1. $XOM Natural gas historic move up monster short squeeze . Historic move up premium to oil. LNG 20 to40. Xom no 1 new era energy

  2. $XOM Nat gas futures can go up a dollar I day and historic move up! Xom good position . Historic infinity move up Nat gas . LNG new era.

  3. $GILD Only thing Im buying is $GILD $COST and $XOM perfect diversification

  4. $XOM Natural gas futures can skyrocket up even not great report. On historic fashion LNG can see 20 to40. Gamechanger us natgas above 5 to 7

  5. $XOM Natural gas futures will skyrocket up. LNG infrastructure in place in China. Us nat gas export act big xom up huge nat gas cansee7!

  6. Why Exxon Mobil is a Top 25 SAFE Dividend Stock ($XOM) https://www.etfchannel.com/article/201501/why-exxon-mobil-is-a-top-25-safe-dividend-stock-xom-xom-XOM01292015safe.htm/

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  8. Earnings: $XOM 02/02/2015 BMO See how $XOM straddles performed historically on earnings: http://community.livevol.com/index.php/topic/6503-exxon-mobil-corporation-xom-earnings-straddles/

  9. Watching closely: $AAPL $XOM $SBUX $GOOG and $BABA

  10. Short signal generated on Exxon Mobil $XOM chart here: http://www.masterchartstrading.com/1/post/2015/01/short-signal-on-exxon-mobil-xom.html

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  12. Here are the Top 10 Dividend Aristocrats using the PEG Ratio http://www.suredividend.com/top-10-dividend-aristocrats-using-the-peg-ratio/ $AFL $XOM $T $CVX $ADM $TROW $PEP $CB $WMT $BEN

  13. Exxon Mobil Increases Slightly In Light Of A Company Update (NYSE: $XOM) #XOM

  14. $XOM It s a must add to tax deferred account st 80.

  15. $XOM Natural gas going to a premium to oil. Exxon no 1. Us export act nat gas LNG big. Natural can go in historic fashion

  16. $XOM Exxon no .1 nat gas. LNG new era energy can exceed 40.

  17. $XOM Natural gas historic rise higher can go above 10. A dollar up in day possible . LNG can go 20 to 40 it will help oil. New era energy!

  18. $XOM Yes natural gas futures can go up a dollar in day . Natural gas above 7. It will help oil . LNG historic rise 20to40. Historic move.

  19. $XOM 8850.stop.bottomed-out. SELL below 8850

  20. $XOM 60.worst-case.target + 85.target. yes it is strange but yet it is true . longterm expectation . oooppps NOT $SPY but $XOM !!!

  21. Earnings Preview: Low Oil Prices Will Catch Up With Exxon s Q4 Results $XOM http://www.halfbridge.com/2015/01/low-oil-prices-will-catch-up-with.html

  22. $XOM This corny does not hedge. Earnings will be horrible!!!

  23. $XOM Natural gas about to go huge it will help oil . Inv number nothing of LNG reflected. LNG about go up more. New era energy

  24. $XOM The change us nat gas demand LNG is historic. It will brnefit xom. Nothing factored in a big way

  25. $XOM We are seeing sea change natural gas . The will benefit xom