1. $XOM Nat gas export act it changes everything . LNG will can see. 20 to 30. Nat gas futures can skyrocket now xom wins. Nat gas premiums

  2. @kschick I m long $WMB and like $XOM though not currently long. Indifferent on $NOV and bearish on $FCX.

  3. $XOM nat gas futures can go up in historic fashion.50 to a dollar in day . LNG can see20 to 40. Nat gas above 7 min. It will lead oil

  4. $XOM Us natural gas export act in addition to house news . LNG should grow big. Natural gas can ignite min 5 dollars to 7 dollarsand more

  5. $XOM Us house makes it easier LNG . Natural gas can skyrocket up in historic way . Us export act nat gas. Nat gas canexplode up

  6. @CharlesSizemore what are your thoughts on $XOM, $WMB $NOV and $FCX

  7. Are Energy Stocks Finally A Buy? $XOM $CVX $SLB $XLE $KMI $COP $EOG $OXY $PXD $APC $WMB http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/are-energy-stocks-finally-a-buy?post=57720

  8. @Think4self Oil/Gas folks! Smfh..hope you all know the meaning of insane?$USO,$XCO,$MPO,$MHR,$UGAZ,$UNG,$XCO,$HAL,$XOM,$SSL,$BP,$HERO,$EXXI

  9. $XOM Us house passes bill export nat gas . Nat gas can see a ingnite move up . LNG big 20 to40 real growth. Natural huge move higher 7.

  10. $XOM Nice bounce off the support today. Triple bottom.

  11. $spy boy the moves in this market- anyone dizzy yet!? $qqq $amzn $aapl $xom $nflx $baba $USO $IBB

  12. $XOM Infinity short squeeze nat gas it can see a dollar up in a day . LNG demand on ceiling

  13. $SHAK under 25, get in and short the hell out of it. Over 25, nope sorry. Buy more $RIG $LOCO $CVX or $XOM

  14. $XOM Natural gas futures historic infinite move higher can go above 7. Xom wins nat gas premium to oil

  15. $XOM Nat gas historic move up higher now . It will go at premium to oil. LNG game changer it can ignite above20 to40. LNG nat gas above7

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  17. Top S&P Stocks by Market Cap: Exxon and Chevron lagged the rest. Apple and Facebook Lead.. again. $aapl $fb $xom $CVX http://stocktwits.com/message/31975496

  18. @chrttrckr I do think overall $PGH has behave well compared to the big boys. I own $BP and $XOM and they re getting crushed.

  19. $XOM Nat gas futures historic move up . Historic move upa dollar in day With nat gas export act . Us no1 position LNG . LNG above20 min

  20. $XOM natural gas futures historic move higher us nat gas export act LNG game changer. New fuel era LNG 20to40. Nat gas7 . Xom up big

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  22. $XOM natural gas futures historic reversal up can ignite upa dollar in day fast. . us export act nat gas historic LNG 20 to 40 new era.

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  24. $XOM Natural gas futures historic infinity reversal up in day . It can ignite .50 to a dollar in day or 2. Nat gas above 7. LNG 20.to 40

  25. $XOM Us nat gas export act big news. Us no 1 LNG to world. LNG new fuel era 20to 40Lng it will help oil