1. $XOMA is there a clinical trial result near future...?

  2. $XOMA what are we thinking about tomorrow.... .93 .95

  3. $XOMA oversold undervalued and shorted Holding long my 35k avg. 0.8845. GLTALS

  4. $XOMA This is a 2.50 value. Oversold and shorted. Xoma drama continues Stay in TJ grateful Gltals

  5. $XOMA JV CEO bring on PR of strategic partnership and remember fill gap back to 5 SP.! NOW Peace TJ

  6. $XOMA - Technical analysis trends (Pivot Points) http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/08/xoma-technical-analysis-trends-pivot_29.html


  8. $XOMA what happened today?

  9. $XOMA news or no news i don t think it will remain under 1.00 ...

  10. $XOMA been in since .76 and i will not sell untill over 1.20 wait till they get a drug approved ---->>>>

  11. $XOMA how about some news this weekend to drive this... Would be about right.

  12. $XOMA Finishing a penny off the day high on a flat market day is respectable.

  13. $XOMA AH could be good for a little more action. It held its gains good so next week it willB over a buck and holding I am sure of it maybe

  14. $XOMA just needs a few more investors that want to build something apposed tearing it apart..have good week end.

  15. $XOMA yea couldn t take it anymore but didn t lose so might jump back in on the dip as there will definitely be more dips

  16. $XOMA support is there..going to 1 soon...banking on it..

  17. $XOMA Insane manipulation... a 3 cent drop to cause stops just to go back up 2 cents within a minute. Just gotta sit and wait

  18. $XOMA can we have a last half hour surge up please. went down a little but did not tank anyway. .87 come on you can do it.

  19. $XOMA needs a catalyst to drive up volume and price

  20. $XOMA dumping some would be sellers that have been wrong for doing so stick with XOMA........

  21. $XOMA typical

  22. $XOMA going in the wrong direction now stop that please. up up up up up not down down down down ololol

  23. $XOMA maintain momentum

  24. $XOMA Quit playin games with my heart

  25. $XOMA over $1& hold before close? who would have thought lol. jim dandy crackers turn of events 4sure! higher highs& no new lows.