1. $XLE weekly chart lined

  2. $XLE $SPY $ES_F - $XLE looks ready to rip after gap fill - Buy $63.89. - 161.8+ Ext from 3/2011 high to 9/2011 low - A

  3. Crude Oil Prices As Oversold As The 1999 Low http://www.seeitmarket.com/crude-oil-prices-as-oversold-as-1999-low-15014/ by @KimbleCharting $CL_F $USO $OIL $OIH $XLE

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  5. Debt Bomb Ticking for US Shale $XLE $SPY $OIL $USO http://www.energyintel.com/pages/worldopinionarticle.aspx?DocID=907631

  6. $USO $XLE Energy Intelligence Issues Apocalyptic Warning For The Energy Sector http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-11-27/cusp-staggering-default-wave-energy-intelligence-issues-apocalyptic-warning-energy-s

  7. Goldilocks market. No SPDRs oversold none overbought $XLU $XLF $XLI $XLB $XLK $XLP $XLV $XLE $XLY

  8. $SPY $XLY $XLP $XLE $XLF $XLV $XLI $XLB $XLK $XLU Daily Recap of S&P 500 with Sector Heat Maps 11/27/15 http://simplystockinfo.com/daily-recap/daily-recap-of-sp-500-2/

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  10. $SPX +0.1% in usual 1/2 day holiday vol $UUP +0.2% $GLD -1% = 5yr low $USO -2.7% talk of Saudis holding prod $XLE -0.7% (worst XL) $EEM -2%

  11. Sector ETF Ideas For December: Not What You Think $XLI $XLE $XLK $XLB http://www.benzinga.com/trading-ideas/long-ideas/15/11/6004726/sector-etf-ideas-for-december-not-what-you-think

  12. $RIG if you own a stock @sister is promoting, you better get out, it s going to 0 faster than you can imagine $USO $XLE $XOP

  13. $XLE No Turkey for the energy sector this year, we eat carrots.

  14. $MACRO - $XRT 250k job losses in $XLE space & accelerating. and u have to factor the spin off factor of each o&g job http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-11-20/global-oil-and-gas-job-cuts-top-quarter-million-with-more-on-way

  15. $RIG mother of all squeezes to 17.30 from earnings AHs with Carl and big boys buying discounted energy. $USO $XLE $XOP

  16. Fundamental Truth of the Market Matter http://www.briefing.com/investor/our-view/the-big-picture/the-fundamental-truth-of-the-market-matter.htm $XLE $SPX $USDX #EPS $FB $AMZN $NFLX $GOOG #Japan #China

  17. #SectorScan: $XLI > $ITB > $XLB > $XLY > $XLF > $XLK > $XLV > $IYT > $XLE > $XLP > $IYR > $XLU

  18. 11/25/2015 RS Movers - GTLackey s RPM http://gtlackey.com/november-25-2015-rs-movers/ $SLYG $FTA $ITB $PSCI $XLE $NKE $INTU $PAAS $COH $ROST $RRC $ABBV $NTAP

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  20. #sectorbreadth [60] $XLP > $XLI > [50] $XLF = $XLB > $XLY > $XLV = $XLK > [40] $XLE > [30] $XLU. $SPX bullishness at 54%

  21. $XLE, $KOL, $TAN India s Energy Sector Performs Well http://tradinggods.net/trading-gods-blog/indias-energy-sector-performs-well/

  22. $SPX ends flat on 30% less volume $IWM +0.8% US$ +0.2% $TLT +0.2% $XLE -0.7% (bottomXL) $XLV $XLY +0.5% (top) $XLY hits new ATHigh

  23. Downed Russian Jet Reignites Geopolitical Risk Premium in Oil ETFs http://www.etftrends.com/2015/11/downed-russian-jet-reignites-geopolitical-risk-premium-in-oil-etfs/ $XLE $USO $BNO $PSCE $XOP $XES $OIH

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