1. $XGTI $wgbs $hart $xoma $MNGA

  2. $XGTI time to $XGTI, $HART, $DCTH started countdown.

  3. $XGTI I have my sell order in @ $3 because I believe that s where we are going.

  4. $XGTI Stoxline.com and Americanbulls.com have rated this a buy! Next week should be green as grass!

  5. $XGTI I got in at $.50 and still wont sell till it goes above $2. Alot of insider buying and Company sells keep growing by alot!

  6. $XGTI I don t feel stronger about any other stock I know. This is the future of wireless radio networks.

  7. $XGTI here lies my Ferrari and my big house in 60 weeks. Mark my words.

  8. $XGTI over 1,000,000 shares bought by insiders last 3 months @ average closer to .50 !!! Gonna happen !!! Long

  9. $XGTI patience pays... Long since .24

  10. $XGTI nice close have a good weekend everyone!

  11. $XGTI yay 2 cents. Much happiness. Ha ha

  12. $XGTI thinking you have 30 min left to get some at a good price

  13. $XGTI $ibio dead today😂😂

  14. $XGTI bought 10k, pure spec play

  15. $XGTI Next week is investors week!

  16. $XGTI Earnings are out today

  17. $XGTI Bought more. Sooner or later the world will get hip to this Disruptive Last Mile Technology. Acquisition/Buyout/Merger candidate

  18. $XGTI still some wood to chop, but fair improvement. Bring on the xMAX orders!http://www.capitalcube.com/blog/index.php/xg-technology-inc-earnings-q3-2015/

  19. Just got into $XGTI. Low risk

  20. $XGTI who is ready for our weekly monday pr of a new order?!

  21. $XGTI Buyout posibly in near future? Hmmmm it s possible. Nice inside buying recently!

  22. $XGTI looks like some companies are interested in XGTI and their patents :)

  23. $XGTI We Have insiders buying! xgti is getting bigger and bigger orders every week, Last one was $400k! I m already all in.. Lock and loaded

  24. $XGTI I think this is perfect long term opportunity. Read this quote from cmu 2009 paper. I am sooo bullish!!

  25. $XGTI that s a lot of insider buying if you ask me! You think they want to RS.. highly doubt it! They got till march