1. $XLY Huge put vol today, led by block of 59k+ Jun $73 puts. Opening buyer of 12,000+ May $74 P as well, bought for 97ยข

  2. 10-Sector > $ITB $XLV $XLY $XLF $XLP $XLK $XLI $XLE $XLU $XLB yesterday > $XLV $ITB $XLY $XLF $XLP $XLK $XLI $XLE $XLU $XLB

  3. Consumer #discretionary etf $XLY down near middle of fairly tight ranged, 6-week consolidation

  4. #sectorbreadth [60] $XLE > [50] $XLU = $XLP > $XLY > $XLV > [40] $XLI > $XLF > $XLK > [30] $XLB. $SPX bullishness at 49%

  5. Lg Cap All-Time Highs list nears 25 names. Retail & Staples lead. $XLY $XLP

  6. Sector weighting.. significant increase in exposure to Consumer Discretionary, Cash & Brick/Mortar Service Co s. $XLY

  7. Block Trade: 2:51 $XLY Jun19 73 P (CBOE) 1.39 59287x Today s Full Report: http://community.livevol.com/index.php/topic/6729-block-trades-03-31-2015/

  8. Bullish Trend for Market Continues $XLK, $XLE, $XLY http://www.wallstreetsectorselector.com/investment-articles/editors-desk/2015/03/bullish-trend-for-market-continues/

  9. A2M Capital LLC holds an allocation of 20.1% in $XLY in his Active Momentum Investment Portfolio

  10. Discretionary Shares Lead http://www.briefing.com/investor/markets/stock-market-update/2015/3/31/discretionary-shares-lead.htm $XLY $DHI $TB $MOV $SPX $DJIA $COMPQ

  11. Covestor holds an allocation of 2.5% in $XLY in his Diversified Equity Investment Portfolio

  12. Oppenheimer Bullish On These 5 Consumer Discretionary Stocks: http://tradingcommonsense.com/?p=1786 $XLY $LEN $DHI $SBUX $MAR

  13. 10-Sector > $XLV $ITB $XLY $XLF $XLP $XLK $XLI $XLE $XLU $XLB Yesterday > $XLV $ITB $XLY $XLF $XLP $XLI $XLK $XLE $XLU $XLB

  14. @CaptainJohn: Long $KMX Short $SAH into resistance $SPX $SPY $XLY $XRT $IWM $RUT http://stocktwits.com/CaptainJohn/message/34746122 @dbInvestor D, looks good pair!

  15. Long $KMX Short $SAH into resistance $SPX $SPY $XLY $XRT $IWM $RUT

  16. $SPY $SPX $RUT $NDX $XLE $XLI $XLY $XRT ETF Digest Dave s Daily: End of Quarter Window Dressing http://etfdigest.com/davesdaily/?article=4725

  17. #sectorbreadth [60] $XLE > [50] $XLP = $XLV = $XLU > $XLY > [40] $XLF > $XLK > $XLI > [30] $XLB. $SPX bullishness at 51%

  18. #sectorbreadth Three ranking loss for Discretionary ($XLY), with minor changes elsewhere

  19. @361Capital: Lg Cap All-Time Highs nears 40 names. Retail, Healthcare & Staples leading. $XLY $XLV $XLP http://stocktwits.com/361Capital/message/34735302

  20. Lg Cap All-Time Highs nears 40 names. Retail, Healthcare & Staples leading. $XLY $XLV $XLP

  21. NEW POST: Staring Down the Masters in April http://marketchess.com/2015/03/30/staring-down-masters-in-april $ELY $XLY

  22. Consumer Spending Increases Slightly $XLY, $XLI http://www.wallstreetsectorselector.com/investment-articles/editors-desk/2015/03/consumer-spending-increases-slightly/

  23. Block Trade: 1:11 $XLY Jun19 74 P (PHLX) 1.58 35000x Today s Full Report: http://community.livevol.com/index.php/topic/6723-block-trades-03-30-2015/

  24. Seckel Capital Advisors bought $XLY and now holds an allocation of 15.4% in their Select Sector Plus Investment Portfolio

  25. American Spending Is Great News For ETFs $XLY $FXD http://www.benzinga.com/etfs/sector-etfs/15/03/5363531/american-spending-is-great-news-for-etfs