1. $AEZS $SPEX $XGTI $RGSE Nasdaq tomorrow will be closed . Independence day .

  2. NASDAQ Stocks Investor’s Alert: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/nasdaq-stocks-investors-alert-garmin-nasdaqgrmn-sina-nasdaqsina-xg-technology-nasdaqxgti-nasdaq-omx-group-nasdaqndaq/1514374/ $GRMN $SINA $XGTI $NDAQ

  3. $XGTI MMs just took out some stops very thin$$$ Let s see if they jam it higher for Monday s buy in. 10day mov .28 50day mov .29

  4. $XGTI 0.32 and I m out

  5. $XGTI can this take off...getting sink!!!

  6. $XGTI Pressure is building & maybe the game NEWS is the Level3 order$$$ Som3one knows something behind the curtains...Accumulation

  7. $XGTI thinking good time to load up ???

  8. $XGTI does anyone know why these two contracts are not driving up SP on this and their jv deal with that other company

  9. $XGTI should ve sold when it was hanging at 0.31. Could buy again tomorrow or next week as it dips down. Made a clear wrong decision today.

  10. Looking strong #US #Stocks: $AVAV $ACGL $HIG $OSN $RADA $SCLN $SWK $SCON $WRB $XGTI

  11. Current Trade Stocks Roundup: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/?p=14160 $XGTI $RAX $MNGA

  12. $XGTI When will the sleeping giant wake-up$$$ maybe .30 is the new bottom/support

  13. $XGTI sweet !! These little sales are gonna keep rolling in and if special ops orders ........long

  14. $XGTI Back to forty, too bad for shorty

  15. $XGTI http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeeds/articles/prnewswire/FL47393.htm

  16. $XGTI New order.

  17. $XGTI wow 50 million order ud83d ude02

  18. $XGTI xG Technology Announces Additional Order for xMax Broadband Wireless Equipment in Costa Rica

  19. $XGTI News Release just posted

  20. $XGTI The chart is getting stronger for a big setup if news comes$$$

  21. $XGTI going in a bit

  22. $XGTI in 20k at .30

  23. $XGTI this looks interesting now, considering entry

  24. $XGTI Despite the stuttering, it just put a nice bottom formation of the stochastics.

  25. Major owner of xG TECHNOLOGY, INC. just disposed of 24,260 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=1807601 $XGTI