1. 504 dolar ile %21 yükseldi http://y.ahoo.it/ssyH69dA $XGTI

  2. Thinly stock, very risky, but 25+% upside from here at $2.00 - $XGTI. Tight, bottoming type price action, BBs pinching. Stop $1.87

  3. $XGTI _2 small tiny.. but would pop...any time or any news..?

  4. Crazy Chart: $ACAD $MYL $PRTX $NNVC $UTHR $ASTI $IVAN* $RPI* $IL $CHOP* $PLX* $XGTI #tradeideas #long

  5. $XGTI Ready for the beach! Have fun and be safe, XGTI Heads! Special hi to my friends, Lana and Alex!! :) @panochka007 @alexandrataylor

  6. $XGTI just wait for some news and will come a big pop, hold ur position

  7. $XGTI Good morning, @alexandrataylor and @panochka007 !!! Just waiting patiently for some good news....Have a great day! *hugs* :)))

  8. $XGTI Got my order in at mid 1.80s. Holding small position. I think this is a sure bet in this lifetime, but not sure when which is OK.

  9. $XGTI may.. have to marry to this one for well ;)

  10. Share an idea on $XGTI can t wait for volume to pick up soon

  11. $XGTI Let s go! Volume picking up. $5 price target!

  12. $XGTI GL

  13. $XGTI As usual, just need some news to make her pop!! Patience necessary, as usual! :) Love the anticipation.......part of the rush!!!


  15. $XGTI GL!!!

  16. $XGTI its about to go under 2

  17. $XGTI looks like it may be a while before it gets its head out of the sand.

  18. $XGTI This one I am finding surprising with Roth initiating coverage yesterday with a PT of $5.00

  19. Bullishness in $XGTI dropped 56.1% compared to past 48hr bullish average of 2.10 on a scale of 0-4

  20. $Xgti time to move on up again like $TOPS, both of you should have moved yesterday...time to play catch up:-)

  21. $DEJ.CA Weekly chart $vii $dgly $xgti $spex $dcth $nlst http://y.ahoo.it/iFsAiu8W

  22. $DRL $XGTI $DGLY in spotlights !!

  23. $XGTI Lets Get some Boom action here today too like $GENE $DGLY $TOPS $VII

  24. $XGTI look for low volume after the big black death candle.

  25. $XGTI @LadyDonna, hoping for good things today,,,,!!!!