1. $XGTI Patience pays. Long since .4972

  2. Best stocks under $10 (Oct. 13): $FBIO, $NURO, $ZAZA, $MGH, $ESMC, $XGTI http://www.stock1010.com/quote.php?symbol=FBIO

  3. $XGTI kicking myself for not buying at 0.56 when I had the chance

  4. $XGTI ...a possible landmark in the history of xG. I hope for everyone of us that we will remember it as a time when we made right decisions

  5. @PennyStockResearch: @ACInvestorBlog: $XGTI on radar. Over 62c with good volume

  6. $XGTI ... the timing of preceding news with respect to gov deals, director dealings and now the debt conversion are directly pointing to..

  7. $XGTI ... I expect at least one ann until the end of week. Maybe next Monday. But a positive announcement will be presented because ...

  8. $XGTI IMHO no CEO would convert debt into shares if a future rise isn t guaranteed. Just pure logic. Since the 30-days period is over ...

  9. $XGTI Strange feeling that we will have a bigger surprise than we re anticipating. Wondering not if but how much the share price will rise..

  10. $XGTI So much manipulated by a private fund.

  11. @ACInvestorBlog: $XGTI on radar. Over 62c with good volume

  12. $XGTI that big seller tiring to keep this down. Moving his order all the time.

  13. $XGTI all it needs is the volume and this thing would shoot up to .67 or so.

  14. $xgti looks shaping up for another pop right now.

  15. $XGTI who put that wall up @ .618 you gett in out way to early.

  16. $XGTI nice move on low volume.

  17. $XGTI .68 then .74. Once it hits.99 though this baby is really gonna run!! 1 good PR tomorrow. Just sayin. If you re not in, get in now.

  18. $XGTI here we go!

  19. $XGTI is on the move....could pop....

  20. $XGTI big buy there...maybe adolf finally coming to his senses.

  21. $XGTI on radar. Over 62c with good volume

  22. $XGTI needs volume.

  23. $XGTI only time Adolf *coughs* is when your boyfriend bites down on your balls.

  24. @dsstox: @aldofink $XGTI there s the .56, who wants to listen to me on this stock now? @stoxdog, shhhhhhhhhh and hes 0 for 3 now

  25. Meanwhile $RXII is doing all it can to make me happy $XGTI is over here dragging its behind. $GBSN.. You know what its doing. $ADAT is ehh..