1. $IWM massive fade - but the Algo that Launders Global Money still Green and wildly and comically overbought. $SPY $XLI $RTH $XLF $XLB $IYT

  2. More harmful to #jobs & #GDP than the war on coal?http://www.newrepublic.com/article/120364/republicans-react-epa-ozone-proposal-its-out #EPA #ozone #regulation $XLU $XLE $XLI $XLB $MACRO

  3. Oy funny cause it s true... $USO $XLE $OIH...meanwhile Consumer and Industrials nearing all time overbought. $RTH $XLI $XLP

  4. 10-Sector etf all time highs #material $XLB #industrial $XLI #healthcare $XLV consumer #staples $XLP consumer #discretionary $XLY

  5. Materials $XLB, Energy $XLE, & Industrials $XLI all > +1.1% lead all $SPX sectors this morning with range trading setting up: $ES_F 2067.00

  6. $XLI Potential continuation Uptrend on a Weekly-Daily-Hourly charts http://stocktwits.com/message/29499840

  7. What is sector rotation telling us? $SPX $XLY $XLK $XLI $XLB $XLE $XLP $XLV $XLU $XLF http://opportunityidentified.com/2014/11/20/leader-of-the-pack-weight-of-evidence-part-5-of-7/

  8. Index/Sectr $DIA, $SPY, $QQQ, $IWM, $XLB, $XLE, $XLF, $XLI, $XLK, $XLP, $XLU, $XLY, $XRT, $XLV, $IYT http://stocktwits.com/message/29496431

  9. $XLI $XLB $XLP $XLK $XLF $XLI $XLV $XLE $XLU - Futures Performance ( Day ) - http://lusitanianstraders.blogspot.pt/2014/11/futures-performance-day_20.html

  10. Mama needs everything at 80-90 RSI $SPY $IYT $XLI $RTH $QQQ

  11. Atlas Capital holds an allocation of 11.2% in $XLI in his Broad ETF Investment Portfolio

  12. Julex Capital Management holds an allocation of 8.9% in $XLI in his Dynamic Factor Investment Portfolio

  13. $XLI Potential continuation Uptrend on a Weekly-Daily-Hourly charts http://stocktwits.com/message/29448595

  14. After speaking with Methode today. They are not currently involved at all in any recalls. No need for worry $mei $f $gm $spy $xli $iwm

  15. 10-Sector > $XLP $XLK $XLI $XLV $XLF $ITB $XLY $XLU $XLB $XLE Yesterday > $XLP $XLK $XLI $ITB $XLF $XLV $XLY $XLU $XLB $XLE

  16. $XLI $XLB $XLP $XLK $XLF $XLI $XLV $XLE $XLU - Futures Performance (Day) - http://lusitanianstraders.blogspot.pt/2014/11/futures-performance-day.html

  17. $SPY $NDX $XLI $XLY ETF Digest Dave s Daily: Fed Minutes Offer Confusion http://etfdigest.com/davesdaily/?article=4445

  18. $XLI Updated chart http://stocktwits.com/message/29442892

  19. #sectorbreadth [80] $XLI > $XLB > [70] $XLP = $XLK > $XLF > $XLI > $XLV > [50] $XLE > $XLU. $SPX bullishness down to 72%

  20. #sectorbreadth Discretionary ($XLY) up 5 ranking spots to first place. Financials ($XLF) and Industrials ($XLI) down 3.

  21. Index/Sectr $DIA, $SPY, $QQQ, $IWM, $XLB, $XLE, $XLF, $XLI, $XLK, $XLP, $XLU, $XLY, $XRT, $XLV, $IYT http://stocktwits.com/message/29438151

  22. Seckel Capital Advisors holds an allocation of 13.5% in $XLI in his Select Sector Plus Investment Portfolio

  23. $XLI Potential continuation Uptrend on a 60 -15 -4 charts http://stocktwits.com/message/29399610

  24. $XLI Potential continuation Uptrend on a Weekly-Daily-Hourly charts http://stocktwits.com/message/29398045

  25. $XLK $XLB $XLI $XLV New 20-day high. Mix of cyclical and defensive sectors, but broadening of rally participation, which is good.