1. $XLP Consumer staples stalled with market look like rolling to downside for now earnings this week watching $PG $KO

  2. #sectorbreadth [80] $XLE > [50] $XLK > $XLU > $XLP > [40] $XLV > $XLB > $XLF > $XLI > [30] $XLY. $SPX bullishness at 52%

  3. End Of Day Scan: MACD Bearish Crossovers $VDC $WPPGY $WDAY $ESRX $SYT $ETE $MMC $ABCO $NOBL $XLP

  4. $XLP wkly flat lined stalling for 5 months - may mean something mabe not

  5. $XLP Potential intermediate top in an Uptrend on a Weekly-Daily-Hourly charts

  6. $XLP Potential intermediate bottom in a Downtrend on a 60 -15 -4 charts

  7. $SPY SPDR sectors 7/12 OB $XLP $XLU defensive sectors moving. Next couple hours should be interesting. $IYR ok

  8. $SPY $XLP $XLY Staples continue to strengthen #observation

  9. $SPY $XLE $XLV $XLP $IYT Did your ETF survive last Friday s drop? http://www.moneyshow.com/articles.asp?aid=GURU-42513&scode=030878

  10. $WMT $IYC $XLP $RTH looks like quite a bit more pain to come in the retailers.

  11. $PM sure helped $XLP out this week. Some weakness here http://finviz.com/screener.ashx?v=351&t=PG,KO,WMT,CVS,PM,MO,PEP,WBA,COST,CL < Top 10 Holdings

  12. first glance of this candle glance group tells me to look at names long in $XLP $XLV $XLE , and possible shorts in bearish crosses

  13. #sectorbreadth [80] $XLE > [50] $XLB > [40] $XLV > $XLK > $XLF > $XLP = $XLU > $XLI > [30] $XLY. $SPX bullishness at 49%

  14. #sectorbreadth Five ranking loss for Staples ($XLP). Two ranking gain for Health Care ($XLV) and Utilities ($XLU).

  15. Are Consumer Stocks Ready To Roll? ...Or Roll Over? http://www.seeitmarket.com/are-consumer-stocks-ready-to-roll-amzn-dis-hd-14274/ by @andrewnyquist $AMZN $HD $DIS $XLP $SPY $STUDY

  16. 3 Things: Retail Sales, Real Unemployment, Optimisim http://www.elliottwaveanalytics.com/2015/04/3-things-retail-sales-real-unemployment-optimisim/ $SPY $DIA $XLP $XLY

  17. $XLP Potential continuation Downtrend on a 60 -15 -4 charts

  18. $XLP Potential continuation Uptrend on a Weekly-Daily-Hourly charts

  19. @chartsmarter: Friday Game Plan: http://www.chartsmarter.com/membership/?_s2member_vars=post..level..1..post..21803..LzIwMTUvMDQvMTYvY2hhcnRzbWFydGVyLWZyaWRheS1nYW1lLXBsYW4tNDE3MTUv&_s2member_sig=1429284116-1e80269ca4a806fe2519dbf287c33ba8 staples, banks and dull markets $GS $XLP $PM $KO $PG $WMT

  20. Consumer Staples Sector ETF Leads on Thursday $XLP http://www.wallstreetsectorselector.com/investment-articles/editors-desk/2015/04/consumer-staples-sector-etf-leads-on-thursday/

  21. FREE Markets Review RRG Apr16 http://www.ichimoku.co/ $SPY $SPX $XLE $XLB $XLP $XLV $XLI #sectors #stocks #ETF $$

  22. ChartSmarter Friday Game Plan: http://www.chartsmarter.com/membership/?_s2member_vars=post..level..1..post..21803..LzIwMTUvMDQvMTYvY2hhcnRzbWFydGVyLWZyaWRheS1nYW1lLXBsYW4tNDE3MTUv&_s2member_sig=1429229405-e3369aafcc092a88aecfbc5318c2fb77 staples, banks and dull markets $GS $XLP $PM $KO $PG $WMT

  23. #sectorbreadth [sell] $XLE > [60] $XLP > [50] $XLK = $XLB = $XLV > $XLF > $XLI > $XLU > [40] $XLY. $SPX bullishness at 60%.

  24. XL Sectors mixed: $XLY $XLP +0.4%, $XLU -0.6%. Top ETFs: China, EmgMkts, Australia, Korea. Bottom: Gold, Oil Service, India, US$, Utilities.

  25. Little Changed at Midday http://www.briefing.com/investor/markets/stock-market-update/2015/4/16/little-changed-at-midday.htm $SPX $COMPQ $DJIA $XLY $XLP $XLF $XLV $NFLX $ITB $C $GS $PM $UNH $MACRO