1. $XGTI @stockdiggaNL I d love sit long on this. I wait for $4000. Imagine applications for this tech. One day xG installed everywhere.

  2. $XGTI more of a reverse Ponzi scheme where old bag.holders transfer their toxic shares onto the new

  3. $XGTI @mrtoanthainguyen say me who have balls if it runs to 0,50 and than to 1, 2, 5, 10.....NO ONE! Only instutional owners have balls!

  4. $XGTI @stockdiggaNL Let s cross our fingers and hope for da $BILLIONs.

  5. $XGTI @toanthainguyen I dont think so, if this run to 0,50 you take the money and run away! Happy with couple of thousand of dollars....

  6. $XGTI In 3 months, we can all chat from our million dollar castles. Cheers!

  7. $XGTI new entry for me is .14 - .15. Order set. Target pop and exit own.19

  8. $XGTI Im buying more @ 0.16! Come on SELL SOMEONE!

  9. $XGTI Come on. Keep reacting! lol I want to buy @ .16. lol

  10. $XGTI Just to throw it out there, above .19 today and we get momentum and MA 21 day crossover tech s.

  11. $XGTI I think it s easily a $2 or $3 stock, if the can materialize purchases--especially a government buy. A DoD deal would be monumental.

  12. $XGTI hahahahaha do u even know what a Ponzi scheme is??? Wish it was.. Means id be getting money back monthly lol

  13. $XGTI It is a ponzi scheme

  14. $XGTI If this company hires some product engineers, sellers and cooperate with manufacturers, it is truly valued about $60B.

  15. $XGTI Only thing insiders are doing is purchasing. Has anyone here looked at the members of this company? It s like an IT army.

  16. $XGTI Personal scam ATM of the crooks and scums.

  17. Major owner of xG TECHNOLOGY, INC. just picked up 52,632 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=2418677 $XGTI

  18. $XGTI: New SEC Filing for XGTI: Form 4

  19. $XGTI Let s gather our brain cells and IQ cells together and come up with products/areas this technology can be applied in:

  20. $XGTI still see this north of $1 before Christmas. All we need are bona-fide Gov t orders and a couple positive earnings reports, imo.

  21. $XGTI I understood that they re not issuing any more shares of stock. I also saw the letters turn to tetris blocks after a while. o_O

  22. $XGTI anybody actually read the new filing?

  23. $XGTI check CVSL it s expected to best earnings...

  24. $XGTI Needs to end .18 or above for technical to go bull.

  25. Thursday s Watchlist Under ยข.30 : 1) $DCTH 2) $ASTI 3) $CERE 4) $HEB 5) $XGTI 6) $PRGN 7) $TWER 8) $WRES 9) $ZINC 10) $FREE