1. $XONE what s not to like? #somethingsup $DDD $SSYS $SPY

  2. $xone nhod. slow day

  3. $XONE close above $9.72 and new high bodes well for next week $DDD

  4. $SUNE I tripled my shares in this $GPRO $DDD $XONE $KNDI $MNKD $RLYP


  6. @rocketship watch list 11/27/15 $clne $mscc $tsem $trov $rovi $xone $aria $fold $tues $aezs $gern $ncty $gene $adro $frpt $mrns

  7. watch list 11/27/15 $clne $mscc $tsem $trov $rovi $xone $aria $fold $tues $aezs $gern $ncty $gene $adro $frpt $mrns

  8. Why exactly was $XONE up 20% today? Short squeeze? I missed it...and $DDD...and $SSYS. Of course.

  9. wins: $ANGI , $NUAN , $XONE , $DDD , $GRPN , $X


  11. $XONE Big call options bought. This could double in a week, remember June 15 2014-29th $28. to $48 in 7 days.


  13. Gainers $KBIO 47%, $AEZS 44%, $BONT 36%, $STRP 32%, $GENE 27%, $RMGN 26%, $CPSI 24%, $OHRP 24%, $MCUR 22%, $XONE 19%, $NCTY 19%, $ATEA 18%,

  14. $XONE Looking at JAN puts once it hits $10.50 and fills that gap

  15. $XONE $DDD $SSYS ok why ? not but nothing as changed

  16. not just $ONVO $XONE

  17. I m so angry at myself for running out of money to buy 3D stocks yesterday. $XONE $SSYS $DDD

  18. $XONE massive blocks on the ASK - if taken out things can get very very volatile $DDD $SSYS

  19. 3D printing stocks post big gains ahead of Thanksgiving http://seekingalpha.com/news/2952246-3d-printing-stocks-post-big-gains-ahead-of-thanksgiving?source=tweet $DDD $SSYS $VJET $XONE

  20. $XONE is a lesson on dead cat bounce. $VRX $DDD $SSYS $AVXL to follow.

  21. $XONE definitely your average one - volume increasing

  22. $xone is completely out of sellers. I think this happens to $DDD next.

  23. $XONE pump n dump?

  24. $XONE PMO, OBV, Macd are all turning and or giving buy signals - going for the gap fill $DDD $SSYS

  25. $XONE Could explode on the break above its 50EMA