1. Squeeze watch: $GRPN, $gpro, $xone with $aapl

  2. $XONE hope to reload at 24. Rinse and repeat.

  3. HFshortT in $XONE sell -2C, buy +1C, repeat

  4. Squeeze/ pop watch: $XONE , $gpro, $grpn, $aapl

  5. $XONE could do a +10 day without warning. Shorting this can be deadly.

  6. Short Squeeze Alerts $GPRO $OUTR $AMBA $SRPT $XONE $SCTY $INVN $KERX $ZU http://www.optioncast.com/stock-options-blog/short-squeeze-short-squeeze-alerts/

  7. $XONE shorts aren t succeeding yet - BoJ and $SPY aren t helping http://stocktwits.com/message/28675921

  8. Pop watch: $grpn, $xone, $invn, $aapl, $gpro

  9. $Grpn 9+ by next Friday. #squeezing with $xone $aapl

  10. Setups I liked today that we ll be watching tomorrow $JRJC $UEPS $BLOX $BABA $DANG $XONE $SVXY More setups I like http://www.livetradepro.com/stocks-to-watch

  11. $xone lets have a 23 retest before close.

  12. $XONE shorts running out of steam.

  13. $xone nice setup.

  14. $XONE ( $24.59 ^$0.51 ) showing signs of life. This used to be a good trader- hope it comes back.

  15. $XONE unusual option activity

  16. $XONE shorts getting desperate. Lol. The squeeze is inevitable.

  17. $XONE When is updated ER?

  18. $XONE all sales today have been short ( in a bid to keep under 25). Huge squeeze into eod looms.

  19. $XONE short squeeze over next 2 weeks. Low float with 50% short interest. #squeezing with $aapl.

  20. $XONE earnings to be released ahead of typical schedule. Great news brewing. 50% + short interest to be covered within 2 weeks. Low float.

  21. $XONE 27 is the next consolidation level

  22. Short Squeeze Alerts $ZIOP $CLF $XON $THRX $XONE $NLNK $SRPT $AEGR $FWM http://www.optioncast.com/stock-options-blog/short-squeeze-short-squeeze-alerts/

  23. $XONE That $25 ceiling.....

  24. @dafnalia eventhough I am with this stock but to tell u genuinly they are very poor with there earning, I will sell $xone before earnings

  25. $XONE primed to pop up any moment. Squeeze em.