoo.it/PrSFNCIj

  6. $XGTI Great red to green day!

  7. $XGTI Needs 200MA to act as support- not the resistance. Next week is going to be interesting on technicals. Still

  8. $XGTI @panochka007 @alexandrataylor Hey girls! How are you two? I picked up 20k of VRNG @ .93, Lana! Thanks for the heads up!! 😜

  9. $XGTI Might go below $1.90

  10. $XGTI In @ 1.93 😊

  11. $XGTI My prediction about going back to low 1.90 s was right on. I love this stock!! Buying more!! πŸ˜‰

  12. @LadyDonna $XGTI same here

  13. $XGTI Busy day, but good timing!! Happy I didn t miss that awesome dip!! More tomorrow??? We shall see!

  14. $XGTI Woo-who!! Bought more @ 1.95!!!! πŸ˜€

  15. $XGTI Anyone has cold feet? please sell them so it ll go up now~

  16. $XGTI Getting close~ should I buy some more? debating :)

  17. $XGTI @panochka007 @alexandrataylor Good Morning, Girlfriends! Let s have a great day and make some mou-la!! πŸ˜‰

  18. $XGTI Upcoming events: http://y.ahoo.it/FDVjIfqh :)

  19. $XGTI xRM dual band wireless solution designed for the rural telco mkt to reliably meet and to receive FCC certification mid Sept

  20. $XGTI bidding. like vol coming in and support

  21. $XGTI Small perk here at 2.07 - one to keep an eye on as it can jump 20%+ at any time

  22. $XGTI @panochka007 and @alexandrataylor Hey ladies! Felt the vibe to jump back into XGTI at the end of market today! :)))))

  23. $XGTI holding got some more today for 2.00 waiting on news! Place GTC order in place.

  24. $XGTI over $500 million is backlog going to be collected in coming quarters. Upcoming contracts with SA and NA countries.UNDERVALUED!

  25. $XGTI Anytime now, it could be today or sometime this week. 60 min chart.