1. #sectorbreadth [70] $XLU > [60] $XLE > $XLK > [50] $XLB $XLV > $XLI > [40] $XLY > $XLF > [30] $XLP. $SPX bullishness down to 54%

  2. End Of Day Scan: NR7 ID $XLI $SLB $DNR $WMT $SWN $GNW $OAS $AEP $DTV $VOD more NR7 ID at dailystockplays.com

  3. Manufacturing Data Not Meeting Expectations $XLI, $QQQ, $SPY http://www.wallstreetsectorselector.com/investment-articles/editors-desk/2015/04/manufacturing-data-not-meeting-expectations/

  4. $XLV $XLY XLE $XLI $IYT How is your ETF doing this year? http://www.moneyshow.com/articles.asp?aid=guru-42568&page=1&scode=030878

  5. #sectorbreadth [70] $XLU > $XLE > [60] $XLK > $XLV > [50] $XLB > $XLI > [40] $XLF = $XLY > $XLP. $SPX bullishness at 58%

  6. $XAL Outperformed $SPY Airlines only bullish area of $XLI watch $IYT http://tos.mx/t6Lwak http://tos.mx/xTjQmj

  7. Waving the flag after gap up on earnings/rev beat $APOG $XLI $SPY

  8. 10-Sector > $XLE $XLV $XLY $XLK $XLB $XLP $XLI $XLU $XLF $ITB Yesterday > $XLE $XLV $XLY $XLK $XLP $XLB $XLF $XLI $XLU $ITB

  9. End Of Day Scan: Enter Ichimoku Cloud $ORCL $WFC $BBRY $BRCM $SDRL $FOXA $SCHW $XLI $WLL $SPLS

  10. $XLY $XLU XLK leading the charge in green... $XLE $XLF $XLI lagging in red

  11. John Canally Tells Me Exactly How To Make ‘A Lot Of Money’ In 2015: http://tradingcommonsense.com/?p=2112 $XLK $XLI $XLV $XLY $XLE

  12. End Of Day Scan: NR4 Stocks $AMD $XLE $DAL $HPQ $AMZN $XLI $BSX $GNW $CREE $WMB

  13. 10-Sector > $xLE $XLV $XLY $XLK $XLP $XLB $XLF $XLI $XLU $ITB Yesterday > $XLE $XLV $XLY $XLP $ITB $XLB $XLK $XLI $XLU $XLF

  14. #sectorbreadth [80] $XLE > [60] $XLK > $XLU > $XLV > [50] $XLI > $XLB > [40] $XLF > $XLY > $XLP. $SPX bullishness at 58%

  15. Atlas Capital holds an allocation of 10.8% in $XLI in his Broad ETF Investment Portfolio

  16. Risk off slightly $SPHB $SPY $SPLV in red... $PG $PEP blaming strong $UUP ... $XLE leading the sectors by a mile, $XLP $XLF $XLV $XLI in red

  17. $XLI industrials due for a little move up

  18. End Of Day Scan: Over Ichimoku Cloud $NOK $XLF $MCD $XLI $WFC $MAT $KEY $SCHW $CAT $GNW

  19. #sectorbreadth [70] $XLE > [60] $XLK > [50] $XLV > $XLU > $XLI > [40] $XLY > $XLP = $XLF > [30] $XLB. $SPX bullishness at 52%

  20. #sectorbreadth Three ranking gain for Industrials ($XLI) and Discretionary ($XLY).

  21. Risk is ON $SPHB $SPY $SPLV all in green. Biggest laggards in red: $XLY $XLP $XLI $XLB // Biggest gainers in green: $XLE $XLF $XLK

  22. Seckel Capital Advisors holds an allocation of 13.9% in $XLI in his Select Sector Plus Investment Portfolio

  23. $XLI uptrend w/some sideways consolidation last signal was a buy

  24. Early $SPX sector weakness in $XLB, $XLI, & $XLP #ETFs with $ES_F now 2086.75 -4.25

  25. $XLI Potential intermediate top in an Uptrend on a Weekly-Daily-Hourly charts