2. Quiet night tonight. The doom and gloom headlines on media dissipates in 24hrs. Let s check back tomorrow am. $SPY $SPX $IBB $XLF

  3. #SectorScan: $XLU > $XLP > $XLE > $XLI > $IYT > $XLB > $XLK > $IYR > $XLY > $XLV > $ITB > $XLF

  4. #SectorScan: strongest #utilities $XLU weakest #financials $XLF strongest today #staples $XLP weakest today #energy $XLE

  5. $SPY $IBB $XLE $XLF


  7. I updated my latest on what s behind the market turmoil: http://pensionpulse.blogspot.ca/2016/02/whats-behind-market-turmoil.html $SPY $IBB $XLE $XLF @howardlindzon

  8. $XLF Player locks in $1.8m profit, closes 25,000 Jun $18/21 put spd $1.12, BTO in early Jan. Opens new position of 25,000 Apr $19 puts $0.63

  9. GICS look at trend and RiskRewardRatios $STUDY $XLB $XLE $XLF $XLI $XLK $XLP $XLU $XLV $XLY

  10. $SPY $XLY $XLP $XLE $XLF $XLV $XLI $XLB $XLK $XLU Daily Recap of S&P 500 with Sector Heat Maps 2/9/16 http://simplystockinfo.com/daily-recap/daily-recap-of-sp-500-2916/

  11. $SPY hahaha they re trying so hard to rig this market back up, it s unbelievable. $XLF $IWM

  12. $FED tells US banks to prepare for negative rates $XLF $FAS $FAZ $QQQ $SPY $SPX $RUT $IWM $RUT $DIA $DJIA $NYA http://www.cnbc.com/2016/02/09/from-zirp-to-nirp-whats-the-feds-next-move.html

  13. $XLF, $USO, $XLE Banking Collapse Coming to Europe http://tradinggods.net/trading-gods-blog/banking-collapse-coming-to-europe/

  14. CNBC reporting Fed requiring banks to prepare for negative rates in stress tests this year; scenario is hypothetical, not forecast $XLF

  15. $XLE, $XLY, $XLF The Strongest Sectors and Impact on Stock Market http://tradinggods.net/trading-gods-blog/the-strongest-sectors-and-impact-on-stock-market/

  16. $GS $XLF how can hatzius be at 3 hikes and fed futures looking for next one in 17. guess thats what makes a amrket

  17. $DB http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-02-09/how-the-bank-debt-that-everyone-is-talking-about-works-q-a further downside inspite of the bond buyback gimmick by deutsche bank toay ? $SPY $XLF

  18. $XLF $HYG on the rise $VIX Decline - $SPY bullish

  19. $DB FT: Deutsche considers multibillion bond buyback http://www.ft.com/cms/s/d2e01b1e-cf57-11e5-92a1-c5e23ef99c77,Authorised=false.html?ftcamp=published_links%2Frss%2Fhome_us%2Ffeed%2F%2Fproduct&_i_location=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ft.com%2Fcms%2Fs%2F0%2Fd2e01b1e-cf57-11e5-92a1-c5e23ef99c77.html%3Fftcamp%3Dpublished_links%252Frss%252Fhome_us%252Ffeed%252F%252Fproduct&_i_referer=&classification=conditional_standard&iab=barrier-app $XLF

  20. Bank Stocks Obliterated to Start the Year $BAC $C $JPM $XLF $GS http://www.streetinsider.com/ETFs/Bank+Stocks+Obliterated+to+Start+the+Year/11294025.html

  21. $XLF more selling till 17

  22. $XLF lost a lot, but happy I m out... Goodbye


  24. $BA, $XLF Bank Stocks Get Hammered http://tradinggods.net/trading-gods-blog/bank-stocks-get-hammered/

  25. Day Of Reckoning: The Collapse Of The Too Big To Fail Banks In Europe Is Here $EUFN $XLF $FAS $FAZ $UYG http://etfdailynews.com/2016/02/09/day-of-reckoning-the-collapse-of-the-too-big-to-fail-banks-in-europe-is-here/