1. $XOMA over 7,800 followers and there still is no volume. Just goes to show people are waiting to get in once results are released.

  2. $XOMA i m so happy... three day on the green πŸ˜† ... thanks memorial day

  3. $XOMA when a stock slows and is shorted back because volume dries up, you need sellers but no one sells for a loss , mm take it lower to

  4. $JAGX $XOMA $NWBO adding these to my watch list for this week.

  5. $XOMA Only a close above the resistance level of 75c w/ vlm would offer an opportunity to get long.

  6. $XOMA not happening for a year

  7. $XOMA is reverse splitting soon.

  8. $XOMA #analysis#began😎😎

  9. Looks like both $RNN and $XOMA survived one of the best times to release any bad news (right before holiday weekend)

  10. #Stocks I am looking at Buying at the bottom next week: $BIOC $XOMA $SGNL $DCTH $TISA $ANY More and Price Targets @ http://blog.thevcf.com/forums/topic/stock-picks/#post-1548

  11. $XOMA how long are you holding and what s your target sp

  12. $XOMA can t wait to pick up another 6 thousand shares in August. Easy money.

  13. $XOMA

  14. $VRX $MNKD $AMDA $XOMA guys, look at $TTNP May 31 will be CC after FDA apr. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/fda-approves-first-drug-oozing-implant-to-control-addiction/ wait for PR soon

  15. $XOMA so having just suffered $NETE R/S...when is this stock scheduled to be delisted? Been under $1 for a while now.

  16. $XOMA Corporate Presentation May 2016 is now available https://app.scoutfin.com/document.html?id=5748eb78a698be014232f1b1&_branch_match_id=link-264905691913946906

  17. $XOMA if this stock is between 65-75 cents before news then we are good. Sales of Gevo news must be out in summer.

  18. $XOMA snta formed a stable line for 12 weeks before Merger news ... 75-100%

  19. $XOMA this stock is manupulating... someone is holding it down before news... relax and enjoy the big run in summer

  20. $XOMA nymx formed a stable line for 8 weeks before skyrocket on their data

  21. $XOMA cpxx formed a stable line for 3 months before skyrocket 500% on their brain cancer data

  22. $XOMA if I see a gofundme account pop on the board I m gonna clown on the guy who opens it.

  23. $XOMA Athx formed a stable line for 8-10 weeks before good news... all the way to the moon

  24. $XOMA Atos formed a stable line for 4-6 weeks before skyrocket on big news 100%

  25. $XOMA alxa formed a stable line for 4 weeks then skyrocket on Big news 75-100%