1. AAPL Lifts the Nasdaq; Small Caps Finish Lower http://y.ahoo.it/9L2Td3bF $STUDY $QQQ $IWM $FB $AAPL $GOOG $XLE $BIB $XBI $BIS $IBB $SPY $DIA

  2. $XLE from 4/15. http://y.ahoo.it/e9vlTXnQ

  3. Sector stocks above their 50-day EMA: $XLB 74% - $XLE 98% - $XLF 60% - $XLI 78% - $XLK 51% - $XLP 82% - $XLU 100% - $XLV 48% - $XLY 47%.

  4. Sector stocks above their 50-day EMA: $XLB 74% - $XLE 98% - $XLF 60% - $XLI 78% - $XLK 51% - $XLP 82% - $XLU 100%.

  5. 10-Sector: Stronger > $XLU $XLE $XLP #utilities #energy #staples Weaker > $XLV $XLY $ITB #healthcare #discretionary #homebuilder

  6. #sectorbreadth [sell] $XLE > [80] $XLU > [70] $XLI > [60] $XLB > $XLP > $XLF > [50] $XLK > $XLY > [40] $XLV. $SPX bullishness at 65%

  7. #sectorbreadth Energy ($XLE) at 92% bullishness and in covered call - sell - territory

  8. #sectorbreadth No ranking changes. Strongest sector is Energy ($XLE) at 92% bullishness. Weakest Health Care ($XLV) at 45%


  10. Today s theme: Chasing Strength vs. Buying Weakness http://y.ahoo.it/vaOxDJNj $SPY $XLE $IYT $QQQ $TDIV $IDV

  11. @ivanhoff Good point, sir. Interesting mix we re having with momos cratering, $XLE powerhousing and the cyclicals up... :)

  12. This is why energy stocks STILL make sense amid fresh highs for $XLE --> http://y.ahoo.it/ne3lOPTY

  13. $XLE and $XLP posting fresh highs--> looks like there s appetite for mid-cycle securities + defensive ones

  14. Despite bullish price action, current $SPX Sector Breadth warns caution (strength in $XLU and $XLE) http://y.ahoo.it/HZ9FyoqF

  15. @M5amhan @Market_Made On long term chart $XLE just above 08 highs. Long base for bio s. Is it conclusive that bio is DOA or just short term?

  16. the momentum stocks are ENERGY whether you like it or not or believe it, it is happening right now $STUDY $XLE

  17. $xle break of 94. Bulls need to hold it

  18. @billgunderson Speaking of energy, would you still buy $OIH and $XLE in a 401k today? Seems they are slowing a bit.

  19. $xle sellers evident at y-day s high. http://y.ahoo.it/BYMQloQU

  20. $CL_F $USO $XLE test robot autotrader for today for those trading it live http://y.ahoo.it/eKne3Jv8

  21. Short $SPY, hedging with $XLE

  22. People should start paying attention to spread of MERS virus in Saudi Arabia (oil). Already jumping countries via human 2 human $XLE $SPY

  23. The Energy Sector : Still Outperform SP500 ? $SPY, $SPX, $ES_F, $XLE http://y.ahoo.it/1sjt2y1F

  24. $XLE leader

  25. $xle trading like it just crossed the finish line of a marathon. Sellers evident at y-days high