1. $XLE 7 plays we have now all breaking out

  2. Without knowing it put on a nice pair trade: money moving from $IBB Into $USO & $XLE

  3. $IBB still getting crushed led down by $EXAS and $ILMN. Energy $XLE moving higher on hope and new hedges. I say BS. New hedges? From who?

  4. $XLE possible burst of energy coming to blast these a little higher today 49 target in crude

  5. $XLE from 10/2 http://stocktwits.com/crosshairtrader/message/43507043 The reversal continues as first box resistance target surpassed.

  6. Should see small buy side action by close,general trend lower ahead.Accelerates as trifecta is hit w/oil,energy selling $VXX $UWTI $SPX $XLE

  7. $XLE Despite the recent rallies, I think most are still very cautious and suspicious of any overly bullish move in this sector.

  8. Tuesday links: meritorious mentors, an $XLE bottom and the DFS controversy. http://abnormalreturns.com/2015/10/06/tuesday-links-meritorious-mentors/ $VIX $HYG $TWTR $AMZN $XLV $GOOG $TOTL

  9. @Cousin_Vinny Oct. 6,12:30 PM-Kevin B Cook http://charts.stocktwits.com/production/original_43603664.JPG?1444149020 - Rotation Rent-A-Rally, Day 2 $XLE $XLV Snapshot from an hour ago Bearish

  10. $XOIL is looking a bit toppy, or at least overexuberant today: https://www.tradingview.com/x/fSbFytn1/ $XLE

  11. $SPY The Rotation Rent-A-Rally, Day 2 $XLE $XLV $IBB $QQQ Snapshot from an hour ago

  12. Rotation out of biotech into energy & commodities? Sure looks that way, for now but doubt it will last. $IBB $XBI $XLE $XME $XOP $ACI $BTU

  13. $XLE Reiterating bearish outlook for the next 2 days. Only buy if you re a long-term investor. Traders be nimble.

  14. visual to the changes since open in energy $XLE (greener) vs. bios/healthcr ($IBB) $SPX $SPY $NDX $QQQ $RUT $IWM

  15. $SPY $XLE 2 strong today for markets to tank far beyond current levels, bigcaps $XOM $GE $MSFT, $KO, $PEP also holding up despite down day.

  16. $XLE Speak up, son. You re not making sense. You sick or something?

  17. $USO $XLE $RIG $SDRL Oil stocks have bottomed, Charts send a buy signal. Do whatever you want with this information. http://www.barrons.com/articles/oil-stocks-have-bottomed-charts-send-a-buy-signal-1444078292

  18. $XLE This kinnnnda looks like a sideways dud incoming. Initial reversal was the cleanest, looks like we might run outta steam.

  19. Crude is blasting through that recent bullish triangle. $XLE $XOP $USO $WTIC

  20. $XLE Are we gonna keep going? Watching $PXD

  21. Lot of volatility for a flat day. 5 $SPX sectors up and 5 lower. Huge moves in $XLE and $XLV. $SPY

  22. Biotech Stocks Smashed | Momentum Trading with RaginCajun http://ibankcoin.com/rcblog/2015/10/06/biotech-stocks-smashed/ $IBB $XLE

  23. $XLE Hit projected targets, left old comments on chart, extended from 8 day ema now

  24. $XLE $XOP $ESV $CVX $COP welp, someone yanked the leash pretty damn quick, quick 1.5% vaporized in a minute ;| Why I m skeptical

  25. $XLE and $XLV trading new highs and new lows with one another all day long