1. $XGTI boom coming soon to 4 $

  2. $XGTI has entered the $1.55-$2.00 trading range. I won t be buying here. http://y.ahoo.it/bn0Eg7qz

  3. Top Losers 4/16 $XGTI -14%, $ADTN -10%, $RARE -10%, $HDY -9%, $AEM -8%, $NIHD -8%, $DPW -8%, $FCSC -8%, $SORL -8%, $CRDC -7%, $ESMC -7%

  4. Late day % losers $XGTI http://y.ahoo.it/w7CTrPcu $RARE http://y.ahoo.it/dhq9fcQ5 $HDY http://y.ahoo.it/qux94q3i

  5. @Dark_Star Ya think! Geez. I played it for one day (5 Mar). Here s the Heiken Ashi Daily $XGTI http://y.ahoo.it/W4gB9nCD

  6. Losers: $XGTI -13%. $DPW -12%. $ZN -9%. $HDY -8%. $AEM -7%. $NIHD -7%. $RARE -6%. $GSJK -6%.

  7. $XGTI will buy at 1.30

  8. @beenzoot i bought some yesterday and holding 30k shares, but not anymore i invested in $XGTI at 1.80 today

  9. $XGTI this sucker is spring loaded now.

  10. @alandelmz $XGTI got smacked in the chops. Sitting on Spt.

  11. $XGTI possible support at $2.00 and that s where I ll be placing my bet.

  12. #stocks http://y.ahoo.it/RaZp94en large player sell signals on $CDTI $XGTI $ATHX

  13. at the very least $XGTI pps will meet $ROSG soon

  14. $XGTI 52 wk high in 9 s so probably will get to 10 before $ROSG Diff. Sectors I know

  15. @MarketoMarket @bzaic44 oh you guys switched ticker subject mid convo. Still $XGTI Probably 10 before $ROSG

  16. Zacks has $XGTI as a strong buy with target price of $10

  17. $XGTI confirmed bottom & rversal with no major res till 2.72

  18. $XGTI added here

  19. $XGTI Again repeat, the list of Gold this week, big returns double-digit percentage $NURO $XGTI $ISR $ROSG $ONCY

  20. $XGTI in high 2 s and 3 s many will love it. I like it better now for a run to 3 s from here

  21. $XGTI was into the 3 s friday in a blood red tape so can do more today

  22. $XGTI gas no major predicted resistance until 2.72

  23. $XGTI the force is strong with this one

  24. Gold list for this week: $NURO $XGTI $ISR $ROSG $ONCY

  25. Watching 4/14 $COSI $ELON $HK $HNR $HXM $MNDL $OCLR $SKH $SMT $XGTI .. Shorts ..Because.. $ACI $BEBE $NVAX $CDTI $ASTM ..BOOM..