1. $XLI Rolled over http://y.ahoo.it/V7JFaJxt

  2. $SPY Market snap shot, percent from 90 day high. $XLU $XLI $IWM http://y.ahoo.it/VXnBNdwc

  3. $XLI $XLY will keep going down $SPY $SPX

  4. #sectorbreadth [50] $XLK > $XLV > [40] $XLY > $XLF > $XLB > [30] $XLE > $XLI > [20] $XLU > $XLP. $SPX bullishness now down to 39%

  5. Let s see if the Industrials $XLI holds this line. http://y.ahoo.it/QKXwo1Yc

  6. Index/Sectr $DIA, $SPY, $QQQ, $IWM, $XLB, $XLE, $XLF, $XLI, $XLK, $XLP, $XLU, $XLY, $XRT, $XLV, $IYT http://y.ahoo.it/ZX8751YB

  7. Island Light Capital holds an allocation of 12.8% in $XLI in his Sector Rotation Investment Portfolio

  8. Karpel’s Corner: Amid mixed signals from the market, we’re on a Fed watch. http://y.ahoo.it/OKYtHjC3 $MDY $IWM $XLY $XLI $XLF $TLT #trading

  9. Except vibe in $XLI Cap.Goods, #Earnings drag $ROK $ETN $EMN $OSK $UTX $CAT $COL $PCP $UPS $SPY http://y.ahoo.it/Ncyeu103

  10. Seckel Capital Advisors holds an allocation of 14.9% in $XLI in his Select Sector Plus Investment Portfolio

  11. Island Light Capital bought $XLI and now holds an allocation of 17.0% in their Sector Rotation Investment Portfolio

  12. @Afortyyearold ...yep I am. $IWM, $IYT, $hyg, $Ibb, $XLI alll have a lot to prove in regards to your price! Divergences and damage all over.

  13. @scheplick Good eye, Stefan; plenty to dislike about $GE chart for awhile: http://y.ahoo.it/2eUxLHs4 ;& at >10% of $XLI, $VIS = Industrl wkness

  14. $XLI $XLP New 20-day low. Staples gave up 50-day MA on Monday, and lost further ground Tuesday. Looking ugly. Industrials heading to 200-day

  15. @upsidetrader I think the industrials $XLI as a whole $IYT inclusive are pulling back into this GDP report

  16. Leading market sectors lower Tuesday included: $XLF $GDX $XLB $XLI $XLU $XLP $IYR $RSX $TAN $USO $DBB

  17. $SPX $SPY these 2 sectors are draggin down the market: $XLI $XLP

  18. @jkmott59: bought $XLI at market close today for a bounce, and sold some VXX August 30 calls. I agree, $XLI is due for a bounce

  19. Industrial sector weakness as $XLI shows 5 lower highs/lows on increasingly heavy volume http://y.ahoo.it/LvqQEFzl

  20. bought $XLI at market close today for a bounce, and sold some VXX August 30 calls.

  21. 10-Sector > $XLK $XLV $XLB $XLF $XLE $XLY $XLU $XLP $XLI $ITB Yesterday > $XLK $XLV $XLB $XLF $XLE $XLY $XLP $XLU $XLI $ITB

  22. #sectorbreadth [50] $XLK > $XLU > $XLV > [40] $XLB > $XLE > $XLF > $XLY > [30] $XLI > [20] $XLP. $SPX bullishness down to 44%

  23. XL sectors most all lower with $XLI -1.2%, $XLU -1.0%. ↑ETFs: Biotech, Korea, Bonds. ↓ETFs: Russia, Trannies, Industrials, Brazil, Utes.

  24. Wkly $XLI charts show prices set to possibly break Uptrend from 2012. Momentum sloping downward http://y.ahoo.it/moT5zDdU

  25. Had given $XLI Benefit of the doubt given choppiness,but Break of 53.4 definitely not encouraging http://y.ahoo.it/KWRBGgO6