1. $XGTI Is anyone at the conference today?!

  2. $XGTI Can always average down if needed, but then again news can happen at any time

  3. $XGTI Hold onto your shares XGTI Heads! :))))). Don t sell at this price....it s so undervalued!!

  4. $XGTI will it keep dropping until news arrives?

  5. $XGTI - (*DJ XG Technology Files Mixed-Securities Shelf For Up to $30 Million)

  6. $XGTI Bored so changed my avatar to these cute shoes! @panochka007 @alexandrataylor ..... Have my alerts on, so going to sign off! ;))

  7. $XGTI when it pop...go higher $$ GL

  8. $XGTI For those i told to wait till Tuesday or Wednesday now is a decent time to buy before pop and drop again..

  9. $XGTI 1.97 long

  10. $XGTI It looks like $2 is the price this Q, hopefully they can show higher earnings next ER like was said in the CC.

  11. $XGTI Ummmmm...... I will say 2.06! :)))))

  12. $XGTI Predict price at close! whats your prediction

  13. $XGTI 2.00 dolla holla

  14. $XGTI Wake up, Alex!! We need some chatter!! @alexandrataylor :)

  15. $XGTI @alexandrataylor @panochka007 Hi ladies! Changed into my comfy shoes while waiting for news..lol!! My prediction: 7-10 days!! :)

  16. $XGTI This stock has been disappointing. I am a seller at next pop for breakeven. ER was a catalyst, but did not pop

  17. $XGTI bot 15k long, can t sleep without this one in my portfolio

  18. $XGTI this volume reminds of the days when it was 1.50 s

  19. $XGTI volume soooo low!

  20. $XGTI it will be big move this week

  21. $XGTI A little something for the XGTI HEADS http://y.ahoo.it/0M6I5T77

  22. $XGTI NICE close! REALLY looking forward to this next week of trading. :)

  23. Trades from today: $RXII $XGTI $XOMA $NURO $MNKD $LNKD $GRPN http://y.ahoo.it/IlcoIIgR

  24. $XGTI Nice to close green on an otherwise down day.

  25. $DEJ.CA 10 days hourly $plug $mvis $spex $pal $xgti $VRNG http://y.ahoo.it/pmG44V0d