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  5. US months’ supply of new homes available for sale falls to 5.5 months’ in Oct from 6.0 months in Sept - $XHB $XLF $REM $MORT

  6. US inventory of unsold new homes up 1.3% to 226K in Oct from 223K in Sept - $XHB $XLF $REM $MORT

  7. US Oct new home sales up 10.7% to 495K YoY units vs est rise of 6.8% to 500K units vs falling 12.9% to 447K units in Sept - $XHB $REM $MORT

  8. Discretionary $XLY #Biotech $XBI $IBB Retailers $XRT & Home-builders $XHB $ITB strongest groups vs. $SPY here: $ES_F +4

  9. Nice break by Home Builders SPDRs $XHB above $36.72 in response to Oct. New Home Sales. Tis the season for strength

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  11. New Home Sales 495K vs 500K Expected $XHB

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  15. Existing home sales miss expectations, however, the actual year-to-date trend remains inline with average. http://www.equityclock.com/2015/11/23/stock-market-outlook-for-november-24-2015/ $ITB $XHB

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  24. $XHB

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