1. $PLUG Please set your Stop losses.. i know all you haters will bash me but could always see a fade like $XGTI

  2. $XGTI has to see some green today, overexaggerated selling from popped gap yday

  3. @Red_Alert: $XGTI Ready to explode this week? $LIQD $MVIS $PLUG $FCEL $FSI $DPW http://y.ahoo.it/uZT6LD70

  4. $XGTI Ready to explode this week? $liqd $mvis $plug $fcel $fsi $dpw http://y.ahoo.it/YhOIzr7Z

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  8. Miss you, $XGTI !!! Watching closely for my rentry.......I Just LOVE this stock! @panochka007 @alexandrataylor :)))))) hey ladies!!!!

  9. @PatInTheHat: $XGTI Sold a bunch in the PM at 2.7 & now I get it all back cheaper then before the news.. hilarious, thanks Mr Market!

  10. $XGTI Golden Cross coming soon? http://y.ahoo.it/7eMCU39H

  11. $XGTI Awarded Major Subcontract by CACI the SECOND subcontract awarded to xG under the multiple-award contract. http://y.ahoo.it/ziHdOxNk

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  13. $XGTI I am holding long on this stock. I don t understand up green 25% before open, and red at close price, lol feels like penny stock

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  15. $XGTI once it corrects to the upsdie and squeezes though it wont stop to mid 3 s to 4 s after this kind of nonsense on good news and money

  16. $XGTI this gives longs a chance to buy even after the great news and new money coming at a lower price then before news lol

  17. $XGTI reverse momo as weak hands give in to the blind shorts cause it to get to way oversold conditions

  18. $XGTI for some reaon lately int he doldrums of summer, shorts re geting away with blind shorting regardless of news and reverse momo oversld

  19. Trades from today: $XGTI $WTSL http://y.ahoo.it/A9Ghaapl

  20. $XGTI but what it creates is a bi low risk high reward op from these prices as it upside corrects to proper value

  21. $XGTI this is just example of shorts attacking every pop regardless of news because well it dropped in the past then weak hand longs

  22. $XGTI market cap after todays drop now lower then even just 1 of the latest contracts they were awarded lol

  23. $XGTI Just curious how many of the longs who sell the pops buy back more shares than they sold.

  24. @vmcd62 $XGTI traded 3 times today - sell into every surge then got every dip - http://y.ahoo.it/UUaNY4TJ

  25. Daytraded #stocks : $NQ $FB $TRLA $LOCO $MGM $XGTI $EXEL $EJ $FDO $PEG $WUBA $EMC $WPCS $AAPL $CTXS $P $AA $KORS went 22/29 for +$1342